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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Collection of My Links Jan.-Mar.

Maybe some of you will understand what I'm doing. Maybe some of you won't. That's okay. You see, I've already lost 27 post-addresses (which I shall retrieve from my archives), because I am only allowed to view and work on the last 300. For this reason, I am going to pull the posts from the DoD Daily News over to this site.

I am just going put their links here, so it shouldn't take up that much room.
New Counter. Mon, Jan. 9, 2006.
War on Terror Update Tue, Jan. 10, 2006.
Links to CounterTerrorismBlog.
War on Terror Update Part 2 1/10/2006.
Links-Newest to CounterTerrorismBlog.
ASY from Coast to Coast and Across the Ocean 1/10/2006.
Links to ASY.
Kabul People Support the Removing of Security Barriers 1/10/2006.
Afghan Warrior.
UN Realizes Iran to Make Nuclear Bomb 1/10/2006.
Daily Briefing on Iran.
*New link for Daily Briefing on Iran.
Is the OBL-itch Dead? 1/10/2006.
Link to Daily Briefing on Iran.
NSA Russell Tice Was FIRED in May 2005 Wed, Jan. 11, 2006.
Link to ABC News investigation.
The Thai Insurgency: Two Years On Thu. Jan. 12, 2006.
Link to CounterTerrorismBlog's 'The Thai Insurgency'.
Article of Concern 1/12/2006. (DoD Daily News)
Coallition Bulletin Fri, 1/13/2006. (DoD Daily News)
Link to CENTCOM.
My Money's on Iraqis: al Qaeda v. Iraqis Mon, Jan. 16, 2006.
Iraq the Model: Dispute over Federalism resurfaces.
Defend America Link. Wed. 1/18/2006. (DoD Daily News)
Facts: Plots, Casings and Infilitrations 1/18/2006. (DoD Daily News)
Links to the White House.
Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service 1/18/2006.
Links to Blackfive.
So You Want to Deal, OBL? Die! Thu, Jan. 19, 2006.
Links to CounterTerrorismBlog.
No Truce with al-Qaida or Osama bin Laden Possible, Cheney Says Fri, Jan. 20, 2006.
Links to US
I'm So Excited About Sunday Night! Sat, Jan. 21, 2006.
Links to Pundit Review.
Camp Katrina is Spreading His Wings Sun, Jan. 22, 2006.
Links to Camp Katrina.
Joel Stein VERSUS the USA Military Tue, Jan. 24, 2006.
Links to the LA Times.
NGAUS Legislative Alert Sat, Jan. 28, 2006.
Links to NGAUS.
Breaking News: Two Newsmen Injured in Iraq Sun, Jan. 29, 2006.
Links to AP.
Now we have February:
Camp Katrina Spreads It's WingsFri, Feb. 3, 2006.
Links to Camp Katrina.
Michael Yon Won the Victory! Sat, Feb. 4, 2006.
Links to Pundit Review.
Armed Forces Service Center, Minneapolis - St Paul does not support retirees. 2/4/2006.
SuperBowl XL Sun, 2/5/2006.
Links to
MVP: Pittsburgh's Hines Ward Mon. 2/6/2006.
Links to
News from CENTCOM Wed. 2/8/2006.
Now for the rest of the story... 2/8/2006.
News from Iran Thu. 2/9/2006.
President Bush Speaks at NGAUS Today 2/9/2006.
Cpt. Ed on Pundit Review Radio Tonight! Sun. 2/12/2006.
Links to Pundit Review.
Iran's Call for England to Leave Iraq Angers Iraqis Sat. 2/18/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
Ramblings of a Wandering Coyote Sun. 2/19/2006.
Iraq's Long Term Strategy: Join NATO Mon. 2/20/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
The Truth About Iraq Sat. 2/25/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
Daily Briefing on Iran Sun. 2/26/2006.
Doing Well Mon. 2/27/2006.
Links to Centcom.
Afghanis and Animals See Doctor 2/27/2006.
Links to Centcom.
Army Corps of Engineers Finish in Diwaniyah Province 2/27/2006.
Links to Centcom.
Organizers of Protests 2/27/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
What do the Taliban and Yale have in common? Tue. 2/28/2006.
Links to the Opinion Journal.
And here is March:
President Bush Visits MacDill Air Force Base. Wed. 3/1/2006.
America Supports You. Thu. 3/2/2006.
NewsMax Exclusive: Gary Sinise Salutes Troops 3/2/2006.
Celebrate the Life and Honor the Memory of a Fallen Hero 3/2/2006.
Links to Save the
Council Discusses the Future of Rawah Fri. 3/3/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
NGAUS Legislative Update 3/3/2006.
Nations Gather in Atlanta for Symposium Sat. 3/4/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
Iraqi Army Medics Install Confidence in Locals 3/4/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
Should the Axis of Evil Extend to Chavez? Sun. 3/5/2006.
Links to
It's Unanimous...SCOTUS Rules for ROTC Mon. 3/6/2006.
Links to AP.
Sunshine from Afghanistan Wed. 3/8/2006.
Rumsfeld Visit Surprises Wounded Troops Fri. 3/10/2006.
Two Stories, Two Countries, One Goal 3/10/2006.
US Navy Retires their F-14 'Tomcats". 3/10/2006.
A Century's Defining Moment Sun. 3/12/2006.
Links to Pittsburgh Live.
French Civil War Under Reported 3/12/2006.
Links to CounterTerrorismBlog.
DNI, not Bush, determines what you need to know Mon. 3/13/2006.
Links to the Weekly Standard.
Nassrollah and Sadr in Tehran Tue. 3/14/2006.
Links to RoozOnline.
CENTCOM Adds 'Annual Statement on Posture' Thu. 3/16/2006.
Links to Centcom.
An Iraqi Letter You Should Read Fri. 3/17/2006.
Links to The Online Chaplain.
National Guard Legislation 3/17/2006.
Cache Found in Soccer Field Sat. 3/18/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
Iraqi Army Provides Free Clinic 3/18/2006.
Links to DVIDSHub.
The Life and Times of Saddam 3/18/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
Navy Returns Fire on Suspected Pirates 3/18/2006.
Links to The Bos'un Locker.
Citizen Reporter Michael Yon Speaks on Iraq Sun. 3/19/2006.
CENTCOM: Week in Review 3/20/2006.
USS Reagan rendering honors USS Arizona. 3/20/2006.
Iraq: The Middle East Model 3/20/2006.
Links to Iraq the Model.
New CVN 21 design: Northrop Grumman. Mon. 3/21/2006.
Bush: Sept. 11 Lessons Still Relevant in War on Terror Tue. 3/22/2006.
Links to
NGAUS Legislative Update 24 March 2006 Thu. 3/24/2006.
Links to NGAUS.
NGEF & NGAUS Work Toward New Exhibit 3/24.
Iraqi Army Soldiers Find Multiple Weapons Caches 3/24.
Links to Centcom.
Spirit of America Honored by President Bush 3/24.
What Casey Sheehan Died For Fri. 3/25.
The Burning Situation of Belarus. Sun. 3/26.
Marines Can't Use Political Armor Mon. 3/27.
Links to Yahoo News.
The 'USA Raid' 3/27.
Links to Iraq the Model.
A Soldier's Diary Tue. 3/28.
Links to Big Dog.
Christian Reporter Jill Carroll Free! Fri. 3/31.
Links to
Army Bans 'Non-Issue' Armor. 3/31.
USA Cuts ALL Aid to Terrorist Hamas. 3/31.
Well. I screwed up. I have to go back and get the other posts. lol. I would say, "I'll be back", but I'm pretty ticked off at Arnold. What else is new?

