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Monday, January 26, 2009

SHUT UP, Muhammed!

Angel has this wonderful video I am going to share with you (hat tip, Woman Honor Thyself), and it hits us squarely in the face. Listen first, then we'll talk.

So do you still believe that we, as Americans, are immune from this? Oh, do not be so trusting of our government! That is your first mistake. NEVER trust any government, even our own. Yes, even though it is the best one around.

Are you aware that 3000+ mosques have been built here by Saudi Arabia since September 11, 2001? Yes, and they are teaching hatred of the United States gov't and Americans. Funny thing is, they are taking jobs in a gov't they are taught to hate. How safe do you feel about that?

Please forgive me. I guess it would help if you knew what I am so upset about, eh? The Netherlands gov't has charged Geert Wilders, a Dutch lawmaker who made a film linking the koran to violence (well, duh!), with the awful crime of offend muslims. Huh?

Since when did offending someone become a criminal offense? Since you allow your government to make laws against people who are nationals in the favor of people who moved to your country and demanded you follow THEIR laws or they will burn your country up and start murdering everyone.

Now would someone please explain to me how this works? You come to my country. You demand special treatment, treatment I don't even receive. Then you want me arrested for using my own GOD-given rights? THE STATE DOES NOT GIVE ME THESE RIGHTS, you idiots. God, Jesus Christ--NOT allah, does. We've fought you since our inception, and we shall fight you forever if you insist on continuing to make such demands. How dare you!

If you can't stand the heat, move back to your tyrannical country. Good riddance.

For the normal people (including Muslims), if you would like to help by supporting Geert, there is a petition below that you may sign. Thank you in advance for all the signatures. We must speak up for free speech everywhere, even in the Middle East. Maybe especially in the Middle East!

The In Defense of Geert Wilders Petition to The Dutch Government was created by and written by Ragnar Danneskjold ( The petition is hosted here at as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. For technical support please use our simple Petition Help form.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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