Friday, April 30, 2010

Palin Hacker's Verdict: GUILTY

Today the verdict of the young 'man' who hacked into Sarah Palin's computer and spread all her private stuff over the internet was found guilty of obstructing justice. There is one count the jury is having difficulty with, and that one is identity theft. They are deadlocked on it, so far.

The charge he has been convicted of carries a 20 year sentence and a $250,000 fine. This is for those who think that computer crimes are not that significant. Beware. Do not do it.

Below is coverage of this verdict with a stupid commercial first. Sorry, I couldn't get rid of the commercial. For those who are happy, remember this verdict when the shoe is on the other foot. For those find this too harsh, then don't do it, and you won't have to worry about it. For those on the Left, remember this the next time your boss asks you to hack into someone on the right. We are watching for all hackers, Left and Right. It is wrong to hack into something that does not belong to you. That's all.

Here is the link in case the video doesn't work.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

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