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Monday, August 31, 2009

No Sharia In America

If it takes my dieing breath, there shall be no sharia in America. I'm asking you not to take my word for this, I want you to watch this video: Officer Does Not Like anti-Obama Poster: "It ain't [America] no more, OK?" courtesy of DissentFromDayOne and this video: Arab Festival 2009: Sharia in the US courtesy of Acts17Apologetics.

Hell shall come to earth and announce itself before anything like this is allowed. If you are not as outraged as I am, may I ask you question? What the hell is wrong with you? You must watch these videos. It is the only way to understand my outrage.

I go away for the first time since I got here (except to visit home and go on mission trips) to a Tea Party, and I come home to this? Not on my watch. Not on yours either, I hope. I must read something else now to calm down. Have a nice down.

Update: This memo was just received:

"Wesley Cheeks is NOT a Fairfax County police officer; he is a security officer employed by the Fairfax County Public Schools. You may go to to contact the School's Department of Communication and Community Outreach concerning this matter. They may also be reached by phone at 571-423-1200.

Thank you.

Patti Smylie
Administrative Assistant to Chief Rohrer
Fairfax County Police Department"

For the second video:

Subject: Attack on Free Speech in Dearborn, Michigan Nabeel Qureshi and David Wood asking questions at Arabfest, Dearborn, MI June 21st, 2009.

Direct your complaints about the behavior of "Security" at the June 21, 2009 'Arab Festival' in Dearborn to:

Mayor John B. O'Reilly, Jr.
General Information 313.943.2300

If you wish to contact more people who can do something about this, here are some emails and numbers:

DEARBORN, MI City Council Members:
Thomas P. Tafelski 313.943.2405
Nancy A. Hubbard 313.943.2403
Doug Thomas 313.943.2407
Suzanne Sareini 313.943.2404
Mark Shooshanian 313.943.2406
Robert A. Abraham 313.943.2408
George T. Darany 313.943.2402

Hat tip: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC).

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

Troops capture key Taliban leaders

CJTF 82 Public Affairs.

BAGRAM AIRFIELD (Aug. 31, 2009) – Afghan forces and NATO-led International Security Assistance troops captured two key Taliban leaders, including a commander, during a joint operation in the Kanday village of Chapa Dara district in Afghanistan’s Kunar province Aug. 29.

Qari Azimullah is a Taliban commander in the district, and has been directly linked to several roadside-bomb attacks in the province, one of which resulted in the recent death of a U.S. servicemember.

A second captured man is another suspected Taliban leader in the area who also has been linked to bombings in Kunar province, officials said.

Two additional men were detained. A large weapons cache, including a suicide vest and bomb-making materials, was seized during the operation.

Afghan and ISAF troops protected several women and children who were nearby during the operation when insurgents began firing weapons at troops in the village. No civilians, Afghan troops or ISAF soldiers were killed or injured during the operation, officials said.

Source: CENTCOM.

'Ragged Old Flag'

Hat tip: Dominic R. Eritano.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

After Action Report: March On Sacramento 8/28

I'm home! WOW, what a day. I went up on Greyhound, and there were so many people there. People from everywhere, from every political party, and it was the most peaceful rally you could imagine. Too bad the Assemblycritters didn't think so. Nope. We scared them away. hahaha.

There is a nice write-up (if I do say so myself) over at Long Beach Patriots. THere is a great video linked there. I highly recommend it. It was done by Camera Horse, and they have no affiliation with the Tea Party Express either. For legal reasons, neither do we. But if we were ACORN, we could do anything! Getting off track, eh?

No, that is the track we are on. We are tired of corruption and ignorance of our Constitution for which these critters take an oath they know nothing about and never live up to. We the People are fed up, and we are not going to sit by and take it anymore. Game's on...

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Founders' Daily Quote(s): 8/24-28/09

Monday, August 24, 2009.
"We are, heart and soul, friends to the freedom of the press. It is however, the prostituted companion of liberty, and somehow or other, we know not how, its efficient auxiliary. It follows the substance like its shade; but while a man walks erect, he may observe that his shadow is almost always in the dirt. It corrupts, it deceives, it inflames. It strips virtue of her honors, and lends to faction its wildfire and its poisoned arms, and in the end is its own enemy and the usurper's ally, It would be easy to enlarge on its evils. They are in England, they are here, they are everywhere. It is a precious pest, and a necessary mischief, and there would be no liberty without it." --Fisher Ames, Review of the Pamphlet on the State of the British Constitution, 1807.

Tue. 8/25.
"To the haranguers of the populace among the ancients, succeed among the moderns your writers of political pamphlets and news-papers, and your coffee-house talkers." --Benjamin Franklin, Reply to Coffee House Orators, 1767

Wed. 8/26.
"Newspapers ... serve as chimnies to carry off noxious vapors and smoke." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Thaddeus Kosciusko, 1802

Thu. 8/27.
"The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men." --Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren November 4, 1775

Fri. 8/28.
"It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor. A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution." --Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia Query 19, 1781

I see the so-called 'newspapers' of today reflect their dreary past: "...a precious pest, and a necessary mischief, and there would be no liberty without it." Ha.

Source: Patriot Post.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

If You Can't Make The March, You Can Still Help

There are some numbers to be called, e-mails so they can hear your voice, and faxes to know your urgency. You will find this information over at Long Beach Patriots. We need all the help you can offer us. You have been so magnificent in the past. Let's do it again. Thank you, and God bless you.

PS. Sacramento here I come! ;)

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Somali Pirates Fire on Navy Helicopter

Office of the Secretary of Defense Public Affairs.

WASHINGTON - Somali pirates aboard a hijacked ship fired at a U.S. Navy helicopter yesterday, Navy officials said.

According to the Navy, the helicopter from the USS Chancellorsville was not hit, and there were no injuries. The helicopter did not return fire.

The chopper received fire while on a surveillance flight over a Taiwanese-flagged vessel that pirates had captured in April. Footage taken from the SH-60B helicopter shows at least one pirate opening fire with what appears to be "a large-caliber weapon," officials said.

Somali pirates hijacked the Taiwanese-flagged Win Far vessel, April 6, and since have used it as a "mother ship" to conduct attacks, most notably on the U.S.-flagged Maersk-Alabama in April. The incident occurred in the Indian Ocean south of Garacad, Somalia, where the Win Far is anchored.

During the flight, the aircrew members observed pirate activity, but did not confirm they were fired on until their return to Chancellorsville and review of the infrared surveillance footage. The helicopter was about 3,000 yards from Win Far when it happened.


Okay, I have some questions that I hope you Vets and Active Duty guys and gals can help me with. Number one, what kind of a weapon can do damage to our helicopers 3000 yards away? Number two, why did they not shoot back? Was it for the safety of the Tiewanese captives? Do you really think they're still alive? Why don't we just take that ship back?

There are many things I do not understand about this. Is it President Obama's policy not to do anything? Oh, wouldn't want to disturb any of his 'friends'. This sure is frustrating. Thanks.

