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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Did you know blogging can be dangerous?

I woke up today and ended up over at my computer. I cleaned out the whole system because sometimes you can really get a bunch of unwanted spiders and other crawly things in there. No kidding! They make the computer slower than molasses.

After doing this, I went to my email to find this link to Right Truth. It is quite interesting, to say the least. She claims that we bloggers may be spending too much time on our computers and I must confess, she is correct.

I am a home bound person, which means I was just sitting in my house doing nothing but waiting for my number to be up. That is, until I found the net! This brought life back into my little part of the world. Before I knew it, my little part had grown so large! Do I spend too much time here? Probably. What would you have me do? Watch that crap on the just-for-boobs-tube? NO! (Not unless there's a football game on or an old show. lol)

I am only 47, but my first stroke was when I was 22. Bummer? NO! How can I say this? I had a diabolical plan for when I graduation which was adverted. THANK GOD! Are you kidding? No, I'm not going to you ehat it was. lol. Too much info, don't ya think?

Getting back to the point...go check out Right Truth's post. If you've ever been over there before, you know she covers many issues in one post. This woman is better than I. My hats off to ya, Debbie.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

I have earned the honor of being included in her article, