Sunday, September 7, 2008

'Sarah Smile' By Lloyd Marcus

This is a video song created for Sarah Palin by one of our very own Gathering of Eagles members, Lloyd Marcus. Another friend, Cao, was kind enough (and intelligent enough) to add the pictures to this song which was originally made famous by Hall and Oates. Well, that is partially true. The tune is what they made famous, the words are Lloyd's. lol.
Thank you's to Big Dog (from whom I 'borrowed' this), Lloyd Marcus, Cao and Hall and Oates.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

Today I am having a Linkfest party for all my friends, the ones I know and the ones I will come to know. If you have a post you would like to share, why not trackpost it here? All you have to do is add my Permalink somewhere in your article (usually at the bottom), then trackback to it. You don't have trackbacks available? Why not use Wizbang Stand Alone Trackback Everyone have a nice day.

Friends I have trackbacked to through Linkfest and others: third world county - Among Likely Voters, Whatsisname/Palin by 10 Points?, Democrat=Socialist - News & Opinion Roundup (8 Sept 08).

Friends who have shared their posts for your reading pleasure:
1. 123beta - And Yet Another Browser?
2. Diary of the Mad Pigeon - The Pigeon on Old Cars.
3. Blog @ - On Palin: A Fair Game Attempt By The MSM.
4. No Apology - Michelle Obama's Princeton Undergrad Thesis, Alas.

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