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Founders' Daily Quote(s): 4/27-30/10

Tuesday, April 27, 2010.
"The constitution of the United States is to receive a reasonable interpretation of its language, and its powers, keeping in view the objects and purposes, for which those powers were conferred. By a reasonable interpretation, we mean, that in case the words are susceptible of two different senses, the one strict, the other more enlarged, that should be adopted, which is most consonant with the apparent objects and intent of the Constitution." --Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

Wed. 4/28.
"The plain import of the clause is, that congress shall have all the incidental and instrumental powers, necessary and proper to carry into execution all the express powers. It neither enlarges any power specifically granted; nor is it a grant of any new power to congress. But it is merely a declaration for the removal of all uncertainty, that the means of carrying into execution those, otherwise granted, are included in the grant." --Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

Thu. .
"Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823

Does that include the 2074 health insurance scam they are trying to pull on us? It is full of legalese. Even they know not what is in it! O my soul, be comforted in the knowledge that it will be considered unconstitutional. If it is not, REPEAL IT. Not reform it. Anyone who wants to reform it, I have a radical idea for you. KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR BUSINESS! We did NOT give you the authority to do such a thing to us. I dare warn you, we mean it.

Fri. .
"The Constitution on which our Union rests, shall be administered by me [as President] according to the safe and honest meaning contemplated by the plain understanding of the people of the United States at the time of its adoption -- a meaning to be found in the explanations of those who advocated, not those who opposed it, and who opposed it merely lest the construction should be applied which they denounced as possible." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Mesrs. Eddy, Russel, Thurber, Wheaton and Smith, 1801

You mean it is not a living, breathing document? Holy cow!

Essay by Mr. Mark Alexander: Army Preps for Tea Party 'Terrorists'.

This essay is a MUST READ. I shall repost it a later time. It should give you chills to your bones. Literally.

Update from Mark Alexander – April 29, 2010.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Regarding my essay, Army Preps for Tea Party 'Terrorists', I was contacted by senior command staff at Ft. Knox this afternoon. There was a security exercise at Ft. Knox this week, but an officer in the security loop altered the scenario "in order to make it more realistic." Those alterations were described in my essay, exactly as they appeared. The command staff informed me that the alterations were not approved at the command level and that the individual who circulated the scenario through official channels will "receive appropriate counsel." I was assured that the Command staff would not have authorized such a scenario.

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(Please pray for our Armed Forces standing in harm's way around the world, and for their families -- especially families of those fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen, who granted their lives in defense of American liberty.)

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