Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SK To Blame NK For Torpedoing SK Ship

Oh joy. Nothing to see here. They are going to the UN to hold North Korea accountable for torpedoing South Koreans ship back in March.

Answer me this. Is North Korea not under all the sanctions there is already? Why are we even bothering to talk to these warmongers?

Here is my plan: Quietly go block by block in Seoul, South Korea and relocate the 20.5 million people that live there, and then bomb the hell out of Kim Jong Il's house, government places, electrical grids (if there is any), radio transmission places, train tracks, roads, air power, and nuclear weapons sites. PERIOD.

You may read about this in the National Review Online by Daniel Foster: ROK Officially Blames PDRK for Warship Attack.

"The Washington Post reports:
South Korea will formally blame North Korea on Thursday for launching a torpedo at one of its warships in March, causing an explosion that killed 46 sailors and heightened tensions in one of the world's most perilous regions, U.S. and East Asian officials said.

South Korea reached its conclusion that North Korea was responsible for the attack after investigators from Australia, Britain, Sweden and the United States pieced together portions of the ship at the port of Pyongtaek, 40 miles southwest of Seoul. The Cheonan sank on March 26, following an explosion that rocked the vessel as it sailed in the Yellow Sea off South Korea's west coast.
Please read the whole article.

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