Saturday, March 22, 2008

I *ate Norton!

This is a rush post, because Norton might shut her down before I'm done typing. Has anyone bought the Norton Security Package 2008? Well...IT SUCKS. It doesn't have the Live Updates capacity, so you have to do that manually. It took me over 3 hours last night to complete it, then it restarted without my consent. Good thing I wasn't working on anything serious.

Right now it is scanning my files so I know I have a little time. This anti-virus program is the pits. I just don't know where else to go. Does anyone have any ideas out there? I need to change this anti-virus program, and I've only had it since December 21, 2007. I have already had more problems with Norton than I've had with it in the past 5 years! Oh, whoa is me. Thanks for any suggestions. Have a great day.

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