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Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean and OTB

This is our newest hurricane. To be honest with you, I do not know much about these, but I do know some people who have a great understanding and knowledge of them. I would like to point you in their direction. The Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker is a website that is provided by an individual for our convenience, seeing as people like me do not know that much about hurricanes, nor where to find the information they may not provide on the official sites.

His latest post is Your Evacution Plan, so if you are in the vicinity of the hurricane's path, you may find this useful.

Another site (I think it's more official) is The National Hurricane Center. It offers many different things including but limitted to: Satellite/Radar, Aircraft Recon, Advisory Archive, Experimental, Mobile Products, E-mail Advisories, GIS Data/RSS, and Help with Advisories.

I've heard differing stories about what has happened in Jamaca, so I would prefer to hold off reporting about that location. I pray for all of the people in the path of Hurricane Dean. Take cover! Get out of there!

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I will be making several calls again today to elect Lt. Col. John Kanaley, so I will leave this open trackback for you. I will take a peak back here every once in a while to update the tb's. Please have patience. For those of us in a 'safe' zone (from Hurricane Dean), let us be mindful and/or prayful of those less fortunate. Thank you.

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