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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Republican Convention

I have been hearing many good and bad things about how the Convention is going. Does anyone know where I can get a transcript of all speakers, including the women who were there who lost their husbands on September 11, 2001? I would appreciate it.

As for the coverage, I don't remember the MSM paying so much attention to the protesters at the Kerry Campaign, but then again, their whole platform sounded like a protest! I do not like negative people or people who think I swallow the party line. I do have a brain, and I use it to research the truth underlying what people say. If they (Kerry supporters) think I can be swayed by telling me something he did 35 years ago and then spend 26 seconds on his entire political life, they are wrong to think that there isn't something fishy there.

Why would he not talk about his achievements as Lt. Governor for Gov. Dukakus? Why would he not talk about his achievements as a US Senator? Could it be that he was too far to the left? Could it be that if he did, we would run to the Republicans? Why didn't he talk about it? Didn't he have any achievements? It makes one with a brain wonder...!

Enough about Kerry. I hope that President Bush is not dilusional about the ILLEGAL ALIEN problem [Article I: Section 8-(3rd of the powers given to Congress) To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, ...Article I: Section 8-(14th of the powers given to Congress) To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions; Article IV: Section 4-The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; ...)] that is so pervasive in the USA at this very perilous time in our history. Tell me, how can we have Homeland Security when our land on which our homes are built is not secure?

I am exhausted with excuses of how Americans won't do these jobs. What do you think I did as a teen? How do you think I worked my way through college? It wasn't by sucking on the government teat! (Except for the grants and student loan which was paid back! Total disclosure.) Our young people need minimum wage employment to learn the "art" of working. This is the only way to learn a work ethic. I am not saying everyone will learn it, but you CANNOT learn it from a book. I know adults who have tried to get employment, but were turned away because they were not Hispanic. THAT is racist. I was one of them.

If the President does not address this issue without offering amnesty (no matter what you call it!), then I am in fear of another attack. Whoever comes up with a way to allow our Border Patrol to do their job, deport all ILLEGAL aliens (I love all people, so leave your racist sensibilities for some real racism,) and find the sleeper cells-ah, they will surely win many votes.

This is not a time for politics. We are at war. All 19 of the hijackers were illegally in this country. It is about time we got serious. I do not want another another September 11, 2001. There will be noone left to vote for anyone if they or you are dead. This is too unbearable to realize, and that is why everyone desires to move on as if it never happened. Please, God, make them take this seriously.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Good news from Iraq, Part 9-Mr. Chrenkoff

This is a column I came across during my early morning surfing. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.

Positive story from Iraq.

The Ashbrook Center blog has an interesting story about an Iraqi officer's encounters with the US forces and how they changed his life. (Hat tip to Iraq the Model again!)

If you're not reading Iraq the Model regularly, you should. I'm only telling you the highlights.

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Pre-Season Game, Week 3

I missed Thursday and Friday, again! I can't believe it! Here are the scores and upcoming games. You can follow them on the NFL scoreboard for week 3.

Thursday August 26, 2004.
PIT 27
*PHI 21

*SF 10
MIN 23

*WAS 3
STL 28

*NYG 40
NYJ 17

*GB 7

NO 17
*CHI 13

*HOU 17
DEN 31

*SEA 26
SD 20

*MIA 10
TB 17

CIN 10
*ATL 37

*OAK 17
ARI 16

NE 17
CAR 20

CLE 21
*KC 19

*DET 6
BAL 17

*BUF 17
IND 30

TEN 17
*DAL 20

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Pakistani News

This article was found in the Daily News, Pakistan. You should also check out "pg7_32," which deals with NGO's who criticize something or other! Sorry, I forgot."Pg7_49" shares some more insight as to whether or not Pakistan is truly helping us with the Taliban, or if they are not serious about the problem. "Pg7_50" is much ado about Sadr's peace agreement. "Pg7_51" is the response of the USA to the Pakistani gov.'t not dealing with the Taliban. (Use the same default!)