Okay. I will admit it. I had no idea there was this much work put into this site. After all, I was rewriting the Bible, writing in my site, editing and writing for a newspaper, and writing for a couple other groups. I think I am going to faint, but I WON'T! Not as long as our men and women are in harms way. This is the very least I can do. :)

I am, however, going to end this post here. I will start the next post with my links from April forward. I will have to see how many posts are there to determine how many months will go into it. Have a great day!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Legislative Update 8/25/2006

Congress’ Returns to Unfinished Business.

When the House of Representatives and the Senate returns to work on September 5, members will have plenty of unfinished business to address. Though conferees have not been named on the House side for the Authorization bill, unofficially conference continues in earnest to complete work on a final compromise bill before the Oct. 6th targeted adjournment. The Appropriations bill is also behind schedule with the Senate expected to resume debate on the Defense Appropriations bill before the measure moves on to conference.

Though Congress is expected to adjourn on or around the October 6th deadline, that does not mean that work will be completed. As it is an election season, both parties will be trying to score political points before the November election. And with polls suggesting a possible change in leadership in either chamber, work on critical legislation may be put on hold until after the election. With the session in its final weeks, now is the time to take action! Your Member of Congress is at home in your district campaigning for the fall elections. Make a point to call or visit their local offices and urge support of National Guard issues. In the following section, NGAUS Alerts, you can find several of the top issues that NGAUS is working on Capitol Hill. Check it out and take action!

NGAUS Alerts.

NGAUS has issued several legislative alerts throughout the past several weeks in an effort to keep pressure on Congress to support Guard related issues. Each legislative alert is posted on the NGAUS website ( and includes directions on actions that you can take as well as letters that you can email, mail, or fax to your member of Congress.

Alert # 06-18: National Defense Enhancement and National Guard Empowerment Act of 2006.

Within the Senate version of the Authorization bill, legislation is included that would elevate the Chief of the Guard Bureau to a four-star position, would designate the Deputy Commander at NORTHCOM a Guard member, and establishes Guard service as a joint service. These provisions were added as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill, which is currently in conference between the House and Senate. Contact your member of Congress and ask that this legislation be included in the final version of the Authorization Bill. It is imperative that the Guard have a seat at the table to impact decisions on behalf of the Army and Air National Guard.

Alert # 06-16: TRICARE.