Source: DVIDSHub.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Former insurgents gain employment in Iraq

by John J. Kruzel
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Aug. 27, 2009) – Several years ago, tens of thousands of Sunni fighters considered themselves enemies of the Iraqi government and its U.S. conspirators, but after switching allegiances, these former insurgents now are filling the ranks of Iraq’s ministries and armed forces

The Sons of Iraq meet with U.S. Soldiers for reconciliation at Joint Security Station War Eagle, in Baghdad.Thousands of these “Sons of Iraq” — the moniker given to those Sunni combatants who defected from insurgent groups to fight alongside U.S. and Iraqi security forces — recently gained employment as government workers in Baghdad. Another 13,000 have jobs as Iraqi policemen or soldiers.

Though once part of the al-Qaida-aligned resistance in Iraq, these fighters left the insurgency in droves in 2007 amid the surge of U.S. troops, notably in Anbar province as part of a broader movement that was later dubbed the Anbar “Awakening,” or “Sahwa.”

“It started with the Sahwa movement where the Sunni Iraqis recognized the true nature of al-Qaida,” Army Maj. Gen. John Johnson, deputy commander for Multinational Corps Iraq, told reporters in a news conference today. “They rejected that ideology and ultimately stood side by side with their countrymen and with U.S. forces to bring al-Qaida to the point they're at today.”

All told, the Iraqi government hopes to hire the entire 89,000-strong Sons of Iraq force. Though less than one-fifth has been hired, Baghdad continues to integrate the forces into their ranks, Johnson said, providing a progress update on the Sons of Iraq today.

“There was the recent transfer of over 3,300 Sons of Iraq into 18 government of Iraq ministries,” he said. “These examples help illustrate the maturing capabilities and strength of the government and its security forces.”

About 20 percent, or nearly 18,000 Sons of Iraq, will enlist as members of the Iraqi security forces when the rounds of hiring are complete.

“It's pretty amazing when you think about the level of sacrifice that these men have made for their country,” Johnson said. “And it's important to recognize that they're an integral part of the security for this country.”

In the past, bureaucratic and budgetary issues created problems related to salaries paid to the Sons of Iraq. But Johnson said the Iraqi government has taken steps to rectify these lapses and reimburse wages lost.

“Here in this last month, the Sons of Iraq were paid double pay to catch them up from back pay to make sure that they have what they deserve for helping with the security of this country,” he said.

Though many are still waiting for jobs within the Iraqi government, Johnson said, they see signs of progress with the hiring of fellow Sons of Iraq. He noted that the former insurgents are proud to take a stake in their country’s security.

“They see that their brothers are moving into ministerial jobs,” he said. “They also see that many of them have moved into the security forces. So I think that they see this progress, and they're willing to continue to participate in providing security until it's their turn to be moved into governmental jobs.

“From talking to the Sons of Iraq and from talking with our commanders who work with them daily, I think they're very proud of the job they're doing in assisting with the security here,” he said.

Source: CENTCOM.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Petraeus: 'Tough fighting' ahead in Afghanistan

by John J. Kruzel
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Aug. 26, 2009) – The commander of U.S. Central Command said tough fighting lies ahead in Afghanistan, where the Taliban and other extremists have expanded their strength and influence, but he cautioned that success there demands more than battlefield victories.

With violence reaching peak levels this summer, reversing enemy security gains will require sustained commitment from U.S. and multinational forces, Army Gen. David H. Petraeus told the American Legion in Louisville, Ky., yesterday.

“Despite important achievements in various areas, given the deterioration in the security situation, an enormous amount of hard work and tough fighting lie ahead in Afghanistan,” Petraeus said in his prepared remarks.

Nearly eight years into the war in Afghanistan, Petraeus said the primary objective remains clear: to ensure that transnational extremists such as al-Qaida are not able to re-establish the sanctuaries they had prior to the 9/11 attacks. But more than just killing or capturing terrorists and extremists, he added, the mission requires a counterinsurgency campaign akin to the strategy he oversaw as the top U.S. commander in Iraq -- an effort that placed greater focus on securing the population.

“And that is exactly what our troopers, along with their Afghan, NATO and other international partners, are intent on executing,” he said. About 62,000 American and 38,000 allied forces are deployed to Afghanistan.

Petraeus gave a snapshot of the counterinsurgency tactics that troops are carrying out: rebuilding communities recently cleared of insurgents, developing Afghan security forces, flipping “reconcilable” insurgent members into allies and stemming the flow of illegal drugs.

“They are also working with our civilian partners in helping to foster the growth of Afghan governance so it can achieve legitimacy in the eyes of the people,” he added. “Our troopers’ hard work has, despite the increase in violence, paid dividends in a number of areas.”

Multinational troops last week aided Afghan security forces in protecting some 6,000 polling stations during the country’s national election, the first such balloting in Afghanistan in 30 years. The polling results are expected to be announced by Sept. 17, defense officials said.

“Despite widespread Taliban threats and numerous attacks, millions of Afghan citizens stepped forward to vote for their next president and for provincial councils,” Petraeus said.

Citing counterinsurgency successes since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, Petraeus highlighted a 600 percent increase in the number of students -- matched by a seven-fold increase in trained teachers -- at thousands of newly constructed schools, and other achievements in building roads, hospitals and the nation’s physical and political infrastructure.

At the same time, however, Petraeus said the Taliban and other elements of the so-called extremist syndicate have expanded their strength and influence, demanding a sustained push from those engaged in counterinsurgency efforts in Afghanistan.

“Reversing the downward trend in security in particular will require sustained, substantial commitment from all involved,” he said.

Source: CENTCOM.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sen Kennedy Dead At 77, RIP

There are many issues for which the Senator and I disagreed, and there were many personal attributes for which I did not approve, but I will not speak of them of today. Senator Ted Kennedy was in the Senate long as I've been alive I would imagine. He wielded much power, he had many friends as well as many who did not like him, he had family for whom I pray they find Comfort from the Great Comforter, and we shall miss him. May you rest in peace,

Senator. No more arguments, no more debates, no more campaigns. Oh my, what will you do?! You will find what you tried to create here on earth. Hope, Love, Christ. Good-bye for now...

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

Overheard Physicians Talking

Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the Best Patients to operate on.

The first surgeon, from New York , says, 'I like to see Accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, Everything inside is numbered.'

The second, from Chicago, responds, 'Yeah, but you should try Electricians! Everything inside them is color coded..'

The third surgeon, from Dallas, says, 'No, I really think librarians Are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order'

The fourth surgeon, from LosAngeles chimes in: 'You know, I like Construction workers...Those guys always understand when you have a few Parts left over.

But the fifth surgeon, from Washington , DC shut them all up when he Observed: 'You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine. Plus, The head and the butt are interchangeable.

Hat tip: Pete from Texas and Geri.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Time To March!

Yes, it is time to march on Sacramento, California, to tell these politicians to stop their eco-terrorism, give us our prosperity back by leaving us alone, let us the water that is ours, and get the heck out of our way. We're coming, we're angry, we want our money back! Go get 'em Patriots!

The link to choose to read the article I've written to help and to get to the March on Sacramento is below. There is enough help needed to go around, so come on. Let's take our state back. After all, it IS our state, not the politicians. Thank you, and God bless your families and yourselves.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

H/t: Long Beach Patriots. Digg! Digg!

