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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ACLU & Anti-semitism

I was reading an e-mail a dear friend of mine sent today, and I can't really say I'm stunned. Outraged? If it were any other group, yes, but I know these commie b*st*rds. I will let you judge for yourselves:

Dear Jewish Advocate,

On Monday, June 11th, I requested legal assistance from the ACLU; a request that has been denied for what I can only conclude are anti-Semitic reasons.

The violation of my civil rights occurred on the previous Friday when Boston Police Sargent Owens, badge 284, threatened to arrest me for not having a permit and sitting while protesting and educating passerbys about the Episcopal Church's anti-Semitic peace and justice agenda. I was conducting this educational effort in front of the Massachusetts Episcopal Bishop's offices at 136 Tremont Street across from the Park Street subway station. The Episcopal Church has given Sabeel's Rev. Naim Ateek - who characterized Israel's attempts to defend itself as a crucifixion system - an award for peace making. The several Israel-Palestinian awareness events that I have attended at Boston area Episcopal Church's have all been Israel and Jew-bashing events.

Today, Tuesday, August 21st, David Kelly, the ACLU intake specialist handling my request, informed me in person that the ACLU does not represent individuals - a totally bogus reason - and would not even chat with Sgt Owens about my constitutional right to free speech. I can only conclude that the ACLU has denied my request for anti-Semitic reasons. The ACLU's defense of Nazis is well known; and if I were a Moslem, and not an Evangelical Christian confronting Liberal Christian anti-Semitism, the ACLU would have jumped at the chance to help me. Anti-Semitic is as anti-Semitic does.

The ACLU has progressed beyond what even progressive Jews should tolerate. Please think twice about contributing financially to the ACLU.


Mark Nystedt.
I could not have described it better. Thank you, Gregg.

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