The House version of the Authorization bill contains a measure that would enhance TRICARE access to all members of the National Guard. The provision would set a Guard members a premium cost-share of 28 percent while the Department of Defense would pay 72 percent of the premium regardless of duty status. Urge your Senator to support this language and keep it in the final bill.

Alert #06-13: Section 511 of the Defense Authorization Bill.

Another item included within H.R. 5122, the House version of the defense authorization bill, is a provision that would allow the President to federalize National Guard members during a “serious natural or man-made disaster, accident or catastrophe that occurs in the United States, its territories and possessions, or Puerto Rico,” without prior consultation with the governor. This would allow the federal government to control National Guard members during times when governors will need those troops most, thereby negating the inherent line of authority from governor to adjutant general to individual Army and Air National Guard members. The National Guard Association of the United States is strongly opposed to Section 511 of H.R. 5122. Conference committee members should be made aware of the dangerous precedent set by section 511 of H.R. 5122 and be asked to oppose it.

Alert #06-12: Joint Cargo Aircraft.

The House version of the Authorization bill includes funding for the Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) program while the Senate does not. NGAUS supports the House language that funds JCA. As you know, the Army National Guard is scheduled to field the JCA to replace aging and lesser performing C-23 and C-26 aircraft. The National Guard Bureau is also promoting the JCA as a follow-on mission for Air National Guard wings that will lose aircraft as a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). When not deployed in support of the Global War on Terror or other contingencies, these aircraft will be available for state missions such as disaster response and homeland security needs. This system is critical for states and units around the country who have need for this capability. Write your member of Congress on this important issue.

NGAUS Task Forces.
NGAUS has established Task Forces as a mechanism to provide advice and expertise to the NGAUS legislative staff in development of legislative priorities based on the resolutions that are passed each year at the annual conference. Task Forces will be meeting at the 128th NGAUS General Conference in Albuquerque on Sunday, September 17 at 1300 hours. If you are interested in attending a task force meeting, let us know! NGAUS has eleven Task Forces and they are listed below:

Joint Task Forces.
Medical Task Force

Army Task Forces.
Fire Support Task Force
Combat Vehicle Task Force
Combat Support/Combat Service Support Task Force
Army Aviation Task Force
C4I Task Force
Engineer Task Force

Air Task Forces.
Fighter Task Force
C4I Task Force

The Task Forces are comprised of Chairs and Vice Chairs and are expected to meet two times a year. NGAUS is seeking interested volunteers to serve on the Task Forces. If you are interested, contact the NGAUS legislative staff or contact the Task Force Chairs listed on our website.

“We Serve”

Providing NGAUS members with effective and knowledgeable representation on Capitol Hill.

Published by the NGAUS Legislative Staff:

Brig Gen (ret) Richard M. Green, Legislative Director
Scott Hommel, Deputy Director
Michele Traficante, Joint Programs
Chris DeBatt, Army Programs
Andy Vanlandingham, Air Programs
Bernie Phelps, Senior Legislative Analyst
Emily Breitbach, Legislative Analyst

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NGAUS Notes: Aug. 25, 2006

NGAUS General Conference Business Agenda Set for Albuquerque

Elected officials, cabinet-level secretaries, a service secretary and senior commanders headline the list of those speaking at the 128th NGAUS General Conference and Exhibition, Sept. 15 to 18, in Albuquerque, N.M. Among those accepting speaking invitations are New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and Secretary of Veterans Affairs R. James Nicholson. All three will address the conference's Third Business Session, Sept. 18. Speakers in the First Business Session Sept. 16 include Gen. Ronald E. Keys, Air Force Air Command commander, and Lt. Gen. H Steven Blum, National Guard Bureau chief. The opening session will also feature New Mexico cultural presentations, the Roll Call of States and some special welcomes from local elected officials. Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey and Gen. Duncan McNabb, Air Force Air Mobility Command commander, headline presentations in the Second Business Session Sept. 17.

The Army and Air separate sessions Sept. 18 are also attracting prominent speakers. They include Lt. Gen. Clyde Vaughn, Army Guard director, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, First U.S. Army commander, Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz, Army Reserve chief, Gen. Bruce Carlson, Air Force Materiel Command commander, and Lt. Gen. Craig McKinley, Air Guard director. Speakers are expected to reflect on this year's conference theme: National Guard: Pathway to America's Defense. A complete conference agenda is available at As always, the agenda is subject to change, most notably from world and domestic events. Last year, the response to Hurricane Katrina dramatically altered the availability of several defense leaders.
Health Policy Benefits Deployed Guardsmen and Civilians

