Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Michael Yon: Update in Afghanistan

Michal is not able to use his computer at the moment, but he did relay this information over the phone to someone who e-mailed this tidbit to his subscribers of which I am one.
03 Sept 08

09:10 EST

Michael has no internet but called on the sat phone.
British 2 Para in Helmand provence have been repeatedly and successfully closing with and engaging the Taliban. In ongoing operations today a number of British paratroopers lured Taliban into an attack. British forces responded with machine guns, small arms, shoulder fired rockets, mortars, and a 500 lb bomb. Locals say "Many Taliban dead."
More Later...
Michael goes overseas to get the real news that we are not getting at home, and he goes without any backing from any organization. He relies solely on the donations we send to him.

If you want to receive his updates, you may sign-up for an e-mail subscription here. If you would like to help Michael while he is in Afghanistan being a citizen journalist for us, you may do so here:
Reader support remains critical to Michael's mission.
You may also support him through snail-mail:
Michael Yon
PO Box 5553
Winter Haven, FL 33880
Have you purchased his wonderful book, Moment Of Truth In Iraq, yet? If not, you may still get an autographed copy here. (Yes, it is at a Yahoo store.) It truly is a great book, and it will be more than worth your time to read it.

Thank you for your time! Keep those prayers coming, and have a wonderful day.

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