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Monday, September 27, 2004

Good news from Iraq, Part 11-Mr. Chrenkoff

I have some good news! Arthur Chrenkoff has written his Good News from Iraq, Part 11. It is dated September 27, 2004. (You have to scroll down to find it.) I am sure you will enjoy reading some REAL news for a change! Peace be with you always.

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Heavy Hearted

I come to you with a heavy heart today. I have just been reading news from Radio Free Asia. There is an Australian woman who needs the world to hear her story of torture in China. Are we really going to have the Olympics there? Wait until you read her story, and you tell me if you want to take that risk.

In Thailand, over 2,000 people were rounded up. They were promised they could find refuge in America, but the Thai gov't. has decided that it was time to deport them back to Laos.

Another story of my interest is that of the Burmese Opposition Youths seeking signatures on a petition for Democracy. Aung San Suu Kyi is still under house arrest, although she was supposed to be released in April of 2004. The UN is doing nothing. Again.

UPDATE: The youths have been arrested. Thanks for all of your help. *tears*

Speaking of the UN, it is the UN that has been in the way of Progress in Iraq. I am very angered about this. They steal Iraqi money, they demand Iraqi have soveignty, they demand and demand...and what? Now Kofi Annan says that the war was illegal. Oh yeah? Freeing people is illegal? Stopping rape and torture is illegal? Stop mass graves is illegal? Helping people to fight for their liberty is illegal? Kofi, get the hell off my property! You disgrace NYC. You walk around and have your fancy "talks" that do nothing. You let genocide occur, not once but several times! You don't want anyone to act. Well let my tell you something, Mr Annan, from a New Yorker...I don't need your permission to do what is right. You are not God, and you certainly are not my father! Now get lost.

Peace out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Good news from Iraq, Part 10-Mr. Chrenkoff

Mr. Chrenkoff has written another article about the good things that are happening in Iraq. Good job for him! I would like to credit Omar from Iraq the Model for the news story. Thank you.

Sites I Visit

There are many sites I visit each day, so if I forget to mention yours, please let me know so I may include it.

Techography, Real Clear Politics, Iraq the Future, Live from Dallas, Dagney's Rant, Iraq the Model, Radio Free Asia, The Kommentariat, Pawigo View, Pakistani Daily Times, Arab News, East African News, Washington Times, Fox News and I try to peek at the Opinion Journal.

Now, you may ask if I have the time to read all of these papers in one day? Of course not! But I try to read most of them within one week, since the news may not change. I also like to read an Australian paper, but I have to get the link. Oh yes, how could I forget Tim Blair! And you wonder why I am going nuts? Too much information, ma'am!

Iraq the Model, Iraq the Future, Techography, DagneyT., The Kommentariat, Pawigoview, Milblogs, and many of the blogs that leave their homepage in the comment area of the blogs I leave comments! I am writing for 3 blogs right now. I have so much to say, I don't find it difficult. The only thing that worries me is I don't wish to unknowingly offend someone due to cultural differences.

That is why I believe it is a very good opportunity to write for Iraq the Future. At least there, I can learn so much. We, the people, make the world go 'round. It is not the papers that do not give us the truth. If I ever say anything that is not true, please, bring it to my attention so I can correct it immediatly. I would rather be corrected, than live my life believing something false.

Well, thanks everyone. I hope we have a grand time. Let me know what you are interested in, so that I may research it for you. Even if it is just one person, you have value. God bless us all.

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Imagine That!

This is am amazing story about a young lady by the name of Kathleen. I highly recommend this story, to give you the other side of our soldiers from over 35 years ago. I am not going to spoil it for you but if you have a heart, you will enjoy it. It brought tears of pride and joy to my eyes. Go in peace.

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Monday, September 13, 2004

AP Reports on nuclear weapons

This is an article I found to be of great concern. This is the difference between talking and action, the UN and the US, death and life, Kerry and Bush. Which do you prefer?
U.S. Wants Iran to Go Before U.N. Council

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - ...U.N. atomic watchdog send Iran before the U.N. Security Council for refusing to freeze... nuclear weapons.

...Oct. 31 deadline....meant to force Iran to dispel all suspicions...of making nuclear arms in violation of treaty commitments.

...demands "complete, immediate and unrestricted access" to all sites and information...probe into Iran's nearly 2-decade-long clandestine nuclear program. end nuclear programs...(of the) production of atomic weapons, such as uranium enrichment.