Last, but not least, "pg7_3" deals with the issue of the continuing ceasefire between India and Pakistan. The Indian Prime Minister met with President Musharref recently, and talks seem to be going well. That is good to know, since noone hear will tell us!
  • Kamal-ism’must be stopped to save Pakistan: Qazi.
    Staff Report.

    LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer and Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) President Qazi Hussain Ahmad has warned that rulers who believe in “Kamal-ism” (an oblique reference to President Musharraf following Turkish reformer and statesman Mustafa Kamal Attaturk) must be stopped, otherwise they will deprive Pakistan of its ideological status
For the rest of this story, please visit this site. I do not want to get in trouble for taking the whole story!

Please do not forget, JI are responsible for the terrorist attack on Bali which killed 88 of our Australian friends. Please, read this. You may not find it anywhere in the "main stream media (MSM)." Thank you, and God bless and keep you.

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Friday, August 27, 2004

Incumbent Finance Reform

My, my, my. So you don't like the 527's after all, Sen. Kerry, Sen. McCain, and President Bush? HA HA HA. I don't like government trampling on my first amendment right to free "political" speech! Do you know what I am talking about? Amendment 1. Congress shall make NO law...! It came back to bite you in your butt, did it John Kerry? Ha ha ha. Tough. It doesn't control 527's, so people can say what they like John McCain. Ha ha ha. Tough. If my father, whom I love, cannot shut me up, what makes you think you can? What gives you that right? These are God given rights, not government given. I thought I already made that clear, as did our Founding Fathers! President Bush, shame on you!

Micheal Moore comes out, Kerry and you said nothing. compare our President to Hitler, Kerry and you said nothing. Al Gore goes off the deep end, Kerry and you said nothing. Sen. Kennedy calls you a liar on the Senate floor, Kerry and you said nothing. Now that we have a real debate about the record of Kerry, all of a sudden...everyone calls "foul?" You can't have it both ways, gents.

Are you aware that 87% of all $$$ raised went to Democrats? When the Swift Boat Veterens for Truth raised a couple hundred thousand $$$, everyone has a cow? Why?

So now you want to go to court to shut us up, after you failed in May? Don't you remember? Been there, done that? I remember! You tried to stop it then. By the way...where were you, Mr. Kerry, if you feel so strongly about getting rid of this money? Shame on Congress and you, Mr. President!

Why don't you just get rid of ALL campaign finance laws and let the people speak! WE HAVE THAT GOD GIVEN RIGHT! I am so angry at you, Prez. You haven't even veto'd ANYTHING! For the first time in history, a president has not veto'd one stinking thing! This is one you should have. You don't sign it into law and then expect the Supremes to pull your butt out of the frying pan!

This article may be all over the map, because I can see red, but not the computer! My thoughts are all over the place, because I have held this in for a long time. Please forgive me if my points of contention are all over the place. Thanks. God bless us, forgive us, and save us!

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sen Kerry, did you know?

When a presidential candidate (Kerry) attacks the President of the United States (Bush) for allegedly coordinating with a group whom he (Kerry) claims is lying about himself, he should make sure that the person standing behind him (Kerry) is not holding a sign that lies about the President! Check out this picture! This is how far the Democrats have been lowered, because they have a platform they cannot share with you, the public. Tsk, tsk, tsk. For shame. Sen. Kerry, I call on you to condemn yourself.

Update: Sorry about the picture. It was a picture of Kerry standing there saying all this crap while the guy behind him was holding up a sign saying, "Bush is a Liar." I hope that clears up the confusion.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Iraq will win on Friday, but not today. :(

I wrote an article on Tuesday, but in the process of writing and deleting another article, my Olympics watch got deleted: (By now, I'm sure you know that Paraguay won 3-1. That is good for them, and it can be good for us, too. We cannot give up now. We have come too far. Nabil will have the in depth story for you. I wish to affirm that Iraq still has an opportunity to win a medal this year. On Friday, I believe they will play Italy. I am torn, because I love Italy and all they have contributed to the war on terror, but Iraq needs our prayers.