Senior Defense Department officials said Aug. 23 that DoD civilians and contractors who are deployed overseas are to be included in military health protection measures as part of a new policy, "Deployment Health," DoD Instruction 6490.03. National Guard and Reserve members also are included in the new deployment health policy, said Ellen P. Embrey, deputy assistant secretary of defense for force health protection and readiness. The policy leverages technological advances like electronic medical recordkeeping in the quest to improve the quality of military healthcare, added Dr. William J. Winkenwerder Jr., assistant secretary of defense for health affairs. The new policy specifies mandatory post-deployment health reassessments across the services and updates health care policies for overseas deployments. It also improves the capability of computerized records to keep track of localized health trends among deployed service members, defense civilians and contractors. Use of pre- and post-deployment health assessments and the implementation of globally transmittable electronic health care records are making a major impact on preventing, identifying and treating health care problems for deployed service members, Dr. Winkenwerder said. The new policy's intent is to document the deployed reserve-component members' health care information while they're on active duty, Ms. Embrey said. After they depart active-duty status, reserve-component members can work with the Department of Veterans Affairs to address post-deployment health care concerns, she said. The VA provides health care for veterans of combat operations for up to two years following their deployment, according to Ms. Embrey.
Real Estate Company Provides Opportunity for Military Spouses

International realty company RE/MAX announced the launch of a new program, "Operation RE/MAX" Aug. 14, which assists military spouses in developing careers in real estate. RE/MAX personnel are examining the program's needs and services, and explaining it at military installation's career fairs around the country. The company's vice president of training, LaVerne Bintner, said they began discussing the idea with the Department of Defense nearly a year ago. "They have determined that offering career opportunities for spouses may help accomplish one of their highest priorities - retention of quality military personnel." Local real estate license training schools are handling license preparation for spouses participating in "Operation RE/MAX." Spouses can take advanced sales training courses via the RE/MAX Satellite Network.

A recent American National Standards Institute survey indicated real estate as one of the top five careers suited for military spouses, due to its shorter educational and licensing period as well as high-income potential and portability. Other career paths recommended to military spouses include paralegal, nursing, dental assistant/technician, and teaching. "RE/MAX is an ideal career field for military spouses because of our focus on technology, including the RE/MAX Satellite Network, our brand reputation and our extensive network of offices and agents around the world," Mr. Bintner said.

Spouses who would like to more information should contact the Spouse Employment Office or Family Center at their military installation. They also can visit or send inquiries to
NGAUS Seeks Deputy Legislative Director

NGAUS is looking for a deputy director of legislative programs. The candidate will be responsible for assisting legislative director in the daily operations and execution of legislative agenda. Duties include direct lobbying, strategy development and implementation, conducting and overseeing administrative duties and assisting in staff management. The successful candidate will have three to five years of legislative and/or political experience and a strong knowledge of the defense community. The candidate must have a bachelor's degree, preferably in political science and government affairs. Strong advocacy and communication skills are a must; experience in legislative campaign project development and the ability to supervise personnel and lobbying efforts are also required.

Closing Date: September 15, 2006.

Send cover letter and resume to:
National Guard Association of the United States
Legislative Director
One Massachusetts Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001.
You can also send a resume and cover letter via e-mail to: Richard Green.
This Week in Guard History

August 26, 1969: In Lia Khe, Vietnam, New Hampshire's 3rd Battalion, 197th Artillery suffers its highest loss of life when a truck carrying soldiers is blown up by a landmine less than two weeks before the unit was scheduled to return home.

Five men, all Guardsmen from Manchester's Battery A, are immediately killed. The shock wave to hit the city was devastating. These deaths brought to six the total number of Guard members from the battalion killed in action.

A bronze plaque now stands in front of the Manchester Armory to their memory.
NGAUS History

"One cannot serve in the position of high responsibility in a national organization such as ours without learning a great deal. "Certainly, I am no exception to that. Particularly in the area of legislation I have learned that one must have patience because the legislative process is a mill, which grinds slowly and the passage of a bill, no matter how worthy, takes a great deal of time. "We look to the Congress for support in nearly every area of our program. By and large, general support for the Guard has been forthcoming and generous. "I have learned that we cannot expect to get action on every request even though we may be convinced of the merits of the request."

-Maj. Gen. James F. Cantwell, NGAUS president, August 1972

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chavez is back in the news with his delusions

Once again, Venezuelans has been given to delusional thoughts of granduer by their president, Mr. Chavez. He is a very unstable leader, and this unstability leads to dangerous situations.

Mr. Chavez has been trying to tighten ties with Iran and North Korea. He hates the United States, and he believes we are trying to crush him. I only wish we would.

Fox News has an article today: Chavez Says Venezuela Captured Four U.S. Spies. Quite interesting, if you have been keeping up with the calamity known as Venezuela. Unfortunately, I have not written articles about what I've read.

I do, however, have a a few links that will allow you to keep up to date if you would like. Caracas News, Full Coverage: Venezuela (Yahoo News), and This last one covers all the countries in South America, so if you are interested in other countries, help yourself.

There are many stories out there right now that may be of concern:
Venezuela’s Candidacy for UNSC Appears on Track. Thu, Aug. 17, 2006.

Chavez's challenger rallies thousands in Venezuelan capital.

I am not interested in telling the world how lovey-dovey Chavez and Castro are/were. There are some articles about that in If you'd like, that's were you'll find them. Have a great day.

