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Friday, September 14, 2007

NFL Game 2, 2007

Hello there guys and gals. How are you doing today? Getting ready for the weekend, I hope. The College games will be played on Saturday, but I do not cover them. Carl may be able to help with that. Are you ready for some football? (LOL)

There are 8 games that will be playing at 1 pm EST. Again, I shall give you the names of the games and my pick, the final scores as they happen, and any other little tidbits. Here we go:

1 pm EST.
Houston Texans vs. *Carolina Panthers, Final: HOU 34; *CAR 21. I don't like Carolina, but I do believe they will beat Houston. (Great game, Houston!) Next we have Cincinnati Bengals vs. *Cleveland Browns, Final: CIN 45; *CLE 51. I think Cincinnati was doing well last year, but that was last year. Cleveland is at home. 'Nuf said. WOW! *Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans, Final: *IND 22; TEN 20. I'll take it. New Orleans Saints vs. *Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Final: NO 14; *TB 31. The only hope I can give to New Orleans, who I really want to win, is to root against them. Weird, eh? Oh well. lol. *San Francisco 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams, Final: *SF 17; STL 16. I hate the Rams, and I will never root for them. On the other hand, I like the 49ers. ;) Now HERE's my game! *Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Final: *BUF 3; PIT 26. (Boo-hoo.) Okay, this is not fair! Both of my teams suck, even though I like them both. Geez. Green Bay Packers vs. *NY Giants, Final: GB 35; *NYG 13. This is what happens when both teams suck. Oh well. Finally we have Atlanta Falcons vs. *Jacksonville Jaguars, Final: ATL 7; *JAX 13. Do I believe the Jaguars will win? I do not care. Not until the Atlanta coach comes out and makes a public statement that the creep (Vick) is never permitted to step foot on their grounds again.

4:15 pm EST.
There are 6 games being played at 4:15 pm EST. They are Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals, Final: *SEA 20; ARI 23 (Good going, Cardinals), Dallas Cowboys vs. *Miami Dolphins, Final: DAL 37; *MIA 20 (this is a tough call for me. Both teams are sucking right now), Minnesota Vikings vs. *Detroit Lions, Final: MIN 17; *DET 20, *Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, Final: *OAK 23 and I don't care; DEN 20, but actually it is 20, 23. The Raiders won that game. The refs did something I've never seen before. They never even called a penalty, but the Raiders had to do another 52 yard field goal. Why are they at the same line if there was a penalty? I WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH THOSE REFS GAMBLE!!! BTW, we are in OT. A flag was thrown against Denver, but it was picked up. Now they are near the 10 yard line. This is not a fair game. DENVER CHEATS. They are now claiming that while the game in progress, Denver called for a time out. WTH(eck)? Kansas City Chiefs vs. *Chicago Bears, Final: KC 10; *CHI 20 and *NY Jets vs. Baltimore Ravens, Final: *NYJ 13; BAL 20. I know this last one is dangerous, but what can I say? I'm from NY! :)

There is one game that will be played at 8:15 pm EST. That is ****San Diego Chargers against the cheating, no good New England (I can't call them Patriots, so I will call them) THIEVES, Final: *SD ; NE . (Right now we are stinking up the field. 0, 24. Gee whiz.)

Monday Nite Football's game will be Washington Redskins vs. *Philadelphia Eagles, Final: WAS ; *PHI .

Don't worry if you miss a game or two. You can always come here to find out what the scores were. Have a nice weekday!

Again, I will be using this for my open trackback so that all those that are interested in the NFL will know where they can find the information about the games. Well, at least the final scores. Everyone have a nice weekend!

Update: As many of you know, Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills was injured very seriously in the last game. If you would like to be a good sport or just a good person, please take a moment to show your support and send some good wishes. With all of my heart, thank you.

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