As Christians, we must first look inside. Is there anger, strife, jealousy, gossip, hatred, and/or other sins? We must have a clean heart when we pray. (Yes, I know that God hears us where ever we are and whatever we have done. That is not this situation. We are not crying out for ourselves! Get it together! Will somebody please pick up a Bible and READ it! There are different instructions for different times. Have you heard of Ecclesiastes? Well, enough lecturing, for now:) I just want our prayers to be heard, that Iraq would do well on Friday.

If Iraq does win a medal, it will be the first time in 44 years (I heard.) It may give Iraqis a sense of dignity and pride in the knowledge that they did this, them, with no help from any outsiders. Yes, we made it possible so they will no longer be tortured, but they are the ones doing the sport! Imagine that! Do you remember when we had the Super Bowl after September 11, 2001? I believe almost everyone was watching that game! It is a great escape, and a fine way to relax. God knows we needed that, and God knows that these people deserve at least that much, also.

As far as the coach, he has got to go. I read his comments on the Olympic comment line as I was keeping track of the game. I don't know if he truly wants to win! I must take into account that he does come from a different culture, and it is very possible that his feelings are accurate, as far as he sees things. But if you cannot separate your feelings from the sport, you need to step aside. Let the team play to win!!! Olay, olay, olay!!! Go Iraq!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Philosophy v. Psychology

Philosophy: 1. The logical and critical study of the source and nature of human knowledge. A formal system of ideas based on such study. 2. The science and liberal arts with the exception of law, medicine, and theology. 4. The set of values, ideas and opinions of an individual or group (Webster's Riverside Dictionary.)

Psychology: 1. The science of mind, emotions, and behavior (ibid.)

Okay, I have a question. Is psychology=philosophy? Shrinks (doctors) are trying to find what makes a person tick, right? Wouldn't that be philosophy? The set of values, ideas and opinions? So can I get some really cool drugs from a philosopher? Not that drugs are cool! I don't indulge, it was just a point of contention that I am trying to make!

There are many employees in your child's school. Teachers, janitors, social workers, planned parenthood (don't tell me you didn't know!,) and a nurse. Are you aware that your child can be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and you have to comply to give your child psycotropic drugs or go to jail? Oh yes. We are too silent. They can also compel your child to have an abortion (by not giving them proper information and telling them horror stories about YOU!) without your knowledge. Have you heard of China? Say hello! We must ban together as moms and dads and put a stop to this.

Go to your school. Politely ask to see how many people work at your school, full- and part-time. Speak to them. Ask if there are any forms that you can sign that you only get to sign if you go to the school and specifically ask for them! It is true.

They are doing surveys in your child's class. They ask questions such as: Do your parents argue, do they own guns, do they drink, do they spank you, etc. The kicker is-they are told not to tell you about the survey! I suggest you watch your school and your child very carefully. Be careful. Your daughter may die from internal bleeding from an abortion you knew nothing about, and therefore could not inform the doctor that vital, life-saving information. Please. Do it today.

The drugs that they want to give (mostly to boys so they won't act like boys!) is also one thing that will keep them out of the Military. That is something very serious for you to think about. There is an agenda here. The Left hates our Military, no matter what they say. We are at war, and this is not a time for timidity. It is their philosophy against ours. Their set of ideas and values against ours. They believe they have the power to do with our children as they please, and they are right, if we sit back and do nothing. It is up to us. God bless America and ya'll!

Ps. And we wonder why they can't read, write, or do math! The Adult children of Adults from whatever-nonsense I-want-to-blame-my-life-on(!) are running the asylum!

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Look at Sen. Kerry’s Senate Record

I am so exhausted by all the talk of Viet Nam. Is it important? To the people he maligned, yes. It is also important to history, since it changed the course of how we fight wars and the birth of political correctness. But is it important to the voters who know very little, if anything, of that war? No. That is why it is very important that we look deep into the bowels of Sen. Kerry’s Senate record. What has he done since his return from Viet Nam? What has he done for the men left behind? How did he help/hinder President Regean during the Cold War (WWIII?) These questions need to be answered. Is he for or against the USA’s military strength? Does he contribute any of HIS money to charities? This question, in particular, will lead us to understand why some look to government as their “god,” while others look to personal responsibility. Do I have the answers to these questions? No. I am trying to change the dialogue.

