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Thursday, September 6, 2007


New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts will play tonight in the opening of the professional football season! (Final: NO 10; IND 41.) The game will start at 8:30 pm EST. Who wants to win more? I know the Saints would love a win, and I'd like them to have it, but I have to go with the Colts. They're looking pretty good, and it's no time to be picking favorites for the heck of it. ;)

The next games will be played on Sunday at separate times. Some will play at 1 pm EST, three will at 4:15 pm EST and yet one will play at 8:15 pm EST. There will also be two games on Monday, but there is no more Monday Nite Live. Grrrr. I will just give you the teams, my picks, and the final scores. Have a great football weekend!

Here are the Sunday listings, starting with the 1 pm EST: Denver Broncos vs. *Buffalo Bills: Final: DEN 15; BUF 14 (you still suck, Denver!), Tennessee Titans vs. *Jacksonville Jaguars: Final: TEN 13; JAC 10, Miami Dolphins vs. *Washington Redskins: Final: MIA 13; WAS 16, *Carolina Panthers vs. St. Louis Rams: Final: CAR 27; STL 13, New England Patriots vs. *NY Jets: Final NE 38; NYJ 14, Atlanta Falcons vs. *Minnesota Vikings: Final: ATL 3; MIN 24, *Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns: Final: PIT 34; CLE 7, *Philadephia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers: Final: PHI 13; GB 16 OT and Kansas City Chiefs vs. *Houston Texans: Final: KC 3; HOU 20.

Here are the three teams playing at the 4:15 pm EST time. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. *Seattle Seahawks: Final: TB 6; SEA 20 (good game), Chicago Bears vs. *San Diego Chargers: Final: CHI 3; SD 14, and Detroit Lions vs. *Oakland Raiders: Final: DET 36; OAK 21.

This is the game that plays at 8:15 pm EST, NY Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys: Final: NYG 35; DAL 45.

Oh no! I just remembered that Reggie Bush is with the Saints. It is almost half-time, and the teams are tied at 10 points each. Under these conditions, I am giving myself permission to change my mind. I want the Saints to win. HEY! I'm a woman. Deal with it. After all, I had to deal with my computer freezing up on me again...uh oh. I think I'll stick with my first instincts from now on. grrrrrrrrrr.

Here are the two teams that will play on Monday starting at 7 pm EST and 10:15 pm EST respectively. *Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals: Final: BAL ; CIN , and Arizona Cardinals vs. San Franscico 49ers: Final: ARI ; SF .

PS. Sorry, Debbie. I've been so busy that this is the only thing I have time to post. I promise not tell anyone, though. lol.

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Well. It seems like my instincts won again. Boo. I only time to write one post today, because I've been busy trying to get all of my other posts over to my new site. So this is it. I hope you don't mind. ;)

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