Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Wilderness To Womanhood

This post is written by Karl's 18 year old daughter, and it is beautifully written. She is intelligent, articulate, and witty. Weren't we all at 18? *heh* Karl is very proud of his daughter, and I can see why. I have decided to use the end of her of post to share with you, but I recommend you go to Leaning Staight Up and read it from the beginning.


I have paid close attention to the reactions of Liberal Obama supporters when bloggers and such responded to the election with their own opinions. What I saw was a disgusting combination of oppression and childish insults hurled daringly at the poor person who didn’t support Obama. What I have seen is finger pointing, accusations of being nutty right-wings.
“You nutty right wingers can go gibber in the corner about stupid rumors like this; just get out of our way.” - Jftp (LSU Commentor)
What kind of American attitude is that? What happened to our country’s firm beliefs in escaping persecution, in allowing ourselves to believe in something different? What will these next four years do to us? Will we be further banned from expression our religion, our politics, our views, everything, for fear of ‘insulting’ someone or ‘offending’ someone? Will we be so forced to be open-minded that we are forced to quell any form of personality we had left?

I am a young woman, with a higher then normal intellect. I participate in musical activities, and am proficient in the viola and violin, as well as the piano when I put my mind to it. I play video games, and I openly admit to my World of Warcraft love. I am of a minority religion that I fear to speak of on a daily basis because of the way people have reacted in the past. I do not judge others by their skin or the way they speak. I love theatre and worked on the stage as an actress and as a technical worker. I sketch and draw, and I am currently working on a book series that I hope to someday have published. I have been working at my job for over a year, and already, I am being nominated for one of the national workers who have done beyond-outstanding in their and other work centers. I have two piercings in my ears, and love dressing up punkish and gothic for a good concert. I go to the mall and laugh and shop with my friends. I kiss my boyfriend and hold hands with him. I’m not shy of swearing. I accept other people’s religions, and at least one-third of my friends are gay, lesbian, or at least bisexual. I hold myself to a moral code that would make my grandparents proud. I’m patient with those I have to teach, and willingly offer to help those around me, whether at work, at home, or at play. I wear glasses, and I read paperbacks and hardbacks that are thicker then my forearm, especially David Eddings and Robert Jordan.

I am no different then any other person out there. In fact, I’m probably quite better then many people out there.

So then, readers of LSU…

Why do I feel so oppressed by whats to come?

Once more… I am an eighteen year old young woman who looks upon those around her, her peers and those who are older, and shakes her head in disgust… and sorrow at what consumes these people’s minds.


Well done, young lady. Welcome to adulthood. I know it doesn't appear to be all you may have expected right now, but it can be anything you make it. There is nothing that can stand in your way unless you allow it to do so. God bless your journey.

Ah, I almost forgot to explain the title. From Wilderness...We all remember High School, yes? Those awkward years, the hormone changes, the uncertainty, the new challenges, and everything that got us into trouble or at least tried? Ah, yes. The good old days! NOT! lol. Then at that magic age of 18 we are all of a sudden adults. Why was I not an adult yesterday again, the day before my birthday? I will never get an answer that is acceptable to me to that question, so I will just carry on from here. One more of those adult answers that a 17 year old will never

Everyone, have a nice day.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Hat tip: Leaning Straight Up.

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