Troops disrupt insurgent communications

CJTF 82 Public Affairs.

WASHINGTON (Aug. 24, 2009) – U.S. forces conducted an air assault to disrupt insurgent communication and an Afghan civilian thwarted a bomb attack in operations in Afghanistan Sunday, military officials reported.

U.S. soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division’s 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, conducted an air assault to disrupt insurgent communication in southern Afghanistan’s Kandahar province.

Soldiers rush down the side of a mountain to board a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter after conducting an operation to disrupt insurgent communication in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province.Two Black Hawk helicopters from 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade inserted and extracted troops along the harsh terrain. The force used two-wheel landings, which allowed the troops to dismount and execute their mission.

“Insertion of troops [by helicopter] allows ground forces freedom of maneuver in locations where harsh terrain is a factor,” said Army Capt. Joe Daigle, commander of Company C, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, who served as a pilot during the operation. “We take these teams to their mission site and pull them out safely, minimizing their time on the ground.”

Army Capt. Matthew Bebo, the battalion’s liaison officer, said the operation made an impact. “The disruption caused by this operation will have a great effect in Kandahar province,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Sundurwa village resident stopped insurgents from emplacing a homemade bomb on a highly travelled road in Laghman province’s Alingar district.

One insurgent fled the scene. The resident apprehended another insurgent and delivered the suspect to the Alingar police, who transferred him to the province’s Afghan National Police headquarters for questioning.

The incident marked the third time in five days that villagers in Nuristan and Laghman provinces have prevented insurgents from attacking their villages, officials said.

Source: CENTCOM.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama congratulates Afghans on election

by John D. Banusiewicz
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Aug. 21, 2009) – President Barack Obama praised the courage of the Afghan people for participating in last week’s national election despite threats by the Taliban to disrupt the process.

“Over the last few days — and particularly yesterday — we've seen acts of violence and intimidation by the Taliban, and there may be more in the days to come,” the president said. “We knew that the Taliban would try to derail this election. Yet even in the face of this brutality, millions of Afghans exercised the right to choose their leaders and determine their own destiny. And as I watched the election, I was struck by their courage in the face of intimidation, and their dignity in the face of disorder.”

An Afghan elder shows his purple inked finger to indicate that he voted during the heavily anticipated Afghanistan elections Aug. 20.Obama called the election “an important step forward in the Afghan people's effort to take control of their future, even as violent extremists are trying to stand in their way.”

It was the first democratic election run by Afghans in more than three decades, with more than 30 presidential candidates and more than 3,000 provincial council candidates running for office, including a record number of women, the president noted. Some 6,000 polling stations were open around the country, and Afghan national security forces took the lead in providing security, he added.

“There is a clear contrast between those who seek to control their future at the ballot box and those who kill to prevent that from happening,” Obama said. “Once again, extremists in Afghanistan have shown themselves willing to murder innocent Muslims -- men, women and children — to advance their aims.

“But I believe that the future belongs to those who want to build — not those who want to destroy. And that is the future that was sought by the Afghans who went to the polls, and the Afghan national security forces who protected them.”

The president emphasized that the United States did not support any candidate in this election. “Our only interest was the result fairly, accurately reflecting the will of the Afghan people, and that is what we will continue to support as the votes are counted, and we wait for the official results from the Afghan Independent Electoral Commission and the Electoral Complaints Commission,” he said.

Obama also praised the American servicemembers and civilians serving in Afghanistan.

“Our men and women in uniform are doing an extraordinary job in Afghanistan. So are the civilians who serve by their side,” he said. “All of them are in our thoughts and prayers, as are their families back home. This is not a challenge that we asked for -- it came to our shores when al-Qaida launched the 9/11 attacks from Afghanistan. But America, our allies and partners -- and above all, the Afghan people — share a common interest in pursuing security, opportunity, and justice.”

Meanwhile, he added, the United States will continue to work with its Afghan partners to strengthen security, governance and opportunity in Afghanistan.

“Our goal is clear: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaida and their extremist allies,” the president said. “That goal will be achieved — and our troops will be able to come home — as Afghans continue to strengthen their own capacity, and take responsibility for their own future.”

Source: CENTCOM.

Founders' Daily Quote(s): 8/17-21/09

Monday, August 17, 2009.
"No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand, which conducts the Affairs of men more than the People of the United States. Every step, by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation, seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency." --George Washington, First Inaugural Address, April 30, 1789

Tue. 8/18.
"I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Charles Jarvis, 1820

Wed. 8/19.
"It is an unquestionable truth, that the body of the people in every country desire sincerely its prosperity. But it is equally unquestionable that they do not possess the discernment and stability necessary for systematic government. To deny that they are frequently led into the grossest of errors, by misinformation and passion, would be a flattery which their own good sense must despise." --Alexander Hamilton, speech to the Ratifying Convention of New York, 1788

Thu. 8/20.
"Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." --Declaration of Independence.

Fri. 8/21.
"The pyramid of government-and a republican government may well receive that beautiful and solid form-should be raised to a dignified altitude: but its foundations must, of consequence, be broad, and strong, and deep. The authority, the interests, and the affections of the people at large are the only foundation, on which a superstructure proposed to be at once durable and magnificent, can be rationally erected." --James Wilson, Legislative Department, 1804.

Great quotes. So true are these words that their wisdom still amazes me. A republic...if we can keep it. Let's do it.

Source: Patriot Post.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


There are some wonderful videos for you today. Let's get right to it.

New Videos from idfnadesk.
Hamas Terrorist Hides Behind White Flag Gaza 8 January 2009.
Hamas Terrorist Hides Behind White Flag Gaza 8 January 2009.

New Videos from thefairreporter.
Obama admits socialist goals.

New Videos from machosauceproduction.
Zo Flagged and Bagged.
Weapons Down Hands Up.

New Videos from unclejimbomadcity.
Infamous Abu Ghraib skank Lynndie England a no show.

Have a blessed day.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

President pledges to increase pressure in Afghanistan

by Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Aug. 20, 2009) – President Barack Obama pledged Thursday to keep ramping up pressure on insurgents in Afghanistan, citing developments aimed at “squeezing them from both sides” to ultimately “flush them out.”

Obama spoke primarily about health-care reform during a call-in program with Michael Smerconish from Philadelphia radio station WPHT. But recognizing the significance of Thursday’s Afghan national elections, Smerconish pressed the president to assess where things stand in the war on terror.

The president cited what he said appears to have been a successful election despite Taliban efforts to disrupt it. He also pointed to new leadership under Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, and additional U.S. and NATO International Security Assistance Force troops who are putting pressure on insurgents operating in the east and south.

In addition, Obama noted, “you’ve got the Pakistani army for the first time actually fighting in a very aggressive way.”

“That’s how we took out Baitullah Mehsud, the top Taliban leader in Pakistan, who was also one of [al-Qaida leader Osama] bin Laden's key allies,” he said. Mehsud was killed by a missile strike earlier this month.

