Monday, August 23, 2004

Look at Sen. Kerry’s Senate Record

I am so exhausted by all the talk of Viet Nam. Is it important? To the people he maligned, yes. It is also important to history, since it changed the course of how we fight wars and the birth of political correctness. But is it important to the voters who know very little, if anything, of that war? No. That is why it is very important that we look deep into the bowels of Sen. Kerry’s Senate record. What has he done since his return from Viet Nam? What has he done for the men left behind? How did he help/hinder President Regean during the Cold War (WWIII?) These questions need to be answered. Is he for or against the USA’s military strength? Does he contribute any of HIS money to charities? This question, in particular, will lead us to understand why some look to government as their “god,” while others look to personal responsibility. Do I have the answers to these questions? No. I am trying to change the dialogue.

I know that Sen. Kerry was elected in Nov. 1982. There are many Congressional Records to look through. I know he tried to put a freeze on Strategic Defense Initiative. Fortunately for us, the USSR did not believe as Sen. Kerry did! Even though it wasn’t built, they didn’t know that, and that one program helped in ways we may never know to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Do you believe that Sen. Kerry would have the hutzpah to stand in front of the Eastern Bloc of American citizens and tell them that they should still be under the control of Communism? HA!

Sen. Kerry believes, or so he says, that life begins at conception. Good. So do I. Does he vote his beliefs? Let us see. He has voted for every pro-abortion bill, and against every pro-life bill. HMMMM?! He even voted to kill a bill that would protect a mother who CHOSE to KEEP her child, but the child was lost at the hand of another through an attack. The bill would make the attacker guilty of murder if the child died, and guilty of 2 assault charges if the child lived. He also voted against a bill that would protect a child when, during a late term abortion the baby was “accidentally” born, the living child could not be left alone to die. And he believes that life begins at conception???

How does he vote on gun control? There hasn’t been a bill that crossed his desk that didn’t restrict our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms for which he wasn’t in favor! My, my. The First Amendment is thrown around when it comes to free speech (except political speech for which both parties are guilty of trying to take our voices out of the process of electing people!) as if it were a blanket for them to hide! Except, of course, if you want to express any form of religion. Are you aware that Congress used to buy Bibles for the Nuns who were teaching our children? Yes. The printing press was not around, I don’t think, so there were very few books! Imagine if the only book available today was a Bible! Would we be cast as the Taliban? You bet! How insulting. Christians helped free the slaves, hid Jews during WWII, fought for women’s rights, and many more things that go unmentioned, because we don’t make a lot of noise. Our glory will come in the after life. Just thought I would correct some history, though.

Has Sen. Kerry fought to insure that we would have the best intelligence? Well, after the first attack on the World Trade Center where 6 people died and thousand were injured, Sen. Kerry proposed a $6 billion CUT in the Intelligence department! Not even Sen. Kennedy could go for that!
I am going to try to find his voting record on many other issues, as well as these. I want to be accurate and precise. In other words, credible. Dates, bill number, etc. I am not looking forward to this! If anyone out there has any helping hints, I sure would be a might grateful! Thanks. Have a wonderful day, watch the Football game between St. Louis and *Kansas City, and God Bless you all.

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