Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football Season Opens and My Picks

September 7, 2008 is the opening day of the National Football League season. On the first day of the season, I choose my teams according to which ones I like, against which ones I don't, and hopefully which ones I believe are going to win. I'm starting a little late, because I overslept, but they are just coming back after halftime. Anyone that watches or plays football knows that anything can happen in the half, so I'm really not cheating. I will also share the scores with you as they are now.

I am going to pick in the order the For the first pick, I am going to go with the Giants who deafed Washington 16-7 on Thursday. If you don't believe I picked them before the game, ask anyone in the neighborhood! lol

Now for today's 1 pm games. I'm going to go with Detroit against Atlanta. Detriot is an up and coming team. The score right now is Detroit 14 and Atlanta 21. AND DETRIOT SCORES! The score is now Det 21, Atl 31.

Final: Detroit Lions 21, Atlanta Falcons 31.

My next pick will between Cincinatti and Baltimore. Hmm. The score is Cincinnati 3, Baltimore 10, but I think I'm going to go with Cincinatti. Do you remember how well they did last year? I just hope there aren't any injuries.

Final: Cincinnati Bengals 10, Baltimore Ravens 17.

This next pick is a no brainer. I'm with Buffalo all the way to the SuperBowl! They are playing the Seattle Seahawks, and the score is Bills 20, Seahawks 7. Stay ahead of them Buffalo! I told you to stay ahead of them! The Seahawks have a field goal, leaving the score at 20-10.

Now comes the tough part. New York Jets (which USED to be a team I liked) against Miami Dolphins (which is a team that always lets me down when I pick it to win). Bret, it's all your fault. You went to the Jets? I'm rooting for the Dolphins! I used to love ya, but you should have stayed retired. The score is Jets 13, Dolphins 7.

Final: New York Jets 20, Miami Dolphins 14.

Kansas City used to be a terrific team, so I'm going with them against the New England Patriots because I still can't stand the Pats. CHEATERS. The score right now is NE 14, KC 3. KANSAS CITY JUST SCORED! Hold on...make that NE 14, KC 10!

Final: Kansas City Chiefs 10, New England Patriots 17.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing the New Orleans Saints in NO! I have to go for the Saints. Nothing against the Bucs, but come on. The Saints and their fans deserve a win. The score right now is TB 10, NO 7. Hold on, New Orleans is in the red zone. I'll bring any future updates while I'm writing this. Otherwise, the Final Scores will be at the bottom of this report. AND IT IS TIED! ;)

Final: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20, New Orleans Saints 24.

Now let's talk about MY Philadelphia Eagles for a moment, shall we? They are playing the St. Louis Rams (keep 'em, we don't want no stinkin' rams 'round here!). Who do think is winning? STL 0, Eagles 28. Now. Got something to say, do ya? HA HA HA right back atcha! Um...let's make that 0-31!

Final: Philadelphia Eagles 38, St. Louis Rams 3. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Now for the game(s) I'm watching. Tampa Bay is ahead of New Orleans...oh wait! Holy cow! New Orleans scores! And now we have a hot game on the field. TB 13 - NO 17! (Didn't I already write on this? Hmm, seems as though I did. Oh well.) Oh, there it is. Skip the paragraph above and look at the next one up! lol.

I'd better just type before I get caught up in typing the games as they moves forward!

Houston and Pittsburgh, I will take Pittsburgh anytime (almost). Today's score is at Texans 10, Steelers 35.

Final: Houston Texans 17, Pittsburgh Steelers 38.

Jacksonville Jaguars against Tennessee Titans, hmm. I don't know. I'll pick Jacksonville. Score: JAC 7, TEN 10.

Final: Jacksonville Jaguars 10, Tennessee Titans 17.

I'm going to post this now, but I will come back to finish with 4:15 games. I just want to get this out there BEFORE the games end!


I only have a little time during this break, so I am going to move faster than in the first set. There are 3 games playing. We have Dallas Cowboys playing Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers playing San Diego Chargers, and Arizona Cardinals playing San Francisco 49ers. I'll choose the Browns, the Chargers, and the Cardinals. Why? Disregarding my decision for Cleveland, because they've become impressive, John McCain is from Arizona, and San Fran Nan is from San Francisco. Any questions? lol. No, seriously. The 49ers have been down in the dumps ever since they couldn't find a QB to the shoes of Joe Montana. And they never will.

Final: Dallas Cowboys 28, Cleveland Browns 10.
Carolina Panthers 26, San Diego Chargers 24.
Arizona Cardinals 23, San Francisco 49ers 13.

There are two games still to be played, but since I am not one those who craves MORE tv than the crap that's already out there, I do not have (nor want) cable TV. So I will have to wait just the same as everyone else who got stabbed in the back when they moved Monday Night Football to ESPN and took it off the screen for the millions of us who are not TV drones. *sigh*

The last 2 games are Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos vs. OAKLAND RAIDERS. The game between the Vikings and the Pack is one I'm not sure which way to vote. I love the Pack, but what happened with Favre? The Vikings? Eh. They're alright. Oh, I wanted Clevend, San Diego, and Arizona. I sucked this first game because I allowed my preferences to get in the way. That stops as of now! Have a good a day, and I will have the scores for you tomorrow.


Minnesota Vikings 19, Green Bay Packers 24.
Denver Broncos 41, Oakland Raiders 14. (Huh???)

I need to do some reflecting here. I haven't done this poorly in a long time (except in the middle of the season when some teams pull a surprise victory in the same week). See ya next Thursday and Sunday!

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May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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