...complete list of nuclear materials and know-how it imported, along with the black market suppliers, and the "immediate suspension" of all uranium reprocessing and activities related to uranium enrichment.(...)

...not directly threaten to refer Iran to the Security Council, ...Oct. 31 deadline would make clear...if Iran failed...


An explosion in North Korea last week that produced a 2-mile-wide mushroom cloud...a Bush administration official said there were indications the North is trying to conduct a test. ...
A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, ...seeking the support of other governments to bring Iran to the Security Council, where it would face possible sanctions. ...

The European Union, long opposed to such a move, appeared to be inching toward Washington's position...

...Russia, however, said it opposed sending the Iranian matter to the Security Council at this point.

Fischer, Barnier and 23 other EU ministers meeting in Brussels, Belgium, had hoped Iran would compromise. ...Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said his country would not halt uranium enrichment. ...Iran could guarantee it was not seeking nuclear arms, an assurance the United States and its allies have dismissed as inadequate. ...
I have left out some of the article due to ethical reasons, however these are serious times. We must remain delicately diplomatic while always on the ready. This is one job I don't believe I would ever want, but a job that I admire the person who does it. And does it well.

Amiss all the things that I don't agree with President Bush, I don't see how I could not vote for him. He has led, he has lifted us up from the ashes of September 11, 2001, and he has freed over 50 million people. I don't believe he is about to stop there.

Iran is demonstrating for freedom, when they are not getting murdered or jailed by the Mullahs. North Koreans are eating bark off trees, because they have no food while their nut of a dictator sips liquor and loves all things western. They are trying to escape, even though the penalty for escaping is the gulag, or if they are lucky, death. So I have heard.

There are so many countries that are run by dictators, and if we put them in power-it is our responsibility to take them out. People all over the world are looking to us. To America. The USA. We are their shining city on a hill. Let us not them down by voting for Kerry or listening to the whiney French. We must think beyond ourselves and our pocketbooks. Let us not be so selfish. Thank you, and may His peace be with you always.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004


Today is the first Sunday of American Football, and I am so excited! It seems like I have waited forever! Speaking of football, I would like to extend my sincere pride for the Iraqi Football Team. You not only made it to the Olympics, you did very well. You are now 4th in the world! That is nothing to shake a stick at (that means=very good job!) Well, I have to go watch the game now. I'll write later! Peace be with you.

Friday, September 10, 2004

MSM v. Bloggers

Now, now. Do not be dismayed. I can hear the gnashing of teeth all the way over here in CA! Do not be dismayed. What we are witnessing is the blowing up of the MSM (Main stream media.) Do you honestly believe that even middle of the road persons will believe the "news" they receive? I do not. The hard left I am not worried about, because they will not change anyway. Let us begin with some other aspects of CBS.

On May 15, CBS led the charge that the CIA should have known about the planes flying into a building, ergo President Bush should have known. They spewed out a litany of events that have occured or been attempted since 1994. Now, let me ask you...who was in office for the 6 years since this intelligence was received? Hmmm. Second, how did CBS get their hands on the PDP? (Presidential Daily Briefing) The next day Tom Dascle, Hillary Clinton, and another person came to the well of the Senate demanding answers. My my. How could you organize such an attack unless you had prior knowledge? How can we find who gave highly classified information to CBS? Look to who protesteth the loudest!

It was the blogosphere that first noticed that CBS may have been handed a forgery for it's show Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2004. We contacted CBS, a few people that are expert in the field of handwriting-to determine authenticity, and questioned the daughter and son of the Kerry supporter who made the commercial and the claim that he helped get President Bush into the ANG (Air Nat'l Guard.) First, he claims he used his influence. Okay, but he had no influence because he didn't become Governor until AFTER President Bush was already in the ANG. Second, he has always been a Democrat. Third, he is working for John Kerry and has been promised a position in his cabinet! Well, I won't go into any more, because it isn't necessary.

Bloggers Rule! Writers without credit are being credited for opening many doors to the unholy rail of news. We are making a difference, so don't be discouraged. Even if 1 person reads your blog, you may point that person in the correct direction. I suggest everyone research on their own. Go to Mudville Gazette (please give a couple of dollars for equipment needed so he can continue to blog as he goes to defend America), Drudge Report, Instapundit, The Kommentariat (Milblog), Washington Times, Opinion Journal, Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt and many others. They have more information than I, since I try to give a different take on a story. I want to encourage you.