“We are continuing to ramp up the pressure in Afghanistan,” Obama said. “The goal here is essentially to have a pincher, where we are squeezing them on both sides. We're eliminating their allies. It’s making it more difficult for them to communicate, making it more difficult for them to operate safe havens. And over time, what we hope to do is to flush them out. We are going to keep on putting pressure on them.”

Obama conceded that these efforts come at a great cost. He noted that he signs letters of condolence to families of fallen servicemembers, and recognizes that “a lot more are falling in Afghanistan than in Iraq.”

“As a consequence, we've got to make sure that we are really focused on finishing the job in Afghanistan,” he said. “But it's going to take some time.”

Source: CENTCOM.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gates, Mullen use new media to hear from troops, public

by Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Aug. 19, 2009) – Got questions you’d like to pose directly to the defense secretary or chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Now is your chance!

Robert M. Gates and Navy Adm. Mike Mullen have launched interactive, virtual town hall sessions through the Internet.

The initiatives are part of a broad administration effort to connect more closely with the military, the American public and people overseas. The goal, officials explained, is to provide a forum for people to ask questions or offer suggestions or insights and get direct feedback.

The new Defense Department home page that went live this week features a prominently placed “Ask the Secretary” section. Anyone visiting -- military members, American citizens, people overseas -- can submit a question to Gates.

Questions will be accepted for two weeks, then participants in the town hall will have another two weeks to vote on the questions submitted. The secretary will answer the five to 10 questions that top the list.

Meanwhile, Mullen launched an “Ask the Chairman” venue yesterday that enables anyone to pose a question to him via YouTube. The virtual town hall is open to everyone, whether they’re in the military or a military family or simply care about military issues, officials said.

Viewers can ask questions about whatever is on their minds -- the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, what the military is doing for wounded warriors and families, the new Post-9/11 GI Bill or another topic of interest -- by visiting

“The chairman really wants to have a conversation with the troops akin to the way he does all-hands calls at bases all over the world,” Navy Capt. John Kirby, Mullen’s public affairs officer, told American Forces Press Service. "He wanted that conversation to be as interactive as possible and reflective of what is on their minds.”

Aug. 31 is the deadline to submit video questions. After the deadline, Mullen will watch questions submitted by YouTube viewers, then respond in a podcast, officials said.

Price Floyd, principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, said taking advantage of new media tools will enable Pentagon leaders to engage in an important two-way conversation with the public.

“We do live in a democracy, and that feedback from people is important to know what they’re thinking, what they believe is important,” he said. “It’s their national security policy, it’s not ours. It’s theirs. The president was elected, and he appointed people here at the Defense Department to lead, but it starts with the American people.”

The White House is planning a similar interactive venue for President Barack Obama to take questions directly from U.S. troops deployed in the U.S. Central Command area of operations.

Source: CENTCOM.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

News Update On 8.28 Tea Party

I have been busy trying to get information to the people who've come out for the prior Tea Parties. Maybe I should have started here? Well, here is what has been happening.

March On Sacramento Tea Party.

Promo Video!

What? You thought I would tell you here? Well, I could have, but then who would look at my new site, Long Beach Patriots? ;)

Have a great evening.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Afghans will vote despite violence, general says

by Staff Sgt. Michael J. Carden
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Aug. 18, 2009) – Despite the wave of violence this week in Afghanistan’s capital, military officials there believe Afghans will turn out to vote in their national election Aug. 20, a spokesman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force said Tuesday.

Suicide bombings in Kabul today and Aug. 15 killed three ISAF troops, several Afghan soldiers, United Nations employees and more than 50 innocent civilians, Canadian Defense Force Brig. Gen. Eric Tremblay said in a video news conference from Afghanistan.

Insurgents have stepped up their attacks from about 30 to more than 40 per day in the past four days, Tremblay told Pentagon reporters. The highest number of attacks for one day during that period is 48, he said. Although that seems like a large number, the general explained, Afghanistan’s election commission expects to open an estimated 6,500 polling stations throughout the country, meaning insurgents would have to launch at least 65 attacks to affect even 1 percent of the polling stations.

“Clearly, [insurgents] do not have the capacity to intimidate and prevent 15 million Afghans from voting,” the general said. “This incident, once again, proves that the insurgents have no respect for the Afghan population as they continue to use indiscriminate and [disproportionate] violence to advance their ideology and extremist views against the citizens of Afghanistan.”

More than 90,000 Afghan soldiers and 47,000 police are expected to be on hand conducting security operations on Aug. 20. The Afghan defense ministry’s plan calls for police to provide direct security at the polls, with the army positioned in outlying areas as a contingent force. ISAF troops will be standing by as a last resort with ground and aerial capabilities.

Afghan security forces have been training and preparing for election day security for months, participating in national and regional exercises, Tremblay said. Also, ISAF and Afghan troops have stepped up operations in Taliban strongholds in the eastern and southern parts of the country.

“The objectives of these operations and preparations were to minimize and mitigate the risk to the lowest levels possible,” he said. “Despite the best plans in place, there will always be some residual risk. This is especially the case in a complex environment like Afghanistan.”

Attacks are almost a certainty on Aug. 20, but in spite of the best efforts by the Taliban and insurgents to drive Afghans from the polls, they’re likely not going to make a difference, he said.

“Chances are, when you're looking purely at statistics, they’re not going to be able to attack even 1 percent of the entire polling sites in this country,” Tremblay said.

ISAF officials expect 85 to 95 percent of Afghanistan's 15 million registered voters to make it to the polls -- not entirely because of security efforts, Tremblay said, but because of their desire to take part in their country’s political process.

“The Afghans have expressed very clearly their will and their determination to vote, and we will continue to support them so that they can freely exercise their right to choose their next president and their provincial representatives,” the general said. “It is now for the Afghans themselves to decide their future.”

Source: CENTCOM.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Tribute To Our Heroes

While we are fighting the good fight against Congress and the president, we must never forget those who are far away from home fighting the good fight for our very lives. It is to them this tribute is sent.

Just in case the link goes wacky, you can watch it on YouTube.

Yes, they are my heroes. I pray they are yours as well. Have a blessed day.

Hat tip: Pastor Ed.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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SFC Jared C. Monti Awarded MoH Posthumously

I've just learned that a Conservative blogger and talk radio show host, Pundit Review, and a leading Liberal blogger site, Blue Mass Group have decided to join forces (as it were) to raise money for the Jared C. Monti Scholarship Fund.

So who was SFC Jared Monti, and what did he do to deserve the highest achievement of all, the Medal of Honor?
When SFC Monti realized that a member of the patrol, Private First Class (PFC) Brian J. Bradbury, was critically wounded and exposed 10 meters from cover, without regard for his personal safety, he advanced through enemy fire to within three feet of PFC Bradbury’s position. But he was forced back by intense RPG fire. He tried again to secure PFC Bradbury, but he was forced to stay in place again as the enemy intensified its fires.

