Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good on you, Sarkozy!

Today French President Sarkozy has put pressure on China to open up or else...
BEIJING — French President Nicholas Sarkozy stepped up the pressure on China Saturday over its handling of the Tibet crisis by warning he may boycott the Olympic opening, following fresh violence.

Sarkozy's warning, delivered by one of his ministers in the Le Monde newspaper, also came shortly after China said it would step up a controversial "education" campaign for Tibetans in an effort to end nearly a month of unrest.

Sarkozy will only attend the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony if China opens dialogue with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and frees political prisoners, French Secretary of State for Human Rights Rama Yade said. [Continue reading.]
Now if only we had a state department and an administration that understood that 'peace at all costs' and 'money is the end all to beat all' is NOT good for human rights and societies as a whole, we may be a better people and a better country.

Shame on you, President Bush. Saying you will go to the opening ceremonies no matter what is NOT very democratic. You could have at least made the comment that President Sarkozy has made. He is at least reconsidering. China is sweating in the pants, and you? You are probably eating Chinese food and continuing to ignore all the world as we cry with the Chinese people for freedom.

You have disappointed me again. What next? A statue of Mao on the White House lawn?

Source: NewsMax.

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