We do make a difference. We do prove that a crime has been committed, when no one else is paying attention, and we make the MSM stand up and pay attention! I'd say that's enough for all of you to give yourselves a big pat on the back! Thank you, and God bless and keep your families, you, the USA's Military, and the USA! And God, please let the gun ban fall through the cracks! Sorry, just had to throw that in there! It's up Monday!!! YEAAHHH!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Thanks Mike

I would like to give some credit to Micheal O. for bringing to my attention that the link in my Atlanta, GA story was not working. I have fixed it. Thank you.

Working on blogs, AARRRGGGG!

As you may have noticed, I have been trying to make my site look more presentable. HA! It doesn't help that I don't know what I'm doing, but come on! I did it before, so what is different now? I was trying to put an Iraqi "Support the Pro-Demacracy Party!" button in my template, and that is what got the whole thing started! Oh well. I hope you can still read it. I will be writing an article on the holocaust-in Iraq, and the mass graves deserves an article, also. Well, everyone have a blessed day, and I'll see ya in passing!

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Monday, September 6, 2004


It's game time! Yippie! I can't believe it has finally arrived! Well, let's not keep us waiting. The first game is on Thursay, so don't miss it! As usual, you can get all the results at the NFL official website.

Thursday, September 9, 2004.

*IND: 24 vs. NE: 27.

Sunday, September 12, 2004 1 pm EST

*OAK 21 vs. ARI: 10; TB 10 vs. JAC 13; DET 20 vs. *BAL 3; PIT 24 vs. STL 17; *WAS 16 vs. BUF 10; *CHI 16 vs. CLE 20; SD 27 vs. TEN 17; *SEA vs. 21; CIN 24; HOU 20 vs. *MIA 7; NO 7 vs. *NYJ 31.

4:15 pm EST

DAL 17 vs. NYG 17; ATL 21 vs. KC 24; *MIN 35 vs. *PHI 31; *SF 19 vs. *DEN 34.

Monday, September 13, 2004

*GB 24 vs. CAR 27.

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Sunday, September 5, 2004

Deserter or kidnappee? You Decide

Charles Robert Jenkins, Sergeant, US Army, has agreed to turn himself in after having been missing since 1965. His wife, Hitomi Soga (Japanese), was kidnapped in 1978 by North Korea to train spies in culture and language. She was finally allowed to return home in 2002, but her husband and 2 daughters had to wait until May. This happened after a visit from Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to N. Korea for a summit. They were reunited in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is now in the hospital, but the information did not say why.

He will use as his defense the "fact" that he was kidnapped. He allegedly tried to escape in 1966, but was unsuccessful. He claims he had to cooperate with the North Koreans to avoid death. He is willing to share techniques and information about the N. Korean government. This is mostly the story, but to verify the veracity of my facts, please feel free to check with Radio Free Asia. The titles of the two articles are "U.S. 'Defector' to North Korea Reunited with Wife" and "1965 US Army Deserter Tells Of Life In North Korea."

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Failure or Limitations

I don't believe I am capable of responding to the 3 attacks on the Russian people rationally. My anger will not allow me to "just give the facts." I am angry. I know that many people who stood in our way to fight terrorism are now being threatened. Do I hold it against them? Sort of. Will I be upset if they ask for help? No.

I have given this much thought, and the right thing to do is fight this war. This is not a time for revenge. How could I look into the eyes of one of those poor children and say no? I think we should take out Iran, Syria, Sudan, China-if they don't stop shipping the escaped N. Koreans back to hell, North Korea, and whoever else wants to side with the Axis of Evil. The time has come to make some very tough decisions.

It is also time to arrest and deport anyone who is not here legally and those who want to protest. They are not peaceful, they spit on our Military and are also terrorists. Geez, do ya think, maybe, a terrorist would have a hard time slipping into one of these groups? Many of these groups support Communism. Do you really want to fight Fascism and Communism on our shores again? I don't and won't. I vote to throw the bums out!

See? This is why I cannot write rationally. I am grateful that I am able to distinguish my limitations without that meaning that I am a failure

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Saturday, September 4, 2004

Islamofascists murder over 340

I have been struggling with how to write this article and what to say. Obviously, my prayers and thoughts go out to the people directly affected and those indirectly affected. I am so angry and sad. If good reporters are not supposed to feel anything, then I guess I will never be a good reporter. I haven't been able to write until I had to, to keep from...!

