Thursday, April 30, 2009

McClintock: Tea Parties

I receive e-Team e-mails from Congressman Tom McClintock, and I would like to share them with you so you may be informed as well. I'm off to a bad start, however. See, today is actually the 27th of May, but I received this on the 30th of April. So why the delay? I have had over 200-300 e-mails everyday since we had the Tea Party!

I am going to post each e-mail on the date received, and then I will keep up with it. Thanks for being patient.

Dear E-Team,

It was a great privilege to speak to the 10,000 participants at the Sacramento Tea Party. I have never seen so many people gathered at the state Capitol for a taxpayer rally. I can tell you that I came away from that event knowing that ordinary citizens throughout our nation is starting to awaken to the terrible direction which our nation is headed.

People are tired of Congress using taxpayer money to bailout other people's bad decisions. They don't want to burden their children and grand children with our debts and mismanagement. This is the message I am taking away from these Tea Parties and I will take this message to the halls of Congress.

PS. This is the only person I consider worthy to serve in Congress. I would love to have him as president. So that is where I stand as far he goes. Do I support him? He's one of the only ones I willingly support. If you would like to support him or check him out to find out if you would like to support him, his (campaign) website is www.TomMcClintock. (He even has a blog!) This is his House website: Thank you.

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