The remaining patrol members coordinated covering fires for SFC Monti, and he advanced a third time toward the wounded Soldier. But he only took a few steps this time before he was mortally wounded by an RPG. About the same time, the indirect fires and CAS he called for began raining down on the enemy’s position. The firepower broke the enemy attack, killing 22 enemy fighters. SFC Monti’s actions prevented the patrol’s position from being overrun, saved his team’s lives and in spired his men to fight on against overwhelming odds.
A remarkable man he was, and his legacy should continue. That is why I, even being on the other side of our beautiful country, am joining forces with them in contributing to the scholarship and asking others to do the same. Please blog about this if you have a blog, write about this is you have a website. Below you will find information so that you also may contribute.

Jared C. Monti Scholarship Fund
c/o Bristol County Savings Bank
108 N. Main Street
Raynham, MA 02767

Entering its fourth year of operation, the Jared C. Monti Scholarship Fund helps deserving young people with funds for college. You can learn about previous scholarship winners here.

If you noticed on Kevin's site, there was also a box that included his radio show link. I could not for the life of me get that link for you. If you did not go to Kevin's site (Pundit Review), please do. Leave him a nice comment as well. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Pundit Review.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Petraeus visits Kyrgyzstan-based troops

by Staff Sgt. Olufemi Owolabi
376th Air Expeditionary Wing

MANAS, Kyrgyzstan — Making a brief stop here, the U.S. Central Command Commander Gen. David Petraeus visited men and women at the Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan, Aug. 16.

During his visit, Petraeus briefed service members and coalition forces deployed to the Transit Center as well as talked about the roles they play, serving as the gateway for personnel transiting in and out of Afghanistan.

"What you're doing here has directly enabled all that is going on in Afghanistan," Petraeus said.

During the briefing at Pete's Place, Petraeus answered questions from Airmen and asked leadership for thoughts on improving the Center.

The general had high praise for Manas members.

"You are America," Petraeus said. "Your actions and what you've done recently in particular, such as helping the citizens of this country, the Birdik School and other local schools, are fostering a great positive relationship between the United States and Kyrgyzstan. You actions are very impressive."

He personally thanked Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines here for their hardwork and service, and reminded them to extend his thanks to their families too for the sacrifices they make every day.

After the briefing, Petraeus took time to visit the Personnel Support for Contingency Operations tent where he met with and coined Soldiers transiting on their way to Afghanistan. He also took time to visit the transient living area, where he shook hands and talked with service members transiting through, either on their way home or going to Afghanistan.

The general's visit here culminated at the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing Headquarters Building, where he was greeted by, Col. Adam Dabrowski, 376th AEW vice commander. Before his departure, Petraeus spent some time with the Director of the Transit Center, Col. Blaine Holt, who is also the commander of the 376th AEW.

Source: CENTCOM.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

After Action Report 8/15/09

To read the after action report of our Tea Party that we had yesterday, please read it here. Thank you.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Founders' Daily Quote(s): 8/10-14/09

Monday, August 10, 2009.
"Repeal that [welfare] law, and you will soon see a change in their manners. St. Monday and St. Tuesday, will soon cease to be holidays. Six days shalt thou labor, though one of the old commandments long treated as out of date, will again be looked upon as a respectable precept; industry will increase, and with it plenty among the lower people; their circumstances will mend, and more will be done for their happiness by inuring them to provide for themselves, than could be done by dividing all your estates among them." --Benjamin Franklin, letter to Collinson, 1753

Tue. 8/11.
"Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition." --Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, Query 19, 1781

Wed. 8/12.
"What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value." --Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No. 1, 1776

Thu. 8/13.
"Can you then consent to be the only sufferers by this revolution, and retiring from the field, grow old in poverty, wretchedness and contempt? Can you consent to wade through the vile mire of dependency, and owe the miserable remnant of that life to charity, which has hitherto been spent in honor? If you can -- GO -- and carry with you the jest of tories and scorn of whigs -- the ridicule, and what is worse, the pity of the world. Go, starve, and be forgotten!" --George Washington, letter to the Officers of the Army, 1783

Fri. 8/14.
"[W]hy give through agents whom we know not, to persons whom we know not, and in countries from which we get no account, where we can do it at short hand, to objects under our eye, through agents we know, and to supply wants we see?" --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Michael Megear, 1823

It sure doesn't appear that anyone, leastwise General and first President of the United States, desired anything like the welfare system we have in place these days. They would probably roll over in their graves if they could see what has happened to our wonderful country.

Source: Patriot Post.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gates: U.S. must strengthen ties with Pakistan

by Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Aug. 13, 2009) — The United States must maintain relationships with Pakistan for the long term to build trust between the nations, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here Thursday.

A new public opinion poll in Pakistan says that only 9 percent of Pakistanis see the United States as a partner, while 64 percent see America as the enemy.

The poll is disturbing to defense leaders, but not surprising. “First of all, one of the reasons that the Pakistanis have concerns about us is that we walked away from them twice,” Gates said during a Pentagon news conference. The United States left Pakistan after the Soviets left Afghanistan, and later in the 1990s cut off military contacts with Pakistan in response to Pakistan’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

“So, our military-to-military relations were significantly interrupted,” Gates said. “I think that the Pakistanis, with some legitimacy, question how long are we prepared to stay there?”

The Pakistani people wonder if the only reason the United States is working with the government is “because of the war in Afghanistan, or do we value Pakistan as a partner and an ally independent of the war in Afghanistan?” he said.

The latter is the case, Gates said, and the fact that Congress is considering bills to provide multi-year economic assistance to Pakistan, proves that.

“I think it's going to take us some time to rebuild confidence with the Pakistani people, that we are a long-term friend and ally of Pakistan,” he said.

The poll also shows that the Pakistani people have given strong support to the counterinsurgency battle going on in western Pakistan, Gates said. “There seems to be, more than I think any of us would have expected six months ago, broad political support for what the Pakistani military is doing in the west,” he said.

That change — plus the success of Pakistani forces — serves U.S. and Pakistani interests. “My hope is that over time, we will be able to demonstrate, to the Pakistanis, that we are a reliable ally that they can count on for the long term,” he said.

Source: CENTCOM.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kuwaitis foil attack on U.S. logistical hub

by Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Aug. 11, 2009) – U.S. military officials are crediting Kuwaiti security services with foiling a planned terrorist bombing aimed at a major U.S. logistical hub and staging operation in Kuwait and several other Kuwaiti sites.

Kuwaiti authorities reportedly arrested six al-Qaida operatives accused of conspiring to carry out the attack on Camp Arifjan next week, during the opening days of Ramadan.

Two suspects confessed to planning to use a truck laden with explosive chemicals and fertilizer to attack the base, according to Kuwait’s Al-Rai Al-Aam newspaper, which quoted a Kuwaiti interior ministry statement. The defendants reportedly rehearsed the plot before Kuwait’s state security services intervened.

Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell, while not confirming the reported target, today extended congratulations to the Kuwaiti government and security forces for the successful apprehension. “We are grateful that the Kuwaiti security forces and judicial officials acted swiftly and have netted these six,” he told reporters. “Hopefully, this threat has been eliminated. It is a testament to the outstanding partnership that we and the Kuwaitis have built over the years, particularly between the Kuwaiti security forces and U.S. armed forces that reside in Kuwait.”

Morrell also called the effort a testament to the United States’ and Kuwait’s shared commitment to counterterrorism.

