Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)

The Investigative Project on Terrorism has been very busy working to put together this report on CAIR. They have done some fine investigative reporting before, and they continue to do a very good job. I must say, they do much better than our own government, but I guess that isn't a very fitting compliment since that is not hard to accomplish. ;)

They have come out with their tenth section of a report they have prepared. Here is the beginning of Part X at CounterTerrorism Blog:
In a series of thorough and carefully documented articles, the Investigative Project on Terrorism has detailed the sinister side of the self-proclaimed Muslim civil rights group CAIR.

Today's tenth and final installment takes a look at CAIR's persistent -- and often contrived -- charges of "hate crimes" perpetrated against Muslims and supposed "anti-Muslim hysteria" rampant in this country. [Continue reading.]
Next there are the links to each of the ten Parts. The Summaries for each report can be found at the site, and the reports are on .pdf files. The URL for this site is the Investigative Project on Terrorism. (Check them out.)

Part I: Summary, CAIR's Origins.

Part II: Summary, CAIR's Funding.

Part III: Summary, The Suspect Ties of CAIR Officials, Fundraisers and Trainers.

Part IV: Summary, CAIR and Hamas.

Part V: Summary, CAIR and Terrorism: Blanket Opposition to U.S. Investigations, Equivocal Condemnations for Plots Against America.

Part VI: Summary, CAIR Portrays "War on Terrorism" as Malicious "War on Islam".

Part VII: Summary, CAIR Denies the Challenges Posed by Radical Islamists.

Part VIII: Summary, CAIR Has Participated in and Co-Sponsored Islamist Conferences Within the United States.

Part IX: Summary, CAIR’s Extremism and Anti-Semitism.

Part X: Summary, CAIR Pushes Phony Charges of Anti-Muslim Hysteria, Hate Crimes.

There is much information in this report on CAIR and its dealings within the USA. For anyone interested, this is a gold mine. Everyone else, just go on your merry little way. We'll do it. Just don't bitch that you didn't know and that no one tried to tell you about it later. Okay, I'm half kidding. I know not everyone can study everything. Heck, I'm getting burned out myself! I am, however, trying to hang in there. You do the same. No one promised us a rose garden...

Today I am having an open post trackback, and you are welcome to trackback or ping an article you wish to share with others. I like to use Linkfest for this, because there are many people with good posts already up over there. It is also a good way to share your articles. Give it a go, eh? The only rule I have is that there shall be no porn. Thanks, and have a great day.

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