I know that Sen. Kerry was elected in Nov. 1982. There are many Congressional Records to look through. I know he tried to put a freeze on Strategic Defense Initiative. Fortunately for us, the USSR did not believe as Sen. Kerry did! Even though it wasn’t built, they didn’t know that, and that one program helped in ways we may never know to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Do you believe that Sen. Kerry would have the hutzpah to stand in front of the Eastern Bloc of American citizens and tell them that they should still be under the control of Communism? HA!

Sen. Kerry believes, or so he says, that life begins at conception. Good. So do I. Does he vote his beliefs? Let us see. He has voted for every pro-abortion bill, and against every pro-life bill. HMMMM?! He even voted to kill a bill that would protect a mother who CHOSE to KEEP her child, but the child was lost at the hand of another through an attack. The bill would make the attacker guilty of murder if the child died, and guilty of 2 assault charges if the child lived. He also voted against a bill that would protect a child when, during a late term abortion the baby was “accidentally” born, the living child could not be left alone to die. And he believes that life begins at conception???

How does he vote on gun control? There hasn’t been a bill that crossed his desk that didn’t restrict our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms for which he wasn’t in favor! My, my. The First Amendment is thrown around when it comes to free speech (except political speech for which both parties are guilty of trying to take our voices out of the process of electing people!) as if it were a blanket for them to hide! Except, of course, if you want to express any form of religion. Are you aware that Congress used to buy Bibles for the Nuns who were teaching our children? Yes. The printing press was not around, I don’t think, so there were very few books! Imagine if the only book available today was a Bible! Would we be cast as the Taliban? You bet! How insulting. Christians helped free the slaves, hid Jews during WWII, fought for women’s rights, and many more things that go unmentioned, because we don’t make a lot of noise. Our glory will come in the after life. Just thought I would correct some history, though.

Has Sen. Kerry fought to insure that we would have the best intelligence? Well, after the first attack on the World Trade Center where 6 people died and thousand were injured, Sen. Kerry proposed a $6 billion CUT in the Intelligence department! Not even Sen. Kennedy could go for that!
I am going to try to find his voting record on many other issues, as well as these. I want to be accurate and precise. In other words, credible. Dates, bill number, etc. I am not looking forward to this! If anyone out there has any helping hints, I sure would be a might grateful! Thanks. Have a wonderful day, watch the Football game between St. Louis and *Kansas City, and God Bless you all.

PS. Here are some links you may find of interest.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Iraq Defeats Australia!

Iraq defeated Australia 1-0! What a wonderful day!

My dear Australia,

I am very grateful for all of your sacrifices and commitment to the war against the terrorists that plague this world. For that, I am eternally grateful. This is the first time in Iraq's young freedom life that they have had an opportunity to compete without the fear of torture upon returning home. I am very proud of them. You gave them a run for their money, so it isn't as if you shouldn't be proud of yourselves, also. It was a very good game.

My dear Iraqi's,

I am very happy for and proud of you! You have done marvelously! About the remarks made by a couple of players, so what? We have people here that don't like President George Bush. The point is what? Besides that, freedom is a new concept to many of the young people who have never been free. I do not expect you to just know what to do, how to do it, how to feel about it, and/or what is appropriate or not.

Also, I do not believe this is attitude is the same of most Iraqi's. I have read too many blogs, and I have heard too many soldiers tell of their experiences in Iraq. They say that Iraqi people are generous, kind, warm, gentle, human beings who have lived in hell. You don't just stop being afraid because someone says it's okay now. I pray that your future comes soon, when there is true peace and trust. If you want it, you must demand it. Not of others, but of yourselves. That is how we began in America. We wanted freedom from taxation and England's boot on our neck more than they wanted to keep us as colonies. Today, they are a great partner!

