Sunday, July 5, 2009

'Tops' Tea Party!

This Independence Day we had another Tea Party, America's Freedom-Long Beach Tea Party, and it was the tops. I learned many thing from the April 15th Tea Party, and I tried to fix those mistakes. Well, on paper I did, but in really things just flowed smoothly even though I was disorganized. I forgot to plan for people not showing up on time.

The Tea Party was scheduled for Independence Day, 12-3pm at 130 Cherry Ave, Bixby Park, Long Beach, California 90802, and it lasted about 2 hours at its peak, 3 hours altogether. Here is the schedule of events as they really happened, not the one I had planned. Although it was pretty close.

It was marvelous to see 110 people come to our Tea Party in liberal Long Beach, California. Everyone was so thoughtful and helpful. Roxanna bought a helium pump for the balloons which worked perfectly. If you could have been there to see the expressions on the children's faces as we freely gave them balloons! No, they were not part of the Tea Party but being the Conservatives that we are, we love children. Of course we did ask their parents first if we could give them to their children. They were so happy.

Most of the people signed in this time, however many people came as the Tea Party was in progress. My brother counted 50, and 60 people signed in. They were energetic, patriotic, helpful in many ways, cheerful, and it was a very pleasant experience. They were also tired and fed-up with being overtaxed, paying for other people's bailouts, this enormous health care boondoggle which threatens our very good system and will make the fraud in Medicare and Medicaid look like chump-change. Yes, there was much to discuss.

We began with Barbee singing "God Bless America" and everyone joined in. It was beautiful. She has a delightful voice. Then we said the Pledge of Allegiance, and we even dared to use the words IN GOD. Oh my. Then the Declaration of Independence was read by a very nice gentleman (whose name I forgot to get). Then I read a few verses of the NIV version of the Bible with the theme being, "Healing Our Land": 2Co 4:8, 16, 17 and 2Ch 7:14. It was graciously accepted by all.

After that, we had quite a bit of time before our guest speaker was to arrive, so we kind of went off schedule. I'll try my best to recall the events as they occurred. There was a daughter, Jamie, who wanted to read something for her mother who was to speak after Jamie. What she read was awesome. It was "I Am The Nation" (I think that's the name of it). Excellent job, Jamie.

Then her mother, Jeanne, read "The Letter" written by a life-time Democrat turned Republican turned without a party. It is an open letter sent to our officials in all offices and the press. Glen Beck read it on the air (I do not get him on my radio), and Jeanne just had to read it. I don't blame her. It is quite remarkable letter, and you did an excellent job Jeanne.

At 1pm, we had our special guest speak. She is running for Superintendent of Schools and her name is Diane Lenning. She was remarkable. Her ancestry includes General and President of the United States George Washington. She is interested in changing the curriculum to include the true history of this great country. There were many things said, but I was impressed the most when so many answered her call to give homage to those who fought before and/or are still fighting so we could have this day. There were too many for me to keep track of while counting. I was so very proud of everyone there.

There was one young man who absolutely amazed me. He brought hope to everyone there. How did he do that? He is young, in college, well spoken, an American who happens to be black, yet people have called him a racist. Huh? Yes. This is because he believes the rule of law should apply to everyone equally or no one equally. So do I. He also believes in a free market system and wonders where are the supposed free market politicians? Twenty years old and smarter than some of the people I know. He just blew me away. So much, in fact, that I forgot to get his name of all things. I surely hope he signed in. At least I can find him through email.

On the subject of Americans who happen to be black being called racist. It occurs most of the time when it comes to illegal aliens. How is it fair that if you're here in our country illegally that the rule of law bends over backwards for you, yet does not give two hoots about her own citizens? Everyone at the Tea Party agreed. By the way, there were Democrats and Republicans there. This was truly a nonpartisan event.

Then the man who read the Declaration spoke about the Fair Tax. After him, many people spoke their minds. There were some very good ideas bantered about. It was a breath of fresh air to hear citizens and not politicians speak. They came up with simple ways to solve our economic, social, and spiritual problems.

Some of the policies promoted were as follows:
  • 1. July 17th: Flood the 89 offices of the elected officials to let them know we do not want their health care insurance boondoggle.
  • 2. Make our elected officials aware of the consequences of their will have on every community. This was brought home by our guest, Ken, from Detroit, who has had to move here while his wife stays in Detroit for 9 years because Chrysler closed. He made us aware that only Germans were allowed to work in the jobs that were lost to union workers, and they were not permitted to join a union. This is information we are not hearing from the press. Gee, I don't wonder why.
  • 3. There was one person there, I'm sorry I did not get his name, who brought up the idea of the Fair Tax. I do not agree with this, but I allowed him to speak. After all, what if he's right? I certainly wouldn't disagree with shutting down the IRS!
  • 4. Our very handsome College student wants more freedom of thought in the schools. He also wants fairness. It is not okay that Liberals can rewrite history and do whatever they want, but Conservatives are held back from telling the truth and doing as they please. He just wants EQUAL freedom.
  • 5. This one is closest to my heart. This is the one which we all agreed. This day was available due to those who are in harms way to this day. We honored the Revolutionary War with their daughters and sons in attendance, we honored the War of 1812 with one of their descendants, we honored WWI with their descendants, we also honored WWII, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq with their descendants and loved ones.
We were actually not just protesting these policies, we were there to bring alternative policies which seem to be lacking in Congress and our state of California. Some were very good, some I disagree with, but I allowed them to be discussed. Who am I to censor free speech? (I did censor any cussing and way off common sense such as name calling which gets us nowhere. Fortunately, I did not have to use it.)

If you are interested in helping us stop the movement in California by going to these 89 officials offices in person, please contact me. I am going to need much help, and this is to happen on July 17. So I do not have that much time to get ready! Especially since my next Tea Party is going to be September 12, 2009. All are welcome.

PS. IF YOU WERE THERE AND SPOKE, please e-mail me and let me know your name, what you spoke about and when you spoke. Please, for the people who's names I forgot, let me know who you are. Also, please forgive me for this. I am truly sorry I forgot your name. How embarrassing. Mr. Video man, please let me know your name also. Sounds like I was really in charge of everything doesn't it? NOT! D'oh!

Update: Please be advised there is more to come. A kind man, Frank Oliveri, who took pictures is sending them to me through snail-mail as soon as they are ready. Thank you.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you until you can walk along side Him again.

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