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Monday, August 13, 2007

NFL Pre-season week #1

Oh wow. I've been sleeping on the job, man. I didn't even know there were games Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and tomorrow! Holy cow. Well, let's get busy with the scores, shall we?

I saw the game on Saturday between the Oakland Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals. The Raiders played at home, and they won 23-27. They other games I did not see, for obvious reasons, so I will just give you the scores.

Thursday: Detroit Lions (home) beat the Cincinnati Bengals 26-27. Looks like it was a close game, but we cannot tell. How many fumbles? How many take-aways? How many missed opportunities such as a dropped pass, a missed tackle, etc? (Oh yeah, don't forget about those BAD CALLS by the referee on the field. Let us hope no one is gambling against us this year.) That's why I can't really say.

Friday: New York Jets (home) beat Atlanta Falcons 16-31. (If I say a team won, that means they got the higher score, just in case you're wondering. lol) Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat New England Patriots (cough, hack, cough) 10-13. Good showing, TB. St. Louis Rams beats Minnesota Vikings (home) 13-10.

This next one is a big one, for me anyway. Buffalo Bills beat New Orleans Saints (home) 13-10. It is big, because my team seems to have been on a losing streak in recent years. Let's hope this is an indicator of things to come. :)

Now for Saturday. Jacksonville Jaguars lose to Miami Dolphins by a very narrow margin, 17-18. Kansas City Chiefs lose Cleveland Browns 12-16. (???!) Personal joke, okay? lol. I don't know what to say here. I like both teams, but you have to admit that the Green Bay Packers have not been up to snuff lately. Anyway, they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers (home) 13-9. Carolina Panthers (suck) beat the New York Giants (home) by 3, 24-21. They keep this up and we'll have a war there. Come on, Giants!

Chicago Bears beat Houston Texans (home) (? What's the matter? Afraid of the name Oilers? lol) by a slim margin of 20-19. We'll take it. Washington Redskins beat back the Tennessee Titans (home) by a meager 14-6. Then they have listed the Oakland game which I already reported to you.

Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Baltimore Ravens. See listings in your local paper for time.

This Monday will also be an open trackback, but I must warn you. After 6pm, I am watching the game so I may not get to add your trackback to the front page until after the game. :)

Remember please, if I trackback to you, please return the favor. I will be more grateful in returning the postback. It is open, so you may use anything except porn to tb with. Here we go:

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