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Sunday, September 5, 2004

Failure or Limitations

I don't believe I am capable of responding to the 3 attacks on the Russian people rationally. My anger will not allow me to "just give the facts." I am angry. I know that many people who stood in our way to fight terrorism are now being threatened. Do I hold it against them? Sort of. Will I be upset if they ask for help? No.

I have given this much thought, and the right thing to do is fight this war. This is not a time for revenge. How could I look into the eyes of one of those poor children and say no? I think we should take out Iran, Syria, Sudan, China-if they don't stop shipping the escaped N. Koreans back to hell, North Korea, and whoever else wants to side with the Axis of Evil. The time has come to make some very tough decisions.

It is also time to arrest and deport anyone who is not here legally and those who want to protest. They are not peaceful, they spit on our Military and are also terrorists. Geez, do ya think, maybe, a terrorist would have a hard time slipping into one of these groups? Many of these groups support Communism. Do you really want to fight Fascism and Communism on our shores again? I don't and won't. I vote to throw the bums out!

See? This is why I cannot write rationally. I am grateful that I am able to distinguish my limitations without that meaning that I am a failure

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