Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Decision

Since I've received no advice for which I is the weekend...I have made this decision all by my little self. I have decided to keep this site AND the new site. Ha! I really like the other site, but there are things I can do here that I can't do over there. I can do things over there that I cannot do over here. So it wasn't really all that hard of a decision to make.

For example, I will be changing my Linkfest address to Rosemary's News and Ideas. The URL to this new site Yeah, I forgot to add the 'and Ideas' when I created the site. Oh well. Less typing. ;)

So those of you read me here will be able to continue doing so. I am just going to copy/paste from here and go over there. I would like to use my WP address for my Linkfests, because it is SOOOOO much easier than manually having to do it myself. Do you realize how much time I put into each Linkfest? A LOT. Too much as a matter of fact! I hardly have anytime left to read any of the sites that appealling to me! That is going to end because I want to read your sites, not just write them down and forget them. I also the theme they allowed me have for my header. Haha. Now you have to go look. (lol)

I'm going to keep this site because it allows me to manipulate videos and the such. There are some links I was unable to take with me, and I do not want to give them up. Besides, it's much easier to use Blogger to write. I'm quite sure there are many other reasons for this decision, including I do not desire to lose you as a reader by jerking you around from site to site, but for now, that it is my decision. Have no fear. You do not need to change your links. Who knows, you may end up liking the other site, too! ;)

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