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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Radio Free Asia 3/28/2006

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U.S. Could Take 200 North Korean Refugees in 2006
The United States could process asylum claims for up to 200 North Koreans this year, a U.S. source tells RFA's Korean service, despite the unique difficulty of conducting required background probes into refugees from the world's most tightly closed country. “We will consider any North Koreans brought to our attention by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, by U.S. embassies and consulates, and by reputable nongovernmental organizations,” one U.S. source said...

China Releases Mao Portrait Protester After 17 Years
The last of three protesters jailed by the Chinese authorities for defacing the portrait of Mao Zedong during the 1989 demonstrations on Tiananmen Square is released after serving 17 years in jail. Former newspaper editor Yu Dongyue left Chishan Prison, Yuanjiang city in the central province of Hunan, under police escort, his mother Wu Pinghua told RFA’s Cantonese service. Asked about Yu Dongyue’s physical condition, his sister, Yu Rixia, told RFA's Mandarin service: “His health is not very good. He can not manage his own personal chores. The priority now is for him to adjust to the current situation and hope that his health can be gradually improved.”...

My apologies. This article is dated March 4, 2006.

Two weeks ahead of a new round of voting for Tibet's exile government, RFA's Tibetan service has begun a series of live broadcasts of election-related coverage. Thousands of exiled Tibetans are expected to cast ballots on March 18. Go to for detailed program guides.

Burma Blocks Humanitarian Prison Visits.
Burma’s military junta is blocking regular visits by representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and putting pressure on them to work in tandem with local groups approved by officials, RFA's Burmese service reports...

North Korean Refugees Head For Europe.
Increasing numbers of defectors from North Korea are finding their way to Europe, often after a marathon journey spanning several years and tens of thousands of miles—the result of a complex network of people-smugglers, defectors, and South Korean missionaries...

Turkey-based Publisher Keeps Uyghur Letters Alive.
A modest publishing house in Turkey is increasingly keeping the Uyghur language and culture alive from its place of exile, sending out volumes of poetry, history, and Islamic scholarship free of charge even as Beijing clamps down on the millions of Uyghurs under its control...

Vietnamese Journalist Questions 'Socialist Economy'.
A prominent Vietnamese journalist has called on the ruling Communist Party to do more to overhaul the country’s massive bureaucracy and "disoriented”economy and to clarify who runs Vietnam—party or state...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Iranian Woman to be Executed: Call Congress!

Calling all people who care about human rights and just plain decency. There is an issue at hand that the Iranian government is trying to slip under the eyes of the world community. They are planning to execute a woman for protecting her 15 year old daughter from being raped by her 'temporary' husband. This is going to happen on or before April 1, 2006.

They have already yielded to outside pressure once in this matter. Now, with our eyes on their nuclear program and interference in Iraq, they have raised this issue again. They have raised it to make a point to all women in Iran: You demonstrate for freedom, human rights, etc, this will happen to you! We must act.

Please call your Congressperson and Senators immediately. (Toll free 877-762-8762, President's comment line: 202-456-1111.) Make as much noise as you can. We cannot allow this to stand. Let us ban together in prayer and voice to free this woman. In turn, we will be on the side of all the women in Iran.

Here is one report I have received, and I was also alerted to this tragedy by Right Truth. Thank you.

A Daily Briefing On Iran:

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has yet again slated Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajooh for execution. Haghighat-Pajooh murdered her “temporary husband” for attempted rape of her 15-year-old daughter, from her first marriage and in 1997 was charged with murder, by the misogynist Mullah judiciary and sentenced to death.

Haghighat-Pajooh was originally scheduled for execution in 2002 however due to international pressure the execution was stayed. Once again however, the Islamic Republic of Iran's high tribunal has reinstated the ruling and has every intention of seeing the execution through.

Her execution, is reportedly scheduled to take place by or before April 1st, which is the last day of the Persian New Year.

According to various received reports, the Islamic regime is planning to execute her quietly so that any pressure from the international human rights groups can be foiled. The Islamic regime, fearing any further protests and challenges by Iranian women, plans to use Haghighat-Pajooh’s case in order to strike more fear and intimidation in the hearts of Iranian women.

Fatemeh’s daughter appeals to all freedom-loving people around the world as well as international human rights groups for immediate attention to her mother’s case.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The worshippers of death and the camel's nose

Please forgive me. I have had this one for a while, so I really should get around to publishing! This is another one by Jack Lewis, and it will outrage you. That is, if you think about it.