The two countries regularly share information, he said, although he declined to say to what degree that cooperation led to the arrests.

Camp Arifjan, located outside Kuwait City near Kuwait’s border with Saudi Arabia, is used as a logistical base and transit point for U.S. troops deploying to and from Iraq.

Most troops there are assigned to a forward-deployed component of 3rd U.S. Army, headquartered at Fort McPherson, Ga. The command supports U.S. Central Command missions in the Mideast region, including antiterrorism operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Commanders on the ground are taking necessary precautions, Morrell said today. “They have the latitude to implement appropriate measures to ensure the security and safety of our forces, wherever they are stationed, is being protected,” he said.

“Third Army takes security very seriously,” echoed Army Col. Jerry O’Hara, 3rd Army and U.S. Army Central’s public affairs officer. “We are always in close coordination with Kuwait officials concerning security.”

Source: CENTCOM.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Updated Post At LB Patriots

I have pretty busy between trying to get all these posts posted and taking care of our new site, Long Beach Patriots. It may be hectic, but it sure is fun. The newest post over at LB Patriots is about the event I am having on the 14th of August. If our coungresswoman won't make herself available to us in a TownHall, we'll just go to her. RESPECTFULLY.

Here is the link for LB Patriots Go To Congress. Everyone in Long Beach, if you are tired of being lied to by politicians, please join us Friday between 12-2 pm. Remember the golden rule though, be respectful. NO violence, not even if provoked. There is a police station very nearby and there is a security guard inside the building. As long as we are on the right side of the law, we will be fine.

Bring decent, nonpartisan posters and your lunch if this is your lunch hour. I've been to her office before, and there are many very nice people working there. Please don't embarrass yourselves or me. Yes, we are upset, but let us ask reasonable questions. She may even be there and be able to respond! Imagine that. Someone we're paying to be at work actually being at work. What a concept.

PS. It makes me very angry that I even have to say anything about being respectful, because you guys are some of the most respectful I've ever met. It is the LEFTARDS that act like animals, then they think the whole world thinks as they do. Here's a clue for you on the LEFT. If we thought like you did, why do we oppose these MARXIST bills so much? Hmm?

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Friends sharing their great works with us:
1. The Potbelly Stove: Ezekiel Emanuel Caught with pants down.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Founders' Daily Quote(s): 8/3-7/09

Monday, August 3, 2009.
"The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy." --Benjamin Franklin, Emblematical Representations, 1774

Tue. 8/4.
"We lay it down as a fundamental, that laws, to be just, must give a reciprocation of right; that, without this, they are mere arbitrary rules of conduct, founded in force, and not in conscience." --Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the state of Virginia, 1782

I'm afraid that is exactly where we find ourselves these days...

Wed. 8/5.
"[W]here there is no law, there is no liberty; and nothing deserves the name of law but that which is certain and universal in its operation upon all the members of the community." --Benjamin Rush, letter to David Ramsay, circa April 1788

Where do 'progressive' taxes fit into that logic? Just as I thought. They do not. So many other things this and prior Congresses and Justices have called equal but are not. Give me back my country!

Thu. 8/6.
"Without liberty, law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression. Without law, liberty also loses its nature and its name, and becomes licentiousness." --James Wilson, Of the Study of the Law in the United States, 1790


Fri. 8/7.
"I am commonly opposed to those who modestly assume the rank of champions of liberty, and make a very patriotic noise about the people. It is the stale artifice which has duped the world a thousand times, and yet, though detected, it is still successful. I love liberty as well as anybody. I am proud of it, as the true title of our people to distinction above others; but ... I would guard it by making the laws strong enough to protect it." --Fisher Ames, letter to George Richard Minot, 1789


Source: Patriot Post.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Beating At Townhall Meeting

A Twitter friend of mine is outraged at what has happened, and so am I. I just heard Rush speak to some of the people who there, and this is worse than we thought. We knew there were going to be union bosses there with their minnions, but they were there only to do violence with anyone who disagreed with the democrat politician. This is NOT a republican form of government anymore. PS. Read the Constitution. We were promised a republican form of government, NOT a democracy. Please read his press release.

For Immediate Release

August 7th, 2009 Phone: (***) ***-****

ALG Condemns SEIU Beating of Kenneth Gladney at St. Louis Town Hall, Calls for Special Prosecutor to "Investigate White House Complicity"

August 6th, 2009, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today condemned the brutal beating of activist Kenneth Gladney in South St. Louis County, MO, at a town hall event sponsored by Congressman Russ Caranhan (D-MO) by SEIU members who Wilson said "appears to have been sent out purposely to intimidate the crowd and instigate violence."

Wilson said that a Special Prosecutor would need to be called "to investigate the possibility of White House complicity in this union thuggery." The White House told representatives and senators 'punch back twice as hard' against opposition to Barack Obama's government-run health care initiative, and "clearly some of their followers took the message to heart," Wilson said.

According to Kenneth Gladney's attorney, David B. Brown, "Kenneth was attacked on the evening of August 6, 2009 at Rep. Russ Carnahan's town hall meeting in South St. Louis County. I was at the town hall meeting as well and witnessed the events leading up to the attack of Kenneth. Kenneth was approached by an SEIU representative as Kenneth was handing out 'Don't Tread on Me' flags to other conservatives."

The statement continued, "The SEIU representative demanded to know why a black man was handing out these flags. The SEIU member used a racial slur against Kenneth, then punched him in the face. Kenneth fell to the ground. Another SEIU member yelled racial epithets at Kenneth as he kicked him in the head and back. Kenneth was also brutally attacked by one other male SEIU member and an unidentified woman."

According to the statement, "The three men were clearly SEIU members, as they were wearing T-shirts with the SEIU logo."

"This sort of thuggish political violence is what one would expect in Mussolini's Italy by the Black Shirts," said Wilson, adding that, "This is pure fascist aggression. The SEIU is sending out goon squads to beat people up who disagree with ObamaCare. Only a Special Prosecutor can determine if it was done with the knowledge of the White House and Congressman Carnahan."

After watching the video, Wilson said, "The part where the attackers claimed they were attacked, when Mr. Gladney is clearly on his back, is straight out of the SEIU-ACORN playbook. They train their thugs well. Only, this time, they were caught."

According to Brown's statement, Gladney was being civil when he was attacked: "Kenneth was beaten badly. One assailant fled on foot; three others were arrested. Kenneth was admitted to St. John's Mercy Medical Center emergency room, where he was treated for his numerous injuries. Kenneth was merely expressing his freedom of speech by handing out the flags. In fact, he merely asked people as they exited the town hall meeting whether they would like a flag."

Brown insisted that Gladney "in no way provoked any argument or altercation, as evidenced by the fact that three assailants were arrested."

"This is a sad chapter in American history," Wilson declared, "when a man is cruelly assaulted by political hooligans merely for expressing his beliefs and exercising his First Amendment rights to speak freely and peaceably assemble."

Wilson said there was a causal relationship between the White House's call to "punch back" against opposition to Barack Obama's government-run health care initiative and the incident. "The White House sent out millions of emails, as did the DNC, and the SEIU, all calling on supporters to attend these meetings. And now we know why."

