Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Since Israel has finally decided to fight back against the Arabs who've been lobbing rockets inside Israel everyday and kidnapping Israelis when the opportunity presents itself, NOW the world has a fit. One question. Where were you when the Arabs were assaulting them DISPROPORTIONATEY?

In the 2005, there were forcibly (against my advice) no more Jewish people living within the Gaza Strip. They left behind many greenhouses for the Arabs to grow food so they would not be starving. Do you know what they did? They went in and destroyed everything. These Arabs do NOT want peace. Have you already forgotten September 11, 2001?

Anyway, my point is this. You will not receive any news that is factual unless you watch these videos. Israel gave live footage to the press, and they never even bothered using it. What they did do was show you the jihadis footage. Amazing how so many people were injured, yet they only had one boy to show you! It reminds me of the guy who supposedly dead and kept falling of the burial cot. Yup, he kept getting back up on it. Amazing what those dead Arabs can do!

Here is a list of several videos of live footage. Please watch them so you can obtain an accurate account of history. Thanks.

Weapons Hidden in Mosque Neutralized by Israel Air Force 31 Dec. 2008.
Israel Air Force Strikes Hamas Offices and Armed Grad Launhes 31 Dec. 2008.
Israel Admits Child for Medical Care 31 Dec. 2008.
Israel Air Force Precision Strike on Qassam Rocket Launcher 30 Dec. 2008.
Israel Air Force Pinpoint Strike on Grad Missile Launchers 30 Dec. 2008.

Israeli Air Force Destroys Weapons Smuggling Tunnels 30 Dec. 2008.
Israeli Air Force Strikes Hamas Government Complex in Gaza 30 Dec. 2008.
Israeli Air Force Strikes Rockets in Transit 28 Dec. 2008.
Israeli Navy Strikes Hamas-linked Terror Targets in Gaza 29 Dec. 2008.
Israeli Air Force Strikes Terror Targets in Gaza 29 Dec. 2008.

Israeli Air Force Destroys Tunnels, Launch Sites, and Weapons Stores 27 Dec. 2008.
IAF preparation for nighttime op 28 12.
Navy prep 28 12 08.
Israel Air Force Destroys Terrorist Smuggling Tunnels 28 Dec. 2008.
IDF trucks transfer 28 12.

Israel Sends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza 28 Dec. 2008.
Israeli Air Force Strikes Rocket Launcher 27.Dec.08.

Just one more note. Israel, be kind. It is not kind to start and stop, start and stop a war. What is kind is to defeat your enemy with massive force and total defeat. This is a so-called government, right? They must surrender. Without a surrender, you will only be encouraging them to continue doing what they are doing.

Forget about public opinion. You can't eat it. You can't spend it. And sure as heck can't spend it. Do what is necessary, as we did in Germany and Japan. I am not ashamed of what we did, because we saved many more lives by killing so massively that the emporor of Japan surrendered totally and completely. They are now our allies. I prefer it this way, but it never would have happened unless WE be disproportionate. Win. I shall be praying for you.

Hmm. It appears that I am too brutally honest when I describe our history. There is someone I know who shall remain nameless (because I don't have his/her permission to reprint this) that wrote me about this very topic in general. I'd like to use his/her words insteads.

"...As a basic principle - if there is to be any response at all - it should always be disproportionate. Anything less means you don't care. How disproportionate? How much can you do? Maximum force is counterintuitive kindness. It breaks the enemy's will sooner, stopping the slaughter earlier. It is kindness to be cruel."

"Let me also suggest that terrorism is like a tumor. Excising only part of it is worse than doing nothing - it inflicts the stress of surgery but does not eradicate the malignancy, which will grow back

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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  1. THat is not exactly my opinion but you did a great work! Thanks!

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  2. Thank you for your comment. Many people agree with you. Many people agree with me. As long as we can disagree with speak, I'm all for it! I really do much prefer it. ;)


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