Back to the game! WOW!!!! Now that I have everything said and out of the way, WOW!!!! Iraq is now one of the 4 best players in the WORLD! To read about the game itself, I recommend Nabil's site. He has kept me up to date on the games, and he has a very good site. Please check it out.


Well everyone, have a great day, and may God's peace be with you always.

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Pre-Season Game, Week 2

I missed the games on Thursday and Friday, but I have the results for you. I also have the line up for tonight, Saturday, August 21, 2004.

So far, I have a 7-4 correct score. Way to go Dagney!

Week 2 Pre-Season Sat., Aug. 21, 2004

4:30 pm (The W, L, and T stand for Win, Loss, and Tie)
*Detroit (1-0-0) ____10=7-0-3-0
Cleveland (0-1-0) ____17=7-7-0-3

7 pm
Tennessee (1-0-0) ____16=0-10-0-6
*Buffalo (1-0-0) ____15=3-9-0-3

*New York Jets (0-1-0) ____31=0-14-3-14
Indianapolis (1-0-0) ____7=0-7-0-0

7:30 pm
Houston (1-0-0) ____3=0-3-0-0
*Pittsburgh (1-0-0) ____38=14-10-7-7

New England (1-0-0) ____3=0-3-0-0
*Cincinnati (0-1-0) ____38=14-14-3-0

*Washington (1-1-0) ____17=7-7-3-0
Miami (1-0-0) ____0=0-0-0-0

8 pm
New Orleans (1-0-0) ____14=0-0-7-7
*Green Bay (0-1-0) ____19=3-7-3-6

8:30 pm
San Francisco (0-1-0) ____13=3-7-0-3
*Chicago (1-0-0) ____20=3-7-7-3

9 pm
Dallas (0-1-0) ____21=3-6-6-6
*Oakland (1-0-0) ____20=3-7-7-3

*San Diego (0-1-0) ____38=10-9-5-14
Arizona (0-1-0) ____13=3-3-0-7

Denver (0-2-0) ____19=0-6-3-10
*Seattle (1-0-0) ____3=0-3-0-0

Monday 8 pm
St. Louis (0-1-0) ____0-0-7-0=7
*Kansas City (0-1-0) ____7-17-0-0=24

Earlier games that I missed.

Thursday Aug. 19, 2004
*New York Giants (1-1-0)____3-3-7-7=20
Carolina (2-0-0)____10-7-0-10=27

*Tampa Bay (1-1-0)____0-0-3-3=6
Jacksonville (1-1-0)____0-7-7-0=14

Minnesota (1-1-0)____14-3-7-0=20
*Atlanta (1-1-0)____0-13-7-7=27

Baltimore (1-1-0)____0-10-0-7=17
*Philadelphia (1-1-0)____10-7-3-6=26

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National Guard: The Truth

I hope you read this story. The whole information is collected into this one article.

Bush Guard Service, The True Story
Written by Gordon Bloyer
Thursday, August 26, 2004

This is a fantastic collection of the facts that puts the whole story together in a way it has never been done before.

President Bush served 5 years and 6 months. Kerry served 4 months. Hmm. Bush doesn't brag, Kerry does. Bush wanted to go to Viet Nam, Kerry didn't. Bush never said a cross word about the war, Kerry testified in front of Senators in Washington, D.C. Bush will not betray his loyal friends (VP,) Kerry betrayed his "band of brothers" while they were in harms way. Gee, I don't know...which one would you want if you were in trouble? If you were attacked by a terrorist? If you wanted to keep your money? (Just had to through that in there!)

Please read the article at the top of the page. It was given to me by a source I cannot reveal, but I can say that he/she is a very kind person who wouldn't hurt a fly. This person just wants the truth to be told, so we can get to the other issues that matter,,,private health care, private retirement accouts, private schools out of the reach of the government and special interest groups, and respect for his/her right to say/think/feel whatever he/she wants without being sued! Just to mention a few. Of course the most important is the one who is best adjusted to be a leader in this time of peril. See, all the rest doesn't matter if you're dead.This is a fantastic collection of the facts that puts the whole story together in a way it has never been done before.

