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Friday, August 17, 2007

NFL Pre-season week #2

Today I'm just going to give the teams, my picks, and a little bit of silliness. Hey, it's Friday! Give me a break, I can use it. lol. This is a new site that I found, so please bear with me. It looks like there was a game played last night between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansis City Chiefs. Miami walks away with the win, 11-10 at Kansis City. Nice job. Too bad you can't do that when I'm for ya! lol. Maybe they're getting better? Hmm.

Let's see what the line up is. We have four games playing today, Friday. Starting with Atlanta Falcons vs Buffalo Bills, 7pm EST, I'm pulling for Buffalo. The final score is Atl 13-Buf 10. I told you, when we were at half time, you needed to score again. See how they snuck up on you? It was yours to lose, and you did. Argghhh! This next game is going to be a bit tricky, because McNabb (Philadelphia's QB) is going to play his first game since he was injured. The game will be between the Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles, 7pm EST, at Philadelphia. I have to hang with my Eagles. Well thank God for small miracles. Philly pulls it off with a score of Car 10-Phi 27. Good job.

Minnesota Vikings vs NY Jets, 8pm EST, is the game I'll be watching at 5pm PCT. Okay, this game is over now, and the score is Min 34-NY Jets 20. It was good game, sort of. Someone needs to tell the QB that it doesn't look good to go out with a sack! Geesh. The last game playing today is the Tennessee Titans vs NE Patriots, 8pm EST. I hope Tennessee wins. This way, we'll at least hear something from Tennessee if not Fred. lol. I don't believe it! Some good news coming out of Tennessee! We have a win. The final score was Ten 27-NE 24! That was close, but close doesn't count. Hahaha NE.

Now for Saturday's playing schedule. (No, there will be no spreads on my site. Sorry. lol) The first game is the Houston Texans vs Arizona Cardinals, 4pm EST. I'm not sure about this one, but I'll try the Cardinals. Well, that'll teach me to root for the illegal alien state! That's right, the Texans womped 'em with a 33-20 score. Then we have a doosy! The Detroit Lions vs Cleveland Browns, 7pm EST, is going to be either a very good game or it will suck. I'm going with Detroit. Chalk up another win, DT 23-CL 20. :)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play Jacksonville Jaguars, 7:30pm EST. Good Lord. They're both from Florida! How do I pick? Like this: Eni, meni, minee, moe. lol. No, I'm not going to tell you! I will stick with the Jags, though, even though Tampa Bay is a very good come back team. Jacksonville does it again, with a score of Jag 31-TB 19. The New Orleans Saints vs Cincinnati Bengals, 7:30 EST, are on equal ground. They've both lost their first game(s). I'll take New Orleans. Good game, and I come out a winner again with a score of NO 27-CIN 19. :)

Oh, the pain of it all! The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Washington Redskins at 8pm EST. Who to pick, who to pick? Maybe if I pick Pittsburgh, Washington will play better? Okay, let's try that. Final score: Pit 12-Was 10. Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers at 8pm EST is a bad match-up. Neither one of them plays very well. How do I know? I keep picking them (GB), and they keep losing! Oh, who? Hmm. Okay, I'll go with...the Seahawks. (They've both won their first game.) Final score: Sea 13-GB 48. See? What did I tell ya!

San Diego Chargers are going to stomp St. Louis Rams at 8pm EST. Can you tell I can't stand that team? I can't. No one treats my Raiders the way these idiots did and expect me to forget. I am a very forgiving person, but not when it comes to this. Besides, they never asked for forgiveness. That is something you just don't go around giving it away unless it is asked for! Grrrrr. Yes, it's a personal problem. I totally understand this. Now I have a question for you. Who's blog are you reading? Hmm? lol. And the torture carries the day with a winning score of SD 30-STL 13. HAHAHAHA.

Denver Broncos vs Dallas Cowboys will play at 8pm EST. I don't like the Broncos for reasons I don't feel like going into, so I will take the Cowboys. Final score: Den 20-Dal 31. My team is playing at 10pm EST, the Oakland Raiders vs San Franscico 49ers. I like the 49ers, but they're going down! Final score: Oak 21-SF 26. Grrrr.

Now let's look at Sunday's games. We'll start with my NY Giants vs those ragedy Baltimore Ravens at 8pm EST. (lol) Well, there's only one game on Sunday? Oh well. Final score: NYG 13-Bal 12. Let's look at Monday. This is a tough choice for me. The Chicago Bears will play the Indianapolis Colts at 8pm EST. I love the Bears, but Indianapolis has been playing pretty good. Oh dear, decisions, decisions. So far, Chicago has won and the Colts have lost their first games. I'll go with the Bears. Final score: Chi 27-Ind 24. Great game.

And that's all she wrote. :)

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