SUMMARY: British courts saved the life of a young boy whose doctors had tried to kill. The boy is not in a persistent vegetated state, but the doctors simply determine him to be "suffering" due to his paralyses. Quite a large step the worshippers of death are taking from their victory in the torture and murder of Terri Schiavo. They are serious about taking more ground in their war against life. But how much ground have they really won? The truth may amaze you.

TEXT: March 16, 2006
From the London Telegraph:
An 18-month-old terminally ill boy with an incurable condition should be kept alive, a High Court judge ruled.

Mr Justice Holman concluded in a 29-page judgment that it was not in the boy's best interests to withdraw life-saving ventilation. The boy, known only as MB, suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. He cannot breathe, chew or swallow and has been in intensive care since he was seven weeks old.

His doctors had gone to the court to seek to withdraw ventilation. It was the first time a court had been asked to make a life-or-death ruling on a patient who was not in a persistent vegetative state. The doctors had argued that the boy's life was "intolerable". One said that he would lose his ability to open his eyelids, probably within the next few months and would have growing problems with heart rate and blood pressure.

The judge, while expressing his "great and genuine respect" for the medical team, said the pleasures the boy enjoyed outweighed the discomfort and distress he suffered every day.
They might have lost this one, but the fact that they even tried shows they are on the move and looking to expand the types of people they can murder. Last year it was Terri Schiavo. This year they attempted more, and were turned back. They'll be back. [Continue reading.]

When calling one of my state legislatures about legislation that would prevent the murder of the disabled, I was told, "We don't need the government interfering in family decisions" The legislator said it with enough conviction that I knew I wouldn't get anywhere arguing with him. Sure I could have pointed out that the state meddles with family decisions all the time when it comes to children, why would the disabled be of less concern? What I've learned since then is that the idea of quietly helping someone, who is perceived to be suffering, to die is an idea that has already by and large been accepted by most Americans. It was a chilling realization. We are that far along the slippery slope toward another Nazi regime.

When Hitler came to power he wasn't enthusiastically endorsed by the German people—he was tolerated out of perceived necessity. As he slowly gained more power, they continued to tolerate it, since he also brought economic stability and a sense of national pride. He allowed them to shift their anger and resentment toward a scapegoat (the Jews) and by the time they realized the price they were expected to pay for his insanity was too high, it was far too late.

People like Boenhoffer and Niemoller tried to warn the German people, but were silenced permanently in the case of Boenhoffer, who was executed after Hitler accused him of attempting to assassinate him (an accusation curiously accepted as truth by historians, in spite of the lack of any evidence to support it). Niemoller escaped, which took him out of the position to further influence the German people.

Voices are crying today, warning of the dangers of belittling the value of human life, but those voices are being ignored and laws are being twisted, warped or just plain ignored in an effort to quietly remove those people whose existence most find inconvenient, just as the Germans found the Jews' existence inconvenient.

Martin Niemoller offered this warning to people everywhere...
In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionists. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I am protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.
It's a much misused quote, which is to be expected, but in this case it is exactly what Niemoller was speaking to. I have two children with a congenital condition serious enough that some have felt it their duty to attempt to use the government to prevent us from having more children, even though it is doubtful those same people could tell which of our children actually have the condition, even if they were to watch them for hours on end. When people demand the power of life and death over others, without demonstrating a healthy respect for life in general, is Nazism far behind? They came for Terri Schiavo, tortured her to death, and few spoke up because they found her uncomfortable to watch. They come for handicapped children, and most ignore it because it's not their child. But how long until it is your child? How long until it's you they come for?

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

JP's McCain 2008 PRO & CON Analysis

JP's thoughts on McCain in 2008, the pros and the cons. He has done some analysis, and I am going to post them here for him. If you like them, I suggest you link to his site. He is a very good writer!

JP's McCain 2008 PRO & CON Analysis


1. Has always been fiscally responsible, voting against pork, excessive spending, etc. He is currently working with Sen. Coburn to highlight each individual earmark.

2. Has consistently favored higher defense spending, favors a forward-leaning defense posture, and is one of the strongest defenders and communicators of our Long-War & War on Terror strategy in Afghanistan, Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. He agrees that advocating democracy and freedom can increase our peace and security over the long run. He understands the "neo-con" view of the world, of which I subscribe. This view holds that from 1945-2001, we supported dictators in the Middle East, which linked the US with those dictators, and caused the people to slowly turn against us because of the inherent corruption, poverty & joblessness that always results from dictatorships. This bad economic, political and social environment then fostered hatred & intolerance.

3. He has generally been pro-life, but much like my view, is not completely intolerant to the view that the woman should have control of her own person when there are mitigating circumstances. However, I believe strongly that states and the people within them should have the power to set their own laws when it comes to this issue and NOT judges, and he has recently said that he would sign the SD bill.

