Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday's Open Trackback

Starting today, I will be making every effort to finish moving all of my posts (written elsewhere) to this site. This is going to take considerable time. Almost all of my waking hours. I started very seriously yesterday and I got 2 finished, 7000+ to go. This is not encouraging! However, I am going to accomplish this task. (Please pray for me. lol)

I shall post a linkfest everyday, and I will add your post to the front page as soon as possible. Remember, I will be quite busy. So please be patient. I pray for everyone to have a Merry ChristMass with Good Will Towards Men. (Ladies, that includes us, because the Bible is referring to Mankind. So don't allow your panties to get in a bunch! lol) Have a nice day.

Posts I've trackbacked to at Linkfest: Faultline USA: This Careful Generation, Right Truth: Osama bin Laden, Adam's Blog: DragonLady's World, Post of the Day for December 17, 2007, Blue Star Chronicles: Beer Monday: Democrats who need to learn to duck, Pirate's Cove, Celebrity Smack: Saugage Links, The Pink Flamingo, The Bullwinkle Blog, Dumb Ox Daily News: Ron Paul: No Shortage of Enthusiasm or ..., and Conservative Cat, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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