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Scores from Pre-season Week 1

These are the results from the preseason game 1. The teams I gave before, I mistakenly gave the first week of open season, so my picks are no good until then. I might even change my mind after watching some of them play! Sorry for the error.

Thursday, August 12, 2004.

Chicago______3__0__0__7__=10 + 3 (OT)= 13
St. Louis______3__7__0__0__=10


Friday, August 13, 2004

New England____7__3__7__7__=24

New York Jets___3__3__7__0__=13
New Orleans____7__3__7__6__=23

Kansas City____14__10__0__0__=24
New York Giants_0__17__0_17__=34

Saturday, August 14, 2004





Carolina______3__0_14__3__=20+3=23 (OT)


San Francisco___3__3__7_17_=30

San Diego___7__0__0_10__=17

Sunday, August 15, 2004.


Monday, August 16, 2004.

Tampa Bay____3_10__0__7__=20

Green Bay_____3__0__0__0__=3

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Democracy in Iraq

Democracy in Progress is a very good site to find information on news that IS fit to print! These 3 brothers have covered many of the stories we have been looking forward to reading. This recent article tells about the National Conference that has just concluded. Were you aware there was a three day, 1000-1300 persons gathering to promote the next 81 people that would represent the Iraqi people? Oh, I'm not surprised. It was barely a whisper in the USA. How sad. Maybe if someone had slugged the chairperson...but then again, they don't want to look too much like American politicians! ;)

National Conference is Born is an article written by Zeyad. It is a very well documented account of the National Conference. Please, read it. His site is Healing Iraq. Zeyad is a very intelligent man who has a heart for Iraq that is very big, and he reports on subjects of many interests. He is working very hard to heal his country, and we should do what we can to help.

Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party is the party that Ali and Mohammed have joined, and they are running for the Assembly (or whatever it ends up being named!) These are two of the three brothers that have been writing Iraq the Model all this time so we would know the truth. Let us continue to support them. Please continue to pray for them. I am calling to arms every man and woman. By arms I mean "put your money where your mouth is!" and "tell everyone you meet or see about the good news in Iraq, including Ali and Mohammed." In America, we have learned to do our fighting at the ballot box, I hope! ;) Everyone have a great and blessed day.

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Monday, August 16, 2004

Iraq Crushes Costa Rica in Football!

August 15, 2004, Iraq beats Costa Rica 2-0! Nabil has the news and stats for this game. Congratulations! Not only did you win, but it was a shut out! Costa Rica considers football to be a very serious sport, so I know you did well. I knew we could. Everyone, continue to pray for their safety and ability to play. Now, God willing, we will win this last one on Wednesday, August 18. God bless you, Iraqi football team and Iraqi citizens (except the terrorists.)

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Sunday, August 15, 2004


Since I have not yet revealed my "self" to you, I thought today may be a fine day to start. Sundays are very special to me, since they are the day I set aside for the Lord. Actually, every day is the Lord's day, but we Christians in particular set aside this day.

I have been very happy, very angry, and very confused these past weeks. I am full of joy for the Iraqi football team. Look how wonderfully they play! I am very proud of them. I am very angry at Sadr and Allawi. Sadr-because he causes so much pain to the Iraqis, and Allawi for not realizing that if you let him get away with it, Iran will just arm him again. What kind of a man hides in a holy place? Does he desire the shrine to be destroyed? Do people worship the building, or do people worship what the building represents? If it is the first, then they have no god. If it is the second, then buildings can be repaired or rebuilt. Once someone fires a weapon of war at a soldier of war, they have just declared that building a target. Does he not realize he is not safe? If the new government prevents the coalition from finishing the job and someone wants to find fault with someone, find it with Sadr and Allawi. Sadr is the murderous punk. Allawi for appearing weak. I am confused, however, as to why we don't take appropriate action. Why not? Does our government want to look weak? Who is tying my President's hands? The State Department? They need to go, all of them (state dept!) Do not the Iraqi people deserve to live in peace? Yes, they do.

