Sunday, June 1, 2008

No words of wisdom

How is your day going? I pray it is going well. Mine? You really want to know? ARGHH! How can a teeny weeny room need so much cleaning? Every single solitary piece of furniture, clothing, tables, etc. has not escaped the watchful eye of my brother. (Me too.) I swear it, you never realize how much STUFF you have that can be THROWN AWAY! Where did it all come from? Who hid it? How did that over there get in here?!

Well. There's really no sense in ranting about it, since I am the one that begged for it. That should teach me to be careful what I ask for...NOT. It might be painful, but it's necessary. A good cleaning helps to the mind clear. You may not believe it, but it's true. Doesn't mean ya have to like it, though. lol

So, in the meantime, ya'll have a great time with linking back to me and then trackbacking. I'll try to find an article to link back to with. How about Wednesday's Hero? Yes. I like that one. If you want words of wisdom, may I suggest some of the links from the posts that have trackbacked to me? ;)

Posts I've trackposted to at Linkfest and other sites:
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Thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.
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Posts that have trackbacked to this post:
1. Woman Honor Thyself: Salute to IsraeL 60th Anniversary Parade in NYC!
Ah. The Parade. Central Park. Aesthetic beauty. A profound sense of appreciation for America and Israel blowing in the wind all around us...
2. 123beta: Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
Little sis and myself like to cook. We like to try different foods (within reason of course; you won't find us trying a raw, still beating cobra's heart) ...any way, a while back we were watching the...
3. 123beta: Speed Up IE7 tip #2.
Currently, I live with my little sis and her husband, Russ. Both of them are smart. Both still insist on using IE7 for browsing the internet, at home.Why, I don't know. I guess out of habit...Even...
4. Leaning Straight Up: WA GOP takes a controversial stance on Anchor Babies.
One of the news items on Orbusmax was this: State GOP: No automatic citizenship for kids born in U.S. to illegal immigrants. The state Republican Party adopted a platform Saturday that includes a provision aimed at opposing au...
5. Right Voices: UPDATES ADDED: Jackass of the Week: Scott McClellan UPDATE: McAuliffe doesn’t like McClellan book, either UPDATE II: Trent Duffy: Scott McClellan lied UPDATE III: Scott McClellan Originally Planned to Attack Media, Defend Bush.
My first reaction when hearing about McClellan’s book was what a backstabber, a turncoat, a Judas Iscariot! McClellan was happy to enjoy all the privileges and advantages of his White House gig. Bush had even invited McClellan to his Texas ranch...
6. The So-Called Me: Hello Kitty Shoes For Me!
I have brand new shoes! And OMG I love them to death! Aren't they adorable? ...
7. Right Truth: ISRAEL AT 60 - Parade and Concert Highlight Birthday Bash.
ISRAEL AT 60 Parade and Concert Highlight Birthday Bash BY: FERN SIDMAN New York City's fashionable Fifth Avenue was transformed in to a sea of blue and white as crystal clear blue skies, a searing sun, Israeli music and thousands...

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