Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a beautiful life; we have been blessed

Dost Thou look upon thee with adorning eyes? Searching my soul for my every care. Such blessings I humbly accept with the knowledge that I am less than rags upon Thou’s sight. How merciful and graceful Thou art to me. Thou hast come at my time of desperation.

How dost Thou know? Why dost Thou care? You are surely Omniscient and Compassionate. He has entered in again where he has no place nor right. I pray Thee, protect me. Do not allow mine enemy to find me.

I pray, LORD, please keep watch over Morgan and his team. Crush his enemies before him, do not allow them sight before him. I pray, LORD, help him in everyway and everyday. The other two that went with him, please protect them and their teams. Even more precious, protect their families with a hedge of protection around them. Morgan and his teams as well.

You have been doing such a magnificent job. I thank You with all of my heart. What can I do that is worth of Your grace? I have accepted Your Son, Jesus Christ, as my LORD and Saviour. I have repented of my sins. I have asked for the Holy Spirit to abide in my heart. That is all? But that is so simple!

You have already paid the cost for my sins, and I am so sorry that I put You in that position. I thank You so much for Your love for me. I know You offer it freely for all those who will seek Your face. I pray everyone does.

Whenever I look around and lift mine eyes up to You, I can see some of Your creation and it is good. It is beautiful. I love those mountains with snowcaps, the valleys with the green, green grass. The streams that run silently with the purest of water. Such a delight!

I still remember to thank You for my legs, that I may walk. My lungs, that I may breathe again without tubes everywhere! The little and the big things You have blessed me with are so grand, and I thank You.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, I thank You for the wonderful people You have surrounded about me. They are caring, intelligent, thoughtful, creative, and they all remind me of You and Your attributes. Yes, I am the most blessed person alive, and that also is due to You. Thank You. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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