I could pour out my heart for the peoples all over the world that are living in fear and under a corrupt government or communism, but I am afraid no one would care. How selfish have we become? Did we forget how we became great? It was not by our own strength, no! It was the loving hand of God that led the way. Now, some want to forget He even exsists! How dare they! I am outraged! Don't tell me not to believe what I know to be true. I tolerate the ignorant, because it doesn't make sense to argue. They won't change their minds, and by all means they shouldn't. At the same time, would they please, PLEASE, be at least half as gracious to me??? They preach tolerance, but what they mean is "do as I say. My way or no way." That, my dear Marxist friends, is not tolerance. It is totalitarianism. This, I will not tolerate! Just as before, I will fight them with prayer, calling my Congresswoman, my Senators, the President, and continue in my efforts with organizations which I belong. We are so blessed that we can still fight without any bloodshed! Thank God.

I still haven't said much about myself, huh? Oh well! I find it diffifcult to speak about myself, because I don't really know what to say. I love to write, I enjoy writing poetry, I love the Charlie Daniels Band (country music,) Toby Keith, my cats, all animals, people-most of the time(!), etc. Boring, huh? Ha ha! ;)

I was born in a small town outside of Philadelphia. I lived there until I was nine, then my family moved to upstate New York. I have lived a rather fancy free, yet challenging life. I am an ex-alcoholic since August 19, 1987. I can sometimes go on and on if given the opportunity. I have had 3 brain strokes, but I am fine. I have a port wine birthmark on my face. When I was born, it covered the whole left half of my face! I have learned a lot by looking like this.

I have discovered that some people are shallow, while others are not. I can very easily get rid of the ones who are by not wearing make-up. I hate make-up. It makes me feel phony. I used to wear it all the time, though! Funny, isn't it, the changes we go through as we grow.

I love this journey called life. I have been to 47 states, and I even lived in 9 states, stayed in a few for more than a week! The one thing that impressed me the most was how much we have in common and how much stays the same, just change the names and places. Of course I wasn't politically active at the time I was trampsing around the USA, so I can't speak on that behalf, but I sure enjoyed myself. I would get this itch that said go here or there, and off I would go! I don't do that anymore, and that makes me sad, but it is okay.

Well, that is about as much as I am willing to share at this moment. I don't even know if this is politically intelligent. Ah, who am I kidding? I don't care what people find out about me. I am not ashamed for being alive. I thank God (not as often as I should) that I am alive. Thanks for reading all of this, if you've gotten this far.

Let me know what you think, and I could sure use some helpful hints on creative writing, topics, what not to say, etc. God bless the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, the UK, Poland, Italy, and all the coalition countries, all people that are being oppressed by their government-may they have freedom soon, the children, our families, friends, and neighbors. Have mercy on us, dear Lord, and show us the way. Keep our feet straight away on the path You have set for us, and grant us the strength to weather the storms of life. I pray for Your Peace, Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Grace, Your Justice, Victory and Your Mercy. I love You, God. Thank You.

That's all folks! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Looney Tunes cartoons!)

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Hall of Fame Results

The NFL has the play by play for those who are interested. They also have stats, etc.

Denver..................3 6 0 8 Total=17
Washington.........3 0 7 10 Total=20

Washington won! That is one for one! Just wait, I'm sure I will mess up pretty righteously during the season! Congratulations Redskins!

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Iraq Wins against Portugal!

Nabil has provided the play by play game of football between Iraq v. Portugal in the 2004 Olympics. Iraq won 4-2 in an amazing upset Friday.

Ays also has an article about the victory of the Iraqis in today's game. Yes, the team played FOR their country because they CHOSE to this time. This is a good and noble cause. They no longer have to play in fear for their lives.

I wonder how many times we will say this before it becomes a faded memory? Sadly, I don't believe many people ever really understood the genocide that took place in Iraq. That is our shame for allowing this to happen. Also, the Iraqis are fighting for freedom from thugs and respect in public opinion. The thug report may be sinister, but the public opinion is very good as to what Iraq can achieve when they are allowed the freedom to dream.

I pray they win the Gold! Godspeed. Olay, olay, olay!

