Saturday, June 28, 2008

Really great reading

My friend has written another wonderful post with videos and links included. He named it: Quick Update, but don't let the title fool ya. There is some of everything included in this post, including Major Stone Cold is being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel! Yup, good stuff. 'O' is receiving the Bronze Star Medal with Valor, as well as LTC Stone Cold! He is going to try to get them to write their stories, and he thinks by keeping their anonymity it may help. They are humble dudes. My goodness, they can go out and protect our lives, but they aren't able to take credit for it? Yes. They think they are just doing what anyone else would have done. If only they knew people other than those they've had to live with for the past 18 months! But that's just kind of guys they are. God bless them all. Now get over there and read this post! Please. And please leave him a comment. Let him know there are people here at home that still care about him and what he has to say. Thank you very much. Good night.

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