Thursday, July 8, 2004


Originally posted at My Newz 'n Ideas on 7/8/04.

It has been well known for quite some time now that you will find some people prone to conspiratorial thinking. Let us start with: The war in Iraq was for oil. If that were true, why is gas more expensive now than before the war? France, Germany, Russia, and China had contracts for future oil sales, and they were the most strident obstructionists. Could it be that they were all involved in the Oil for Food scandal ($10 Billion has been stolen) that is under investigation as I write this? Their contracts are now null and void, since the government they dealt with no longer exists! Yes, it is indeed they who were against us because of your precious oil. Tisk tisk tisk.

Second, there are no weapons of mass destruction and there never were. Okay, then why did Bill Clinton bomb Iraq in 1998? Why did 15 out of 15 members of the UN Security counsel, including Syria, vote to have Saddam turn them over or else...? Clinton, Albright, Burger, France, UK, Spain, Germany, and other countries all had intelligence that he did indeed have these weapons. If President Bush had bad intelligence (which he didn't,) then everyone was wrong. Ultimately though, there is only one person who is to blame that could have prevented the war. That is your darling Saddam. This is what happens when we don't stick together. What don't you understand about "Either you are with us or you are against us?" What don't you understand about terrorism? If everyone spoke with one voice, Saddam would have seen that he had no choice but to hand over the weapons which he promised to do since 1991. Instead, Saddam was dancing in the streets on September 11, 2001. I have not forgotten, have you?

Third, why did we FIND Saran nerve agent if it wasn't there? What about the mustard gas, the 3000 chemical suits we found hidden in a hospital during the 3 week war, the soldiers that became ill due to exposure to WMD, the VX that was found in Jordan that could have killed 80,000 people, the 500 tons of enridched uranium found in Bagdad, and on and on? It happened because it is true. No conspiracy here, sorry.

Fourth, since when do you let your enemy know you coming after them almost a year in advance? Forty eight hours in advance?

Last, but not the least of this argument,Maybe the President is friends with the Saudi Arabian government? Well, every president since FDR has been friends with the Saudis. It's called diplomacy. You cannot scream for the diplomacy of a murderous dictator, Saddam, drive your fancy cars, scream about the price of gas, deny us the ability to drill for oil on our own soil, and not expect us to keep diplomatic ties with the Saudis. President Bush is the first one to stand up to them and tell them that we cannot coddle dictators any longer. They must let their people be free. They are even moving toward local elections, or haven't you heard through your pathetic screeching?

Yes, there is a movement going on in the Middle East. People see what the Iraqis are able to do and wonder why they are not allowed. Freedom is the only thing that once you taste it, you can't stop it from spreading.

Are you forgetting Tiananmen Square? I can assure they have not. Communism will fall. It cannot stand. The way it has to be implemented is pure evil. If you were decent people, you would do what I do-buy American as much as you can. I realize computers are no longer made it this country. Thank you, lefties, for driving them away due to high cost of labor and it's demands, and then you scream there are no jobs. Well, I'd have to say you're right. Have you ever owned a business here? Capitalism was never meant to be an arm of the government, you fascist idiots with your regulations!!!! Please excuse me. You may have noticed that I have just about had it with these children dressed in grownup clothes. Actually, most people are afraid, for politically correct reasons, to call you what you really are... communists. Don't worry, there are still enough of us that do know exactly what and who you are, and it won't happen. Not here, not now, not ever. Back to the article.

Do you not realize we are in WWIV? (Yes, the cold war was WWIII.) Lay off our, my, president. Do not let your hatred destroy you. If you want to destroy yourself, fine, just don't take us with you. That is exactly what you are doing. The Middle East and al Qaida are watching everything you do. If they see disunity, they feel safe and strong. Do you want the blood of your fellow countrymen on your hands? Keep acting like you know no better. You, we, will all pay the precious price.

I hope and pray for the Afghani and Iraqi people, that they may continue to know sweet freedom, and never again let a dictator destroy your beauty and spirit.

Well, now that I have given you some facts to ponder, although I really want to yell and scream at you that you are fighting the wrong people-we are not the enemy!-now I can go to sleep with a smile upon my face. A sad smile, yes, but a smile still the same.

UPDATE: If you are still not convinced, take a look at the legislation for yourself: Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002. The easiest way to get to the text is to click Text of Legislation, then you will be offered 5 resolutions. Click on the fifth one which will take you to text. It is easier to read if you click on the Printer Friendly Display. And that should do it. Have a good day.

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