Monday, August 25, 2008

Are We Paralyzed?

It appears to me that our foreign policy is one of paralysis. Why are there no back-up troops in Georgia telling the Soviets to get out? Why is Iran allowed to continue their march to successfully aquire nuclear weapons? Why does North Korea get to keep their weapons while we feed their army? Why is China given the privilege of hosting the Olympics while squashing the free speech of several free-speech countries? Why is everyone treating them with kid gloves when they are using 13 and 14 year old children when the rules demand they are supposed to be at least 16?

Because the Left-Marxists in this country and around the world do not care about such things. They only care about the destruction of America. If anyone requires more proof, just look to the United Nations. That is their tool, right? Well, they are not happy with the Soviets, but they have a veto on everything and anything we try to do to stop their invasion!

Do you hear anyone screaming that the Soviets are fighting a war for oil? Well, that's what they're doing! Have we become so whipped that we cannot see the realities of today? Is it true that we give a hoot about what other people say about us?

I'd rather they feared us the way they fear the Soviets and China! Honestly. If I were president, I would not let these things stand. Forget about the rest of the world. If necessary, kick out everyone who is not a citizen for a while. That would go very far in reducing the federal debt.

As far as what to do about every situation, I have a few ideas. First, I would make sure that North Korean government didn't get another dime. I would drop food all over their country with pamphlets encouraging them to take control of their land. As far as the standing army, I would offer them their families sustanance if they would lay would lay down their arms. If they refused, I would help move the people as far away as they could go for a while. Then I would blow up their reactors. Problem solved.

At the same time I would tell Iran to give up their weapons or face the consequences that have been awaiting them for over three decades. The same idea as with North Korea, help the people who want nothing to do with these scumbags, and the heck with the rest. When, not if, they refuse, there goes most of Iran. End of problem.

Now to address Georgia. Soviets get out or there will be war. Old Europe will no longer be a part of NATO. They are no longer an ally. They have been against us at every turn. What happened to, 'You are either with us or you are with them, but there is no middle ground here.'? They chose their side. It is time to chose ours.

There was a time when our so-called leaders used to not put up with tyrants like this in this manner. What happened? They became paralyzed by the Left and the idea that everyone has to get along. Since when?

PS. I understand my logic may be way off, and that's okay. It's the first plan I've seen so far, so I expect there to be many things incorrect with it. But at least I proposed one. Where is everyone else's?

PSS. I would also flatten Khartoum. No questions asked. No warning. They've had enough time and too many people have been murdered, raped, tortured, etc, and al Qaida is still there in the mountains. Is anyone looking there? No, they are not. Why not? Because the body created for the purpose of preventing another genocide cannot even bring itself to name what is happening Darfur, Sudan, genocide. Shall we just lay down and die for them? Make it easier? NOT ME!

THIS IS A PERSONAL RANT, AND IT DOES NOT REFLECT THE BELIEFS OF THIS SITE (the Talon). I am frustrated over the situations around the world, and it appears no one is paying attention. BTW, Pakistan's government is falling apart as of today. Watch out for something to happen over there.

Elections or no, politics should never govern foreign policy.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.
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