The SEIU, the Service Employees International Union, was formed by Wade Rathke, also founder of the group, ACORN, which Barack Obama served as an attorney for. "These are the same people that helped get Barack Obama elected," Wilson explained.

"Barack Obama has long-time financial and material relationship with ACORN and SEIU. SEIU donated $30.8 million to Obama's campaign, organized volunteers, and campaigned on his behalf. ACORN is under investigation for crimes in 15 states, and Barack Obama served as their attorney at one point. He even gave them $800,000 in 2008 for 'get-out-the-vote' efforts. And now they're carrying out his dirty work," Wilson added.

According to the Brown's statement, "This was a truly senseless hate crime carried out by racist union thugs. Regretfully, Representative Carnahan's statements blaming Kenneth for being a disruptive force are wholly untrue and slanderous."

Carnahan today stated that "Sadly, we've seen stories about disrupters around the country, and we have a handful of them here in Missouri."

"The only disruption that occurred was of Mr. Gladney's rights to life-and-limb as an American citizen," Wilson said in response, charging that, "Carnahan appears to have been complicit in the incident."

Wilson also condemned press outlets for failing to report on Mr. Gladney's story. "Where is the controlled media?" Wilson asked. "Where is CNN? Where is Olbermann and Matthews? They rave about 'mobs' but turn a blind eye to a man who was beaten by union thugs. They should hang their heads in shame, or else apply for network anchor positions in Venezuela."

Wilson said a Special Prosecutor to investigate the White House, SEIU, and Carnahan was necessary because "The American people have no faith in Eric Holder's Justice Department, which just let two goons off-the-hook who were intimidating voters in 2008 at a Philadelphia polling station with Billy clubs."

"If anyone thinks there was no relationship between Obama's call to "punch back" and this brutality in the streets of St. Louis, we have some nice real estate that runs over the East River in New York we'd think they'd be interested in purchasing," Wilson concluded.

Interview Availability: Please contact Robert Romano at (703)383-0880 or at to arrange an interview with ALG President Bill Wilson.

# # #

Americans for Limited Government is a non- partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms,private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please call us at 703-383-0880 or visit our website at

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Military News, Iran Betrayed

It is time for more news. These links go to posts I have already posted for the sources identified at the bottom of each topic. Enjoy.

Military News.
1. McChrystal assumes command in Afghanistan, 6/15/09.
2. Taliban increasingly targets civilians in eastern Afghanistan, 6/2/09.

1. Iranians Betrayed by Obama Administration, 6/16/09.

There's only three posts for this one. That's because my computer keeps crashing on me. Truth is I probably need a hew one. Well, I hope you read these and enjoy them or are as disgusted as I am. Either way, I must start a new post. Have a blessed day.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Iraqi women take business into their own hands

by Spc. Stephanie Cassinos

BASRA, Iraq (August 6, 2009) – More than fifty Iraqi women met with Soldiers and contractors recently at the Basra Airport to discuss opportunities in business development and business contracting.

A large portion of the conference was dedicated to explaining opportunities with Joint Contracting Command – Iraq's Women-Owned Business Initiative, a program that reserves Department of Defense contracts for businesses primarily owned by women.

"The target audience for the conference was educated women because contracting normally deals with a huge scope of work that requires specialties in engineering and business management," explained Capt. Ann Demapan, Women's Initiatives coordinator, Multi-National Division - South. "Programs like these can prove to both men and women that women are competitive and competent in almost any field of work."

Jasim Al-Sarraf, a business development consultant with Regional Contracting Center – Basra, concurred.

"Most contractors are men," said Al-Sarraf, a native of Baghdad. "We know for sure that there are many educated women in this society. The university is pumping students out every year."

"They need jobs. They need income," added Al-Sarraf. "And if they don't have it they'll end up sitting at home."

Civil Affairs and contractors such as JCC-I assist Iraqi women by introducing business opportunities as well as providing training along every step of becoming a contracted company. From filling out paperwork to learning the rules and ethics of contracting, these women are guided through the process of establishing and learning how to manage a DoD contract.

"It's our job to find them, get them out, encourage them to have a company, show them the way to do it and train them," said Al Sarraf.

In 2008, JCC-I awarded four percent of all contracting to women-owned businesses, totaling $187 million. Following successes in the past, this year the aspirations are even higher.

"Joint Contracting Command - Iraq has made it a goal to award 10 percent of its contracts to women contractors," said Demapan. "Women contractors will only compete amongst other women contractors. Past contracts done by women contractors resulted in quality, professional work."

Both Al Sarraf and Demapan believed the conference was beneficial for the women who attended.

"My objective is first encouraging them, stimulating them," said Al Sarraf. "Then to give them a general idea about the contracts and tell them that we are here to help you."

"From the questions asked by them, they were very eager of wanting more details in completing applications to become contractors," Demapan said. "And even before the conference took place, 40 women contractors applied to JCC-I to be added into their database system of contractors."

In addition to aspirations of becoming contracted, Iraqi women at the conference expressed a desire to give back to their communities.

"Some of the women were very passionate in wanting to help other women in rural areas," Demapan said. "Some spoke of outreach programs concerning health care and humanitarian assistance for women in rural areas."

Demapan, a mother, hopes to help women understand how their roles as business-owners can offer Iraq even more than economic development.

"The ladies and I share a commonality in that we are mothers. Mothers only want the best provided for their children. That entails building a strong Iraq for their children," said Demapan. "I wanted to convey to them that all Iraqis, men and women, have a stake in the future of Iraq. That the women of Iraq need to become and need to be recognized as major players in policy-making and decision-making for their motherland."

Source: CENTCOM.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Military News, Videos, Reagan

Hi. I have been busy, but you may have missed it. That is because I have been posting articles I still have from May and June. I haven't gotten to July yet. The Tea Parties took a lot of time and effort away from my posting. I finally started a new blog just for that over at Long Beach Patriots. If you are interested in those, you will find information there.

Now for the news.

1. Brigade leaving southern Iraq a 'much better place', 5/27/09.
2. Airmen stress dignity, humanity for detainees, 5/28/09.
3. US troops preparing to leave Iraqi cities, 6/1/09.
4. News: Michael Yon, 6/4/09.
5. Success in Afghanistan, Pakistan requires knowledge of the region, 6/5/09.

6. Children used to carry out attacks, 6/6/09.
7. Report points to irregularities in Farah air strike, 6/8/09.
8. Romanian forces end mission in Iraq, 6/9/09.
9. RC South commander briefs Gates on way forward in Afghanistan, 6/10/09.
10. Petraeus praises Pakistani operations against insurgents, 6/11/09.

11. Afghan tribes find common ground during humanitarian aid drop, 6/12/09.

Now for some videos.

Videos: Reason Magazine, 6/13/09. There is also a great song that should lift your spirits, even you disagreed with his domestic policies (as I do).

How could I not end this without making us mindful of the present? We shall always be grateful to President Ronald Reagan and his words against government healthcare. God bless him!