This was first posted at My Newz 'n Ideas.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

NGAUS Notes: Aug. 11, 2006

Guard Called Up to Airport Security after Foiled U.K. Terror Plot

Three governors activated National Guardsmen to augment airport security in the wake of yesterday's announcement by British authorities of the arrest of several people involved in a plot to blow up commercial airliners bound for the United States. The governors of California, Massachusetts and New York called up troops to help secure several airports in their states in support of the federal Transportation Security Administration(TSA) and local law enforcement agencies. This came as U.S. Department of Homeland Security raised the terror level for flights from Great Britain to red (severe).National Guard Joint Force Headquarters in California received authorization from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to use Guardsmen on state active duty to support TSA airport security. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney put Guardsmen on state active duty to assist at Boston's Logan International Airport. New York received Gov. George Pataki's authorization to mobilize 75 Guardsmen to supplement critical infrastructure security already in place. These call-ups came as all U.S. domestic flights were under orange alert, the Department of Homeland Security’s second highest security ranking. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the British plot involved the use of liquid explosives that could be carried on board aircraft disguised as beverages, electronic devices and other common objects. It's not the first time the Guard has been called up to help secure commercial airports. After the 9/11 attacks, 52 states and territories activated more than 7,000 Guardsmen for similar missions in 442 airports across the country.
Few Benefit from New Income-Replacement Program

A New Defense Department program announced this month should ease the financial hardships of some activated National Guardsmen and Reservists who suffer income loss when on active duty. But program rules limit eligibility, in most cases, to only those at the very end of the longest mobilizations. The Reserve Income Replacement Program (RIRP) will pay those eligible the difference between their total monthly military pay and their 12-month average civilian income (if greater than $50) up to a maximum of $3,000 per month. Congress created RIRP in the fiscal year 2006 defense authorization act. The program expires at the end of 2008. Various studies indicate that from 25 to 50 percent of Guardsmen and Reservists suffer income loss when on active duty. They now become eligible RIRP for any full month following the date they complete the requisite eligibility service requirements, which include one of the following:

*Be serving on active duty in an involuntary status and have completed 18 continuous months of involuntary active duty, or

*Have completed 24 cumulative months of involuntary active duty within the last 60 months, or

*Be serving on involuntary active duty for a period of 180 days or more that starts within six months of separation from a previous period on involuntary active duty for at least 180 days.

Program payments, however, are not automatic. Guardsmen and Reservists must apply for the RIRP payments through their service personnel offices.Complete RIRP information, including a downloadable eligibility verification form, can be found at
President: National Guard Improving Southwest Border Security

The deployment of more than 6,000 National Guardsmen to the U.S. southwest border met a key objective in the government's efforts to secure the border, President Bush said in Washington, D.C., Monday. The president visited the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol sector in Texas Aug. 3, and saw firsthand how Guardsmen are working with Border Patrol agents. "National Guard troops are helping with surveillance, construction and logistics," he said in his weekly radio address. "They're building and repairing fences, maintaining vehicles, and manning detection equipment on the border and in command centers." The arrival of National Guard units has allowed the Border Patrol to move more agents into front-line positions, and this additional manpower is delivering results, Mr. Bush said. He credited the Guard with helping the Border Patrol seize 17,000 pounds of illegal drugs and apprehend 2,500 illegal immigrants since Operation Jump Start began. The president told Guardsmen during a speech in Mission, Texas, Aug. 3 that he had ordered them to the border while the Border Patrol beefs up its force and technology assets. "We're going to train 6,000 additional agents," he said. "The reason we brought the Guard down here was because we knew we had an immediate need to enforce the border. "And the plan is working. It makes sense," Mr. Bush added. "If we need more manpower and the need for manpower is immediate, it makes sense to call upon our Guard troops to come and help the Border Patrol do the job. "Officials indicate the Guard presence on the border will last up to two years.
Officials Accept Conference Speaking Invites

Several elected and senior military officials have accepted invitations to address the 128th NGAUS Conference and Exhibition next month in Albuquerque, N.M. The list includes New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey, Gen. Bruce Carlson, Air Materiel Command commander, Gen. Ronald F. Keys, Air Combat Command commander, Gen. Duncan J. McNabb, Air Mobility Command commander, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, First U.S. Army commander, and Lt. Gen. H Steven Blum, National Guard Bureau chief. They will speak during one of the three main business sessions or at either the Army or Air separate sessions. NGAUS officials anticipate adding two or three more prominent speakers in the days ahead. A preliminary agenda will be posted to later this month. Agenda and other conference updates also will be included in NGAUS NOTES. For the fourth consecutive year, NGAUS is also scheduling special professional development sessions during the conference. Topics this year include transformational leadership and emergency response.
Association History

In 1939, General George C. Marshall was invited to address the NGAUS General Conference in Baltimore. He came up from Washington, D.C., dressed in a business suit and apologized at the outset that his remarks might be disjointed since he would be talking without notes. "We have been busy up to the last moment before coming here," he noted, and requested that his remarks "be considered as off the record." At the conclusion of his speech — which was in the nature of a situation report with respect to the role of the National Guard in the modernization of the Army — he was thanked by Maj. Gen. James C. Dozier, NGAUS president. "Your remarks," General Dozier assured him, "will be kept in confidence. "Nothing appeared in the official proceedings of the 1939 conference nor was any transcript ever retained in NGAUS files. Eleven months later, the first "peacetime" mobilization of the Guard got underway.
Week In Guard History