Some women (and I suspect men) Muslims took over a school Tuesday, August 31, 2004. They murdered most of the people and children. This was not about negotiating, revenge, liberation, or Putin. This happened because we are in WWIV, and people had better wake up to that fact. Today. Do you remember the bombing in Bali? Well, that isn't America, so I guess that doesn't include us, huh? How about on a train in Spain, Casa Blanca, Russia, Sudan, Kenya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, England, Australia, Italy, Greece, and on and on? Well, that isn't on American soil, so I guess it doesn't really matter, right? THIS SOUNDS LIKE 1936, '37, '38, '39, '40, AND 41!!! Don't be so ignorant! It makes me want to cry. I thought we learned that genocide would never happen again, and yet it is happening. You are the ones who want to let it happen. You would have gotten along well with Hitler.

What keeps coming back to me is this: Have you forgotten? We used to have Twin Towers in NYC. We had to repair the Pentagon, and a plane went down in a field in PA because some brave men gave their lives that we might live. Do you really want to spit in their face? Are you that brave? I call you cowards. You don't want to fight because you either blame America or you are a communist. Either way, I would, at this point in time, put you all in a pile and make sure that the next attack happened precisely where you were. Ideally, I pray there is no attack, but you who don't care-really make me mad.

Oh, you have your little sayings: We support the troops but hate the war, No blood for oil, It's the economy stupid. This is Bush' war, etc. Let me answer these for you. You cannot support the troops without supporting the mission. It is impossible. You depress them, and they are dying for you. Is that how you show your appreciation, you selfish childish people!

No blood for oil. Okay. Start walking and turn your heat/air conditioner off. No? Then shut the hell up. We pay for everything we use, unlike some of the parasites that live among us.

So, you believe that the economy is the most important issue? Have you ever heard the expression: "You can't take it with you?" What good is money if you're dead. Tell me! Now! I want to know! Can't find a job? Join the Armed Forces that you support so damn much. What? You are too afraid? Don't worry, not everyone is cut out to be the best.

This is Bush' war? President Bush doesn't live in all these other places, so it couldn't be that. He was only in office 7 months when we were attacked for the third time on our soil. Third, you say? Do you remember Oklahoma City? Yes. Third. Forth if you want to count TWA flight 800. So, are you saying Bush asked for this war? You are a lunatic, and I will leave you to your own demise. Do you think he is going places he shouldn't go? That is a discussion that could be had, except we are already there.

I seem to remember many on the left clamoring about connecting the dots. Well, he did, and Saddam was smack dab in the middle of it all. He (Saddam) paid terrorists. He harbored terrorists. He used chemical weapons against his own people. He had rape rooms, murdered or sent to die over 2 MILLION people. Are those enough dots for you? He was sending people here. Do you remember the first attack on the TWC? Where do you think the passport was from? Where did he go when he left NY? That is correct, Iraq. This is all known and documented. Get off the talking points, and my nerves, and RESEARCH.

I did not mean to go off on people with which I disagree, but you must understand: They declared war against us. It is up to us if we are up to the challenge or if we will rot in hell because we did nothing, as was the case until 1941. I vote to move forward and kick ass.

Please excuse my language. I am angry and I don't have time for all these stupid idiot picketers. I didn't even mean to bring them up, but when I get in front of the "typewriter," I rarely know what will come up! I just hope it is good. Something good has to come out of this senseless murderous week. For every person murdered, we take out a whole city and leave them with a wasteland. I wish I could have a guarantee that only terrorists would be there at the time. I have made friends over in Iraq, and I want none of them harmed. Oh damn. Now what? And this is what the enemy knows.

Yeah, have a good day. Oh, and by the way, you might want to say a prayer for the people in Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sudan, Kenya, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, Poland, England, Australia, Netherlands, etc. My God, and people don't see this is a world war?

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I have written an article about 19 North Koreans that managed to escape and fled to a Japanese school in China, from where they were transported to the Japanese Embassy. The correct number of people and children is 29.

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Thursday, September 2, 2004

Pre-season game: week 4

This is the final pre-season game before opening season! I learned that each team has a radio version of their game that you can purchase for $9.99 per month. I wonder; do I get a refund if most of the games I listen to are playing each other?! That would by like double play, double pay! Well, here is the line-up for this week. They will only be playing Thursday and Friday. You can always get more information at the NFL scoreboard.