4. McCain has become much more of a party-supporter over the last 2 years. He campaigned vigorously for the President and many colleagues in 2004, and will do so again in 2006. I believe he has learned that bucking the party only gains him Dem friends, and he'll never be President without 85% of the GOP votes. It seems as though he has mended fences with the Bush administration and is also gaining in key-politicos and donor personnel. This will take time, but must be a focus.


1. McCain voted against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts in both the budget and separate votes. Although he supported the tax cuts in 2005, his view on this critical item is suspect and I demand more from a GOP Presidential candidate, especially when these cuts have been proven to both grow tax revenues and the economy over time. McCain may have some "evolving" to do on this issue, which it looks like he is trying to do, and this is critical for him to gain GOP votes. He has to get out in front of any potential tax reform efforts and lead to have any credibility, but CPR is possible here.

2. Freedom of speech issues are a problem as well. The campaign finance reform issue was a big one for McCain, and I am fully against limiting individual contributions. However, McCain Feingold was a boon for the GOP in that it did double the hard-dollar limits. My view is that both corporate and union money should be banned completely, and that individual limits should be doubled again, but this will never happen. This issue is a problem for McCain, and I don't see him fixing GOP opinion much here.

3. Judges is the 3rd problem for McCain. He brokered the "gang of 14" which did help to confirm some of the blocked appeals court nominees, and ensured Alito and Roberts passage, but the agreement appeared to many GOP faithful to be another cave to the left. He needs to be a forceful advocate for "judicial restraint" and come out aggressively against any liberal judicial rulings over the next 2 years.

4. Because he has bucked GOP orthodoxy so many times over the past 5 years, there is little trust in McCain from the GOP grassroots. This can be overcome, but must be a long-term effort that is consistent and visible.

GOP Competitors:

Rudy Giuliani has a shot, but McCain is much more socially conservative. Head to head, John would win 2-1.

George Allen is a popular, gregarious fellow, but I think he's probably just a bit too much like President Bush in personality & communication style. Now matter how much I like GWB, I think the broader electorate will probably be looking for something a bit different.

Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee are good conservatives but would need $1 Billion apiece just to get the Name Recognition that McCain already has. Both will lose to most DEMs.

Governor & former Olympics coordinator Mitt Romney is probably the most likely competitor down the stretch, although he is also a bit unknown. However, his strong showing at the SRLC in Tennessee opened a lot of eyes. He is socially conservative, balanced a huge budget deficit in Massachusetts without a tax hike, and has pretty good organization already set. He is running, and I think will be the conservative challenger to McCain.

Condi Rice or JEB Bush would be fantastic Presidents, both, but I believe neither are running. Both might be running for VEEP, and both would make fantastic running mates.

Pataki and the rest of the also-rans should drop their thoughts of running. They don't have a shot at beating any one of the above names. Oh I forgot Bill Frist, sorry. That should give you some idea of what I think of his chancesssssszzzzzzzz

GOP Nomination Summary:

I think McCain has the best shot right now at winning the GOP nomination in 2008. Independents love him, and he gain win back most of the GOP, if he works consistently & patiently over the next 2.5 years to show that he has both learned that some of his prior positions were incorrect and that he is a more Conservative politician than the GOP grassroots think he is.

DEM Competitors:
Hillary is most likely the nominee, but Mark Warner wil be her credible challenger from the "center-left", Russ Feingold will be the competitor from the liberal quarter, and a DEM Latino governor from the southwest (New Mexico) named Bill Richardson gives me the willies, but it seems as though he is too disorganized and childish (read: Bill Clinton) to have a credible shot at anything but VEEP. Any one of these candidates will get 48% guaranteed in the General, and Hillary or Warner could get 49%. 2008

GENERAL Conclusion:

McCain will win if he runs a credible campaign, and could win by more than GWB in 2004. If Romney is the nominee, the race is closer, he has to run a perfect campaign, and any other GOP candidate could likely lose.

Editors Note: I hope not! ;)

Update: (6/6/09) Boy, wasn't this a crock? Who wrote this? JP, how could you! *sigh*

Monday, March 6, 2006

Should the Axis of Evil be Extended to Chavez?

Chavez has been going to NK and has a 'Friendship and Cultural Association' pact with NK, Iran, and Hizbollah. He has ambitions for nuclear proliferations, and I hope he is stopped before it is too late.

Iran already has plans to ship missles to Chavez in oil tankers so as not to be suspected. If Iran is going to do this, wouldn't that mean they have them to ship? Hmm.

This information can be found in an article written by Kenneth Rijock, Investigative Report, La Nueva Cuba, March 6, 2006.

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