Monday, October 19, 2009

Nazis, The UN, Jihadis, And Israel

First it was the Nazis, then it was the UN (and still is), now it is the jihadis that are using what they purport to 'laws' against the Jewish people in order to delegitimize them as people and then to exterminate. I choose to stand with Israel. Which side are you on? The side of good and righteousness, or the side of the terrorists? There are no third sides. You cannot sit this one out. It is happening, and history will not allow you the comfort of ignorance.

Italics and bold are mine.
The United Nations apply a Nazi legal system on the Jews
It is becoming common practise for nation states and non-nation actors to apply legal means to achieve political results.

Known as 'lawfare' these methods have been increasingly applied against Israel.

They are being used as yet another weapon in their armoury to eliminate the Jewish state.
As such, their roots reach back to wartime Germany. Their ultimate application is eerily similar to that created by the Nazis.

Back in the dark days of European history Nazi Germany operated a legal system that gave legitimacy to the machinations of the Third Reich.

The raison d-etre for the Nazi anti-Semitic programs were to remove a stain to world peace, namely the Jews, and to create a new world order.

When Hitler condemned the Jews for all of the world's woes German jurisprudence rubber stamped the measures demanded by its leaders.

The Jews, they claimed, were guilty of the most heinous crimes against humanity and laws were established to deal with these Jewish criminals.

It became legal to deprive Jews of work, to make them wear the Yellow Star, to herd them into Ghettos, to deprive them of their property, to transport them to the death camps, and to execute them.

This was all performed under a veneer of a legal respectability, that everyone involved in this genocide was obeying his duty in law and, therefore, upholding the legal rulings that applied in the territories controlled by Germany.

Records were kept at each stage of the deligitimisation and extermination of the Jews. These records showed that the law was being enforced. The book-keeping was part of the legal system that proved, in Nazi eyes, that everything was being done in a legally-acceptable and systematically transparent manner. German courts upheld the fragmentation of Jewish society and its elimination as required by Nazi law.

Few dared question whether the Jews were truly guilty as charged. The law, and the resultant punishment, took its course - and the rest is history.

At various stages of the 'legal' genocide of the Jews, whether in the Ghettos or the concentration camps, the Germans employed Jews to enforce their actions.

The horrors of the Holocaust should have buried the notion that Jews are the enemy of the world and are easy prey to fanatics and their supporters.
Sadly, the old hatred was merely dormant. It has re awoken in a different form and has found itself coalescing under the auspices of the United Nations.

The year is 2009 and it is happening, again, before our very eyes.

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Please read the rest of that of that post before continuing. It angers me to no end to know that some people still believe we can actually sit a bully down with its victim and come to a viable agreement that won't be broken the instant these people turn their eyes away. Why do we have prisons?

Why not just have a murderer apologize to the other family members and go on his merry way? Oh? Is it because he is more likely than not to commit the same crime against another victim? Or is it because it is the right thing to do? What about justice for the first victim? The silent ones rarely receive justice while the loudmouths get more unjust justice than all the just juctice combined. Where did all these people with no sense of right and wrong come from?

Don't tell me it's the '60's generation, I don't buy that. Why not? Because it's been happening throughout mankind. Please also read his comments on the Goldstone Report. What a joke that turned out to be, and you want to deal with these 'people'? I would expect nothing less from you than to demand the truth. After all, what is justice without truth?

Hat tip: Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (CJHSLA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to the promotion of Western values against the dual threats of complacency at home and political Islam abroad.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

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