Saturday, March 22, 2008

Semper Fi! - David Thibodeaux

Below is a message from this Marine in his own words:

A fellow Marine and I wrote, and I recorded a song titled "Not Ready To End The Fight." This song was inspired by the fact that I, like many Americans, don't particularly appreciate the underlying message behind the Dixie Chicks' song "Not Ready To Make Nice." While I did like the underlying music from song, the lyrics' just didn't sit well with me, many of my colleagues and other Americans. After being urged on by friends, family, and colleagues I decided to record "Not Ready To End The Fight" to make a point, criticize, comment and answer the Dixie Chicks song and all the other Hollywood stars that constantly overestimate my interest in their personal politics and their level of competence in foreign policy and about how our Country should be run and how they imply they know what is better for this Country than our elected officials.

I know there are very complicated issues that must be considered when undertaking a war. I certainly don't pretend to have the solutions to any foreign policy issues. I also know that smart people can look at the same set of facts and events and often reach different conclusions. That is probably a good thing! So anyone who characterizes these very complicated terrorism and war issues as very easy-and-simple need to try to at least try to see the other side of the issue... no matter what side you are on.

I am just an ordinary "country boy" who feels like I need to speak up about my personal opinions, experiences, and exercise my freedom of speech! I am 23, a husband, a father, a full time Marine and part time musician. I am not a celebrity or politician, nor do I know any. My wife and I are hardworking, religious, family oriented, patriotic Americans. We each were born and reared in small-town Louisiana. I grew up in Eunice, Louisiana. I also have family in Texas. My wife, newborn son, and I live in the Washington, D.C. area where I am presently stationed. We are blessed with large supportive families.

To make a contribution to the Country and the war effort, I joined the Marine Corps upon my graduation from high school. I have served in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq with extraordinarily unselfish and brave Americans.

Thanks to everyone who strongly supports the military and our mission! Your prayers and appreciation make our job gratifying!

Semper Fi! - David Thibodeaux

Dear David Thibodeaux, Sir, Thank you for your service and all the sacrifices your families have made for us. We shall be eternally grateful. God bless you.

Update: I made a horrible error. I forgot to tell you I 'borrowed' this from Political Pistachio. (Hat tip and all that.)

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