Aug. 9, 1945: A single B-29 bomber named "Bock's Car" dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, the second to be dropped following Hiroshima, killing about 73,000 people. The pilot of "Bock's Car", Maj. Charles W. Sweeney, would in 1956, at age 37, become the youngest brigadier general in the entire peacetime Air Force when he was appointed by the governor of Massachusetts to command the 102nd Tactical Fighter Wing, Massachusetts Air National Guard. Japan surrendered Aug. 12, 1945, formally signing the agreement aboard the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Sept. 2, 1945.
Produced weekly by the NGAUS communications department. Comments and questions should be directed to NGAUS.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

4th Iraqi Army to take the lead

Iraqi soldiers from the 7th Iraqi Army Division conduct a cordon and search for weapons caches at Al Anbar University in Ramadi, Iraq.

BAGHDAD — As further evidence to the continued progress of Iraqi security forces, the 4th Iraqi Army Division will officially assume the lead for security operations Aug. 8 in most of Salah ad Din and Kirkuk provinces, previously controlled by units from the 101st Airborne Division.

Iraqi soldiers from the 7th Iraqi Army Division conduct a cordon and search for weapons caches at Al Anbar University in Ramadi, Iraq,The handover of forward operating bases and security lead demonstrates the progress being made by the Iraqi security forces, reiterates successes, and highlights the progress of the legitimate Iraqi government as a positive move toward full national sovereignty and self-reliance, said a Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesman.

This transfer occurs as the Iraqi security force takes charge and shows it is capable of coordinating, planning and conducting security operations with Coalition forces acting in a support role. According to a 101st Airborne Division spokesman, the 4th IAD has demonstrated it is fully capable of assuming security responsibility by taking over security operations in provinces covering major cities of Tikrit, Kirkuk and Samarra.

The 4th IAD is the fifth of 10 Iraqi army divisions to assume security responsibility, which represents the halfway mark of Iraqi divisions assuming responsibility for providing security in their country. In total, Iraqi security forces are in the lead with five Iraqi army divisions, 22 army brigades, and 76 army battalions, and the Iraqi National Police have two battalions, for a total of about 275,000 trained forces.

According to Coalition officials, 48 of 110 Forward Operating Bases have been transferred to the Iraqis; the result of the increased capacity of the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi government.

“This (handover) is a brave quest and significant milestone toward garnering security self-reliance for the Iraqi citizens, the Iraqi security force, and the government of Iraq,” said Coalition officials.

According to a fact sheet released by the 101st Airborne Division, “more than 275,000 trained and equipped Iraqi security personnel work every day to protect Iraq and its people. These numbers continue to grow as more troops are scheduled to assume independent control in the coming months.”

As evidence to the 4th IAD’s capabilities, about 3,000 Iraqi security forces, with support from Coalition troops, recently detained 154 terror suspects and seized a large weapon cache during Operation Gaugamela west of Kirkuk.

The 10-day operation was conducted to search for suspected al-Qaida terrorists in and around the cities of Hawaija and Riyadh.

Following a request from local Arab leaders to rid the area outside Kirkuk of terrorists, the 10-day operation - covering 25 cities and villages spanning more than 900 square miles - began with a series of smaller Iraqi Army operations targeting 20 objectives in the Rashad area, southwest of Kirkuk.

Using their own intelligence information, Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade, 4th Iraqi Army Division planned and conducted the missions, detaining nine terror suspects and seizing a cache of weapons.

"This was the first time the Iraqis in our area have self-sustained during an operation," said Capt. Krista Jekielek, a U.S. logistics representative to the Iraqi security forces. "It was a significant validation, showing they are capable of moving the necessary personnel and supplies required to perform their mission."

Capt. Lyn Graves, an Army spokesman who patrolled Hawija with the Iraqi security forces during the operation, said the Iraqi forces were extremely proficient and professional.

In addition to taking terrorists and weapons off the street, the discipline of the soldiers involved in the mission truly stands out, according to Maj. Greg Bishop, a 1st BCT spokesman.

“The Iraqi and Coalition Soldiers went into two of the most contentious cities in the Kirkuk province, searched hundreds of homes and buildings and detained more than 150 suspects with no violence whatsoever,” said Bishop. “That’s an incredible success and a true measure of the professionalism of everyone involved in the operations.”

U.S. Central Command
Public Affairs
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Monday, August 7, 2006

NGAUS Notes-8/4/2006

Blum: Equipment Shortages Crippling Army Guard Readiness.
More than two-thirds of the Army National Guard’s 34 combat brigades are not combat ready due to significant equipment shortfalls, the National Bureau Chief told reporters in Washington, D.C., Tuesday.

Lt. Gen. H Steven Blum’s comments followed recent Army disclosures that two-thirds of active-component brigades are not rated ready.

