Wednesday, July 8, 2009

LB, CA Tea Party Pics 7/4/09

Richard Oliveri was kind enough to be our impromptu photographer who was kind enough to send me a disc full of some great pics. I thank God he was there, because I do not have a camera and he’s such a nice, happy man. I’d like to share them with you. The title of this Tea Party is, “America’s Freedom-Long Beach (CA) Tea Party”. I hope you enjoy them. Have a nice day.

(Left) These are two of my favorite posters!

(Right) This is a very nice lady and a very friendly dog. She even let me pet him. I love animals.

(Left) Great college student with a blow-away speech standing with an American Hero.

(Right) This is the man who read the Declaration of Independence before Diane spoke, and he talked about the Fair Tax after her speech.

(Left) This is what the shirt Jamie was wearing says.

(Right) Jamie is a wonderful young lady who read a letter for mother called, “I am the Nation”. Great job, Jamie!

(Left) I just had to include this picture of Jeane’s husband, Jamie father. He is one of America’s Heroes! A man of very few words but many smiles. God bless you, Sir.

(Right) Jamie’s Mom, Jeane, then spoke. She read “The Letter” which was an open letter sent by a Democrat turned Republican turned someone without a party (which is how many of us feel) wrote to each public official including Pres. Obama and the press. She hit many things right on the mark, and Jeane did a beautifully passionate job reading it. Great job, Jeane! Thank you.

(Left) Beautiful family.

(Right) The park.

(Left) This 20 year old college student was just a total crowd pleaser! If yuo come upon this site or anything else I write, please e-mail me. I'd really like to get your name and e-mail so you can speak at our 9-12 Tea Party.

(Right) This is Diane Lenning, she is running for Superintendant of Schools in 2010. She did well with her speech. The part that impressed me was when she asked everyone to honor those in our families who’ve served this magnicant country. She is related to George Washington!

(Left) Now for the signs. This is the sign my brother made so people would know where to find us. Great job, Bro!

(Right) So True!

(Left) This is a T-shirt of the stickers that were being passed around and what it says.

(Right) Another AMERICAN TEA party sign.

(Left) I love these posters!

(Right) The Spice and Spirit of America!

(Left) Oh my. I didn’t realize this is the back of me. That’s California’s bear telling our State to LISTEN to us. It is not just the US Congress and President we’re targeting for unemployment! BTW, what’s up with ‘compassionate’ Conservatism? When and where have you known of a gov’t being kind to anyone? Is it kind to take money that you’ve worked hard for to give it to someone who hasn’t worked (if they’re able) that didn’t? We have a word (and many laws!) for that. ROBBERY!

(Right) I almost forgot myself! I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without the help of my brother. Thank you, Brother. I became politically active because I’m fed up with politicians. I don’t care which party their from, they do not listen. Well, now it’s your turn to shut up and listen to what we have to say. WE’RE FED UP with your taxes, pork, trips you take on our dimes, and the bs you expect us to swallow as fact. No, we don’t believe you anymore (if we ever did). So go home and think about that! Remember, there's an unemployment line waiting for you, too.

See? I’m fair. I think I disagree, but everyone should have a voice. (Except for violent and perverted people.)

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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