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Monday, August 9, 2004

Los Angeles Protests

There is a massive rise in complaints as corrupt local officials continue to evict people from their homes. People have tried, unsuccessfully, to appeal their case to a higher court. They have heard nothing in return. They have even tried to petition the Governor with no response there, either.

Since Jan. 2004, there have been over 18,600 complaints in one department of beauracracy. Last year in that same beauracracy there were 18,000 all year, but this is still too many. These local officials are throwing people into the streets with only a few dollars while they keep the money they were paid for the property.

They have decided to go to Sacramento and protest in front of the Capitol. In some areas, local police have taken to beating the evictees to the punch by being at their homes at 2 am, so they could not go to Sacramento.

In one area, they sent 600 police to awaken the people and throw them out of their homes that were bought and paid for, but the local government sold them. They used rubber bullets to get the people out and to control them. Six people were injured seriously enough to need treatment.

The Governor is aware of the situation, but he has no control over these officials. All the laws he passes, they ignore. He has no control. Are you feeling any anger? Good! Keep that anger. You know how you feel right now? Now read from RFA's Press Room what is happening all over China! They are very unstable, and people are talking as if there is something torid in the planning. You should be aware and not surprised when China attacks the USA. Remember, you heard it here. Show some outrage for injustice. Thank you.

Update: These areas are run by Democrats, so when they blame Republicans for throwing old people into the streets, please remember this.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Week one-preseason

All times are US/Eastern
Check your listings to find which games are playing on which channel!

Thursday, Sep. 9
Indianapolis at New England, 9:00 pm My pick is Indi.

Sunday, Sep. 12
1:00 pm
Arizona at St. Louis......My picks: Az
Baltimore at Cleveland................. Balt (?)
Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets................. NYJ
Detroit at Chicago.........................Det (?)
Jacksonville at Buffalo................. B (please!!!)
Oakland at Pittsburgh................. Oak
San Diego at Houston.................. H
Seattle at New Orleans................. Sea
Tampa Bay at Washington.......... Wash
Tennessee at Miami..................... Tn

4:15 pm
Atlanta at San Francisco.............. SF
Dallas at Minnesota..................... Mn
N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia......... Phili

8:30 pm
Kansas City at Denver.................. KC

Monday, Sep. 13
Green Bay at Carolina, 9:00 pm...GB

For more information on stats and players, please go to

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Hall of Fame Football Game

Today I am going to try to give as much information (and opinion!) as possible. I am getting my data from the NFL website. This way, you are free to call it the way you like!

On August 9, 2004, Denver Broncos will be playing the Washington Redskins at 8 pm for the Hall of Fame game. I believe that to be EST. I am a Redskins fan, but they seem to disappoint me every time I pick them to win. The Broncos have not been playing the same since Elway retired. I guess I will have to go with my Redskins.

The NFL is going to play 54 games in 25 days. Darn, I refuse to get cable! I do not find it necessary to allow people to rip me off! FREE TV! Nice campaign slogan, huh? NOT! Let the market decide. Everyone, stop paying your cable bill so I can get ESPN! Hey, if they start losing money, they will open up the market! Okay, okay, pay the stupid bill. I don't want to encourage theft!

Well, good luck to all of us football fans. May the best team win!

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Monday, August 2, 2004

Sports versus Politics

It appears that most of the comments I have received are for sports (which I love,) but no one seems interested, so far, in my political writings. That is fine. I am not complaining, just making an observation. I will, however, continue to cover politics.

Well, American Football season has started, and the guys are at their perspective training camps. New coaches, old coaches, rookies, vets, and let us not forget the ever diligent reporters! I am so excited. They will play 4 training games before the official season starts. I hope they allow people-who don't bother paying rip off cable fees-to see the games on regular TV. I want Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles (I know, fat chance!), or Green Bay Packers to win this year's Super Bowl. Hey, I can dream, can't I?!

I will have the results for every game in a format that I haven't actually figured out how to do, yet, but have no fear! When it comes to football, there is always a way! Keep tuning in!

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