The problem, officials say, is current budget constraints that prohibit the Army from completing the equipment repairs and replacement needed when units return from Iraq or Afghanistan.

Things are especially acute in the Army Guard, which was purposely shorted funds before the war on terror, General Blum said, because few thought the Guard would be used as it is today.

“We were under resourced, deliberately, that was the national strategy, so I’m further behind,” he said, in published reports. “I’m in an even more dire situation than the Army. We’re both sick, I just have a higher fever.”

Because the Army Guard wasn’t equipped as fully as the active component, “we went into [the war] with a deeper deficit,” but the Guard and its equipment went through the same wear and tear, General Blum said.

“There’s a clear need to re-equip both the active [component] and the Guard,” he said.

The Guard needs $21 billion to reequip itself, General Blum added.

“That is not just reset, that’s to buy them the equipment they must have to do their job,” he said.

He indicated Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker and Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey are committed to providing the Guard that money over five years.

Pentagon Organizes Second Annual Freedom Walk.
The Defense Department announced Monday it will hold the second annual America Supports You Freedom Walk Sept. 10, the night before the five-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

It will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will follow a two-mile route from the National Mall to the Pentagon. Participants will pass several national memorials, then will proceed over Memorial Bridge to Arlington National Cemetery before arriving at the Pentagon.

Immediately following the walk, musical star Denyce Graves will perform.

Last year’s inaugural walk drew more than 15,000 participants, including family members of Sept. 11 victims and members of Congress.

It also inspired more than two dozen cities across the country to hold their own Freedom Walks as a new tradition of patriotic support, and the number is expected to grow.

In Sebring, Ohio, 9-year-old Colton Lockner is organizing a Freedom Walk for his hometown. Operation Homefront, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping military families, is overseeing walks in several cities. Chicago also has pledged its support to launch the city’s first Freedom Walk, and mayors Tammy Moore of Belleview, Fla., and Ernie Currier of Enid, Okla., are among the growing number of city officials creating Freedom Walk traditions in their cities and towns.

Anyone interested in starting a local Freedom Walk can download the Freedom Walk planning guide for assistance and recommendations and register it on the America Supports You Web site.

Locations of other walks across the country as well as registration, time and location information for the Washington, D.C. Freedom Walk also can be found at the America Supports You Web site at www. americasupportsyou. mil.

Short Film on Army National Guard Debuts Nationwide Today.
A two-minute film highlighting the missions of the Army National Guard will appear in 2,000 movie theaters nationwide beginning today.

The short, Citizen-Soldier, will play before the feature film and is meant to create an understanding of how the Guard serves America, demonstrating the character and commitment of its soldiers.

It will run in movie theaters through Sept. 7. It will also run in college theaters from Sept. 8 to Oct. 5.

Most civilians never have an opportunity to witness the dynamic range of actions required to perform the missions of the National Guard, according to Col. Richard R. Guzzetta, Army National Guard’s Strength Maintenance Division chief.

This film provides a glimpse of these capabilities and of the soldiers who perform them, he said.

The film is a culmination of footage of Army Guard units across the country in training and real-life missions shot by embedded civilian and Guard cameramen.

The film will be promoted to the general public in the following manner:

* Operators at 1-800-GO-GUARD telling callers about it;
* E-mails to 2006 lead database; and
* Text messages to nonprior service leads.

Contact Andy Blenkle, LM&O Advertising, at 703-797-7109 or via email at for a list of participating theaters, or Lt. Col. Mike Jones, Army Guard Strength Maintenance Division deputy chief, at

Call 1-800-GO-GUARD or e-mail Mr.Blenkle@LM&O with your name, address, phone and intended use of the film to order DVD copies.

Legislative Director Speaks to State Leaders.
Retired Brig. Gen. Richard Green, NGAUS legislative director, served as one of four panelists addressing the impact on the National Guard of current worldwide operations at the Council of State Governments Eastern Regional Conference (CSGERC) Tuesday in Philadelphia.

Combat readiness, equipment shortages, longer deployments and whether the deployment of some emergency “first responders” overseas puts states at risk were among the topics discussed.

New Hampshire State Sen. Joseph Kenney, a Marine Reserve lieutenant colonel, Maj. Gen. Robert P. French, deputy Pennsylvania adjutant general (Army), and Brig. Gen. James Joseph, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency director, were also on the panel.

The panel was part of the CSGERC’s annual business meeting that gathers state policy makers, business leaders and the academic community from the organization’s 17 member jurisdictions.

General Green’s participation was part of the NGAUS legislative department’s continuing outreach efforts.

Week in Guard History.
August 1, 1956: Capt. Norma Parsons becomes the first woman to join the National Guard when she was sworn in as a nurse at the 106th Tactical Hospital, part of the New York Air National Guard.

Only two days earlier, and after much debate, Congress finally enacted Public Law 845, allowing the participation of women in the Guard. But there were serious restrictions. Only female officers were allowed to serve, and they could serve only as nurses or in medically-related specialties such as dietitians, physical therapists or laboratory technicians.

