Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ahmadinejad to visit ground zero and Columbia Univ.

Although it was told to us today that he would not be allowed to go to ground zero, he is defying all warnings and going anyway. Why shouldn't he? WE HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING to convince him that we are the kind of people that will stand up to him and kick his arse for coming near sacred land.

Why does he want to go there? For the photo op. You can bet al Jazeera will be, and it will be all over the news in the Middle East. What will the Middle East think? That we are COWARDS. And I can't say as I blame them. After all, he was told no, he did it anyway, and he will have OUR SECRET SERVICE to protect HIM!

You just do not know how much I wish I were there so I could ask him about those political prisoners in Evin Prison Room 209, the murder of innocent women, the lack of payment for work performed, why they are not allowed to unionize, etc. I hate this worthless piece of skin and bones so much, you just do not know.

I'm not the whipped chic you find around here. I'm from New York. I know when there is an enemy in our midst. I just never thought our government would play the role of this cretons protector or go along with his plans. They should arrest this damn terrorist!

He will never get to see ground zero, go home and brag about how brave his 19 men were, and live to tell about it. I'm counting on the the brave Americans that I used to know to do to him what his own people are in prison for as I write. Speak their heads off! Loudly and longly. Ya know, you don't need a permit if it is spontaneous...

I am going to use this post so that all of you who believe he is not going there will be alerted and can call your government officials toll free at 1-866-340-9281. PLEASE.

Update: Columbia University's claim that they had cancelled Ahmadinejad's invitation to speak is a big fat LIE. You, sir, are a LIAR! That would be President Bradley A. Blakeman of Columbia University. Yes, you are scum. You invite our enemies into clutches, but you deny our ROTC to step foot on OUR property? You really should reconsider the roll in this world, seeing as if Iran takes over (which is their plan), you will be one of the first to be hanged. HANGED. Ask the teachers in Tehran. Oh, wait a minute. You cannot. THEY'RE DEAD. So much for free speech...

Anyone who gives money to Columbia University is supporting terrorists, and they are also using our tax dollars to do it. His convey, which is almost as large as President Bush', comes out of yours and my pockets. Nice, eh? NO TO TERRISTS! NO TO THEIR LEADER, Ahmadinejad! Thank you for your time.

Hat/tip: A commenter over at Causes of Interest (the first one), Iraq's Inconvenient Truth, Freedom's Watch. Please read and watch what they have available.

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