Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama's Fantasy v Free Market Reality

Many of you, such as myself, argued that President Bush and President Obama should not pass the TARP and stimulus bills, but they did it anyway. At the time, only 5% of the people were in foreclosure. The lesson that should have been learned from that situation is, "If you can't afford something, don't buy it". But oh no.

The people that knew there was a bubble burst coming and waited patiently on the sidelines got screwed, because the gov't just had to come in and save of the people who could not afford their houses to begin with and were foreclosed on anyway because they could not afford their houses. Duh.

Many people assume it was the 'greed' of Wall Street (when did they start selling houses?) and the loaning agencies. Well, in a manner of speaking they did have something to do with it, but why? Could it be that if we looked even closer we might find that the govt (yes, there they go again) FORCED banks to make loans they would not have made otherwise?

I know. They were going to give me a house and I don't have a job. I told them NO!

I saved my pennies, I bought store brand food, I bought second-hand clothes if I bought any at all, and this was all for the purpose of saving enough money to put a big down payment on a house. My house. My home. My American Dream.

You will never know the language that came out of my mouth toward President Bush and President Obama over this. My dreams are crushed because I played by the rules. What kind of a lesson is this? What is the message you're sending?


Which brings me to this tape I came across over at Stop the ACLU. It explains this fantasy land President Obama is living in, and why it is so disastrous. I pray he wakes up soon before we are broke. Here is the tape.

Hat tip: Stop the ACLU who got this video from Political Math.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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