Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Videos, videos and more videos

Oh my! I've been so busy answering emails that I completely forgot to check out my next page. Did I find a surprise there! I have so many videos for you that I'm just going to post the URL's. Check them out. I know you will enjoy them.

8/28/2007 Blackfive's Videos
Operation Tafaraquoi With Charlie Company 3/509 - Part II.
Operation Tafaraquoi With Charlie Company 3/509.
Around the Battlefield.
Car Bomb (VBIED) and House destroyed.
The Royal Welsh in Afghanistan.
Air Support Kills Five Insurgents.

9/4/2007 Blackfive's Videos
Happy Birthday 3rd Infantry Division.
Biometrics in Afghanistan.

9/11/2007 Blackfive's Videos
Iraq SF Conduct Hostage Rescue.
Iraqi Special Forces Engage Enemy.
USNS Comfort on Fox News.
Charlie Company 3/509th Air Assault into Diyalah, Iraq.
The President and the Marines in Iraq.
President Visit to Iraq 2007.

10/2/2007 Michael Yon's Videos
Fire in the Hole.
Renegade Platoon Locates IED.

That should keep you busy for a while. lol. Enjoy, cry, get angry, feel proud. That's how war is...I think... Digg!

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