Saturday, January 17, 2009

NK Has Nukes; Demands On USA

It is being reported by many news outlets that North Korea now has between 4 and 7 'weaponized' nuclear weapons. The IAEA is not allowed to inspect these areas, and they now believe they have a better chance of obtaining 'friendly' and 'normalized' relations with the USA because of Obama.

For all of you people who voted for him, I would like to thank you so very freaking much. Did we not warn you of this? Oh, but your hatred for President Bush was so fierce that you lost your minds. You must have. We are at war, and you deny this fact. We cannot allow this puny punk to push around, lest others begin to think they can do the same. Oh, but you got what you, didn't ya. I hope it was worth it to you. I also hope that if there is a nuclear strike, the weapon is aimed at you.

The links for some of these articles are: Researcher: North Korea has 'Weaponized' Plutonium (, US Expert Says North Korea Has 'Weaponized' Plutonium (VOA), Researcher: North Korea has `weaponized' plutonium (AP, map included), North Korea Has Enough Plutonium for 6 Nuclear Bombs, NYT Says ( Asia), and NKorea says may retain nukes, raises border tensions with Seoul (

PS. is the ONLY one who spoke of the imminent threat to Seoul, Korea, whereas the South actually had to be put on high alert! I recommend this article, but only if you actually care about what is happening the world. My God. Did I go to sleep and wake up in the Twillight Zone? Somebody please, WAKE ME UP!

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