Thursday, September 2, 2004.

CAR 16
*PIT 13

*JAC 31
NE 0

BAL 27
*NYG 17

*BUF 17
DET 20

*TB 17

*KC 20
BAL 24

MIN 21
*SEA 23

*ARI 33
DEN 21

STL 24
*OAK 28

*SD 31
SF 16

Friday, September 3, 2004
*PHI 27
NYJ 28

*WAS 27

*IND 13
CIN 16

MIA 20
*NO 19

*GB 7
*TEN 27

*CHI 10
CLE 24

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Hopeful News for 29 N. Koreans

Being born in N. Korea is like being born in a death camp. North Korea is one of the few communist states left in the world. There are "work camps" which are where you go if you get caught trying to escape. Many people die in these camps from starvation, beatings, and disease. Does the UN know of these conditions? Of course they do. The difference is that N. Korea is not the USA. Over 2 MILLION people have already died in the past decade. It seems the only countries fashionable to condemn are the United States of America and Isreal.

Today I have learned learned that 29 North Koreans were succussful in escaping to a Japanese school. From there, they were taken to the Japanese Embassy. You see, many embassies will turn the N. Koreans over to the Chinese government, which in turn repratriates them to N. Korea. Most of the time, the penalty for escaping is death. The Chinese are signatories to the refugee act in the UN. Again, we see the failings. They are never condemned for this treatment. Knowing that someone is going to face certain death is reason to grant refugee status. We must speak out for the over 300,000 hiding in the streets of China waiting for an opportunity to make it to South Korea.

South Korea does not have a good record, either. They do not want many N. Koreans to come to thier country. In their defense, they may be worried about spies for N. Korea. Otherwise, I see no reason why they should turn away children. To read more on this subject, go to RFA. [Link is broken/missing.]

You will find many stories about the Asian countries. This group is funded by the USA, and we are trying to find out what is going on in a closed society. I highly recommend this site.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Atlanta, GA: Protest of corruption denied to many

An AP story reported on Aug. 31, 2004, from Atlanta, GA, a story about a young man who was killed in his jail cell. He went to the court house to petition for a permit to go to the Capitol (of Georgia) to seek redress and justice. Their land had been confiscated and given to developers with the highest bid.

Appently, in front of 1000 fellow petitioners who witnessed the judge's policemen, Hakim Smith was beaten and while in police custady he was poisoned. He was also found to have rope marks around his neck.

In the recent past, 10,000 people were planning to demonstrate (against corruption) in front of the Capitol (of Georgia,) but they were turned away. Some of them, the "leaders," were arrested and no one has heard from them since that day.

Do you believe that corruption by City Officials could happen in America? How about police brutality? Even people disappearing? Does this bother you, make you angry, or you just don't care--until it happens to you? What if there is no one left to defend, stand up, and speak out for your uncaring retentive self?

Now that I have awoken, hopefully, your blood juices, please read China's have-nots throw themselves into the struggle for justice.

Hong Kong, Aug. 31, 2004--Beatings, deaths in police custody, and regular harassment and detention are increasinglyfamiliar for China's growing army of disenfranchised people seeking redress for offical wronddoing.

The rest of the story you will find in the link I have provided above. They are planning to go to Tienanmen Square-again. Is democracy (representative rebublic) so precious to you that you are unwilling to share it? They reached out to us before, and we answered the only way we could. We cut off trade, we refused to buy their products, and our officials would not go there. Bill Clinton changed that. He is the one that thought it would be okay to deal with these murderers. They are commies, and don't you ever forget what that means. The state owns you, and you are nothing. If you like that, either move to China, or vote DemocratHong Kong, Aug. 31, 2004--Beatings, deaths in police custody, and regular harassment and detention are increasinglyfamiliar for China's growing army of disenfranchised people seeking redress for offical wronddoing.

The rest of the story you will find in the link I have provided above. They are planning to go to Tienanmen Square-again. Is democracy (representative rebublic) so precious to you that you are unwilling to share it? They reached out to us before, and we answered the only way we could. We cut off trade, we refused to buy their products, and our officials would not go there. Bill Clinton changed that. He is the one that thought it would be okay to deal with these murderers. They are commies, and don't you ever forget what that means. The state owns you, and you are nothing. If you like that, either move to China, or vote Democrat.

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