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World News From Michael Yon

20 April 2009.
From Borneo Island
Thailand continues to simmer. Though the immediate violence appears to have abated, the divisions are deep. The problems are not over and appear to be growing.

Meanwhile, down in Borneo, I took this photo last evening.

This audio is of historical interest.

As always, every move in/on Iraq is subject to endless debate.

I’ll be out in the jungle today with indigenous Borneo people whose ancestors were headhunters. They still hunt with blowguns and poison darts. In other Borneo news, there were reports last week that scientists just located a previously undiscovered group of orangutans, numbering perhaps 2,000 members. Borneo is wild country.

24 April 2009
Greetings from Borneo,

I am with the British Army in Brunei going through a combat tracking course. The course goes 7 days/week for 21 days. This is day 5. Very good training so far, and plenty of sweat. This is great prep for Afghanistan.

I've got 30,000 copies of my book "Moment of Truth in Iraq." The inventory is in pristine condition and still packed in crates. I am considering having the books destroyed (expensive to store), but before they go to pulp they are going to auction. If you want 30,000 copies, please make your best offer. Shipping costs go to buyer and should be on order of $2,000 for just about anywhere in the U.S. For a particularly generous offer, I'll come by for a day of signing books. This can be a great way to help fund operations. Please send any offers to Rich at: Rich. Will soon post some dispatches about this excellent tracking course. Meanwhile, the torture issue is becoming worse by the day.

April 25, 2009.
Keep Tracking

The British Army tracking school on Borneo Island is outstanding. Please see the latest.

April 26, 2009.
Track On. Borneo tracking.

April 27, 2009.
Are You Tracking? We just finished Day 8 of tracking school in Borneo. Have you heard of Gobar Gas?

April 28, 2009.
Ambush. More on tracking in Borneo.

April 29, 2009.
Incredible. You've got to read this.

April 30, 2009.
The Swamp of Death. Tracking in Borneo got interesting today!

May 2, 2009.
Keeping Track

Good Morning America,

The soldiers improve at tracking with each passing day. It's 0500 here in Borneo. Today we'll helicopter deep into the jungle for a tracking "mission" to test the new skills. Fingers are crossed that they'll pass the first test.

More when we return from the jungle. Until then, two more dispatches are up: MAYDAY and MYSTERIOUS PLACES.

Your Writer,


Update from Michael:
May 4, 2009.
Greetings from Borneo,

Would you know how to tell if someone left footprints at daytime vs. at nighttime?

Very Respectfully.

Update II.
May 5, 2009.
Day 16.
The sun is not yet up this Wednesday morning. The helicopter will soon take us deep into the jungle. After it roars away, we'll track our prey. This from yesterday.

Your Writer.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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