The Army Guard’s first female member was 1st Lt. Marie Saint Charles Law who joined Alabama’s 109th Evacuation Hospital in January 1957.

To learn more about Captain Parsons, please visit The National Guard Memorial Museum at The National Guard Memorial in Washington. The museum highlights the achievements of Guard personnel, such as Captain Parsons, and is the only national museum dedicated to the National Guard. The museum tells the Guard story from the First Muster in 1636 through its participation in conflicts throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries as well as its most recent participation in the war on terror. It is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

NGAUS History.
In 1974, President Nixon signed a bill into law permitting Guardsmen who die “under honorable circumstances” after May 28, 1974, to leave their families with a U.S. flag at their burial.

This was a subject of resolutions for two years at the NGAUS general conference. The law stipulates that the service secretary concerned may pay for a flag to be presented to the appropriate person for a member of the Guard or Reserve who dies under honorable circumstances while a member of the Ready Reserve or with at least 20 years of service.

Rep. Lucien N. Nedzi, D-Mich., introduced the bill.

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NGAUS Legislative Update; August 4, 2006

Congressional Recess

Don’t forget that both chambers of Congress are out of session during the month of August. The House adjourned last Friday. The Senate hopes to leave town on Friday, August 4, 2006. Both will return to work on September 4. Members of Congress are out shopping for votes. Make sure you ask for them to pay via their support for Guard issues. Check our legislative alerts on the NGAUS website They’ll provide you the talking points and information you need. Make your voice…and your vote…work for the Guard!

Senate Action on Approps

On Wednesday, the Senate began debate on its version of the Defense Appropriations bill. The measure would provide funding to support U.S. military operations at home and world-wide. During the debate, Senator Stevens, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, proposed an amendment that would add $13.1 billion for Army and Marine Corps equipment recapitalization. This amendment was accepted via voice vote. On Thursday, the co-chairs of the Guard Caucus, Senators Bond and Leahy, offered an amendment that would “fence” $2.4 billion of the $13.1B recap money specifically for the Army Guard and Reserve. The amendment was accepted by voice vote and will be part of the Defense Appropriations bill. Once the Senate completes action of the defense bill, the legislation will have to be reconciled with the House version of the appropriations measure.

SASC Hold Iraq Hearing

The Secretary of Defense appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) on Thursday to discuss operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Originally, Secretary Rumsfeld had been unable to rearrange his schedule for the SASC hearing, but later agreed to appear before the panel. Joining the Secretary were GEN Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and GEN John P. Abizaid, Commander of U.S. Central Command. Senators grilled the top civilian leadership and the top military leadership on the conduct of the operations in Iraq. In addition, the witnesses fielded questions regarding the readiness and equipping of Army forces. Transcripts of the hearing will be posted on the NGAUS website once they become available.

NGA Opposes Call Up Language

The leadership of the National Governors Association (NGA) penned a letter to the Chairmen and Ranking members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committee opposing language included within the Defense Authorization bill (H.R. 5122). The language, included in the House version of the bill, provides authority to the President to call up members of the Guard. The governors assert that the language does not provide for the consent of the governors when calling up Guard personnel to address “serious natural or manmade disasters, accidents or catastrophes that occur in the United States, its territories and possessions, the District of Columbia and the Common wealth of Puerto Rico.” Currently, House and Senate Authorizers are in conference to reconcile differences in the two bills before it can be signed into law. A copy of the letter can be found at

Parliamentarians Needed!

As the NGAUS Legislative Staff prepares for the General Conference in New Mexico, the call is going out for volunteers to serve as parliamentarians for the resolutions sessions. Each resolution subcommittee (Army and Air) needs an experienced individual parliamentarian for the respective resolutions committees. One parliamentarian will serve the Joint committee as well. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Bernie Phelps at (202) 408-5884.

NGAUS Task Forces

NGAUS has established Task Forces as a mechanism to provide advice and expertise to the NGAUS legislative staff in development of legislative priorities based on the resolutions that are passed each year at the annual conference. NGAUS has eleven Task Forces and they are listed below:

Joint Task Forces
Medical Task Force

Army Task Forces
Fire Support Task Force
Combat Vehicle Task Force
Combat Support/Combat
Service Support Task Force
Army Aviation Task Force
C4I Task Force
Engineer Task Force

Air Task Forces
C4I Task Force

The Task Forces are comprised of Chairs and Vice Chairs and are expected to meet two times a year. NGAUS is seeking interested volunteers to serve on the Task Forces. If you are interested, contact the NGAUS legislative staff or contact the Task Force Chairs listed on our website.
“We Serve”

Providing NGAUS members with effective and knowledgeable representation on Capitol Hill.

Published by the NGAUS Legislative Staff:
Brig Gen (ret) Richard M. Green, Legislative Director
Scott Hommel, Deputy Director
Michele Traficante, Joint Programs
Chris DeBatt, Army Programs
Andy Vanlandingham, Air Programs
Bernie Phelps, Senior Legislative Analyst
Emily Breitbach, Legislative Analyst

For more information on NGAUS, check out our website:

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