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Insurgent activity declines along Afghan-Pakistani border

by John J. Kruzel
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (Aug. 4, 2009) – Insurgent activity across the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders has declined as a result of complementary operations in the region, a U.S. commander said Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon, Army Maj. Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, commander of Combined Joint Task Force 82, which oversees Regional Command East in Afghanistan, noted the reduction in areas of his command.

Sgt. Dustin Kaminiski and Staff Sgt. Johnny L. Bates stand guard in a small village in Kunar province Aug. 1.“We have seen a decrease in the cross-border activity throughout [Regional Command East] as a result of the operation [in Pakistan],” he said, referring to the Pakistani army’s offensive against militants along its border region in recent months.

The general said the most noticeable decline has occurred in Kunar province, where coalition and Afghan operations complemented Pakistani efforts across the border.

“There were not only the operations in Pakistan, but on our side as well, and it did have an impact of our enemies’ ability to move fighters across the border,” he added.

One of the key features of the so-called “Af-Pak” policy that President Barack Obama’s administration rolled out in March was to broaden the operation in Afghanistan to include Pakistan.

U.S. officials in June praised the Pakistani military’s initiative against extremists within their borders as a reflection of Pakistan’s belief that the insurgents represent a major threat to the country.

Scaparrotti said that, after his top priority of protecting Afghan civilians, his next major priority is to build the Afghan National Security Forces -- another key component laid out in the president’s strategy.

The general said that partnering between coalition and Afghan forces is uneven throughout Regional Command East, with some areas boasting stronger partnerships than others. To shore up weaker bonds in some parts of the region, Scaparrotti said there will be a focus on collocating forces where feasible.

“A partnership, to me, means that we, in every case that we can, collocate, particularly at headquarters level,” he explained. ”We do that already in many areas, but not all. We obviously operate together continuously,” he said.

The general added that a greater emphasis will be placed on cooperation at the planning phase, noting that he and his Afghan counterparts just wrapped up a two-day conference that covered issues related to increasing the partnership.

“So as we develop our plans, execute our operations and consider both the threat and security of the people; we’ve got to get together in a greater way than we’re doing it today,” he said. “It’s pretty good, but I believe we can do it even better.”

Source: CENTCOM.

Numbers, Names To Call

These numbers are important because you can still ask their DC office for their home district numbers to continue calling. If any of them happen to live near you, please make an appointment to speak with them. This is last time I will posting the whole post from Long Beach Patriots here. The URL for this particular post is Numbers, Names To Call. I will, however, let you know when I have posted something over there.

Which brings me to this. August 28, 2009, we will be going to Sacramento, California. If you would like more information about the charting of a bus, time, etc, please e-mail me. Thanks.

One of the co-organizers for the state of California has sent me a list of the so-called blue dogs. More like yellow dags if you ask me. Anyway, I have a list of them here. If they are in your district, please go to their office armed with questions. You may also attend townhalls. Here is the list:

Jason Altmire-PA ph: 202-225-2565, fx: 202-226-2274
John Barrow-GA p: (202) 225-2823 f: (202) 225-3377
Marion Berry-AR (202) 225-4076 (202) 225-5602 FAX
Dan Boren–OK (202) 225-2701 (202) 225-3038 fax
Bobby Bright-AL (202) 225-2901f. (202) 225-8913
Parker Griffith-AL Phone: (202) 225-4801 Fax: (202) 225-4392
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Zack Space-OH ph: (202) 225-6265 fax: (202) 225-3394.

Keep calling everyday. Call other states. Make sure your voice is heard, because everyone else sure is doing so. Even the illegal aliens are included in this horrific bill! Yet people who waited who waited to come to this country the proper way are not included. As a matter of fact, I've heard they are excluded. That is outrageous. Keep up the good work Patriots! God bless you, and God Bless America.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Fantastic News

U.S. Army Astronaut First to Tweet from Outer space.
I wrote a story a couple weeks back about Colonel Timothy Kopra possibly tweeting from outer space. Well, the historic social media event took place earlier today. Here`s his first tweet from the Space Station...Read the entire story here.

Military wife and blogger Army HouseHold6 "tweets" her way to help when bank information goes stolen.
Tammy Munson is a local soldier`s wife. He`s deployed in Afghanistan so she`s here running the household. She`s also a blogger, helping other wives of deployed soldiers. So when her bank account information was stolen, she turned to Twitter for help. Read the entire story here.

Happily Married 40-Year Old Mother of Four Adult Children, Joins the U.S. Army; Writes Blog to Document the Experience.
Dela is a happily married mother of four grown children, who in her own words has led a “couch potato existence”. She’s joined the U.S. Army, and at the age of 40 is preparing for Basic Training at Fort Jackson. Read the entire story here.

`Military May Ban Twitter, Facebook as Security Headaches`.
I can certainly understand the need for tighter security. While it was cool to think of the military relaxing their restrictions on these sites, if they pose a security threat, it’s a no-brainer. Alternatively, according to recent job studies (yes, conducted by yours truly...Read the entire story here.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pre-election operation disables enemy in Afghanistan

CJTF 82 Public Affairs.

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Aug. 3, 2009) – Afghan and U.S. forces completed an operation July 31 aimed at improving security for Afghanistan’s upcoming presidential election.

Afghan security forces and Combined Joint Task Force 82 conducted Operation Champion Sword to disrupt enemy cells that have displayed increased activity linked to the scheduled Aug. 20 election. The 25th Infantry Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team primarily conducted operations in the Sabari and Terezayi districts of Afghanistan’s Khost province.

Soldiers transport a detainee found with a weapons cache in Sabari, Afghanistan during an air assault mission in support of Operation Champion Sword.“The purpose of this operation was to remove enemy elements from the Sabari district and to target the major players in the area who are not only targeting Sabari, but also facilitating the terror operations throughout the entire Khost province,” said Army Capt. Pat Tabin, commander of Company D, 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment, who conducted missions in Sabari district.

“Part of this is to disrupt what we know the enemy is going to try to do during elections, and the other part is that Sabari needs to be cleaned up. They go hand in hand,” he said.

The weeklong operation consisted of daily air-assault missions, and produced the capture of 14 known militants in Khost. The suspects are believed to be homemade bomb facilitators, suppliers and emplacers who targeted civilians, Afghan security forces and members of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force.

“A lot of the key players have been removed from the battlefield, which contributes to our understanding of the enemy and has greatly increased our effectiveness,” Tabin said.

The force also seized five large caches in Khost province that contained bomb-making materials, AK-47 assault rifles, small-arms weapons and munitions, hand grenades, dozens of mortar rounds and casings, large sums of money and myriad medical supplies.

“The benefit of destroying caches is that we remove those weapons off the battlefield,” Tabin explained. “This affects the enemy in two ways: one, we remove the weapons from [the insurgents] who are out there trying to blow people up for money and take it out of his hands, and two, we are making the financiers pay, because they have to replace the weapons.”

A militant was killed while attempting to attack paratroopers who were providing security for a search team. The rest of the operation proceeded without incident.

“[The operation] was successful; we caught the bad guys,” said Army 1st Lt. Dan Perpich, platoon leader for Company D. “The intelligence they generated is going to push further operations in this district and the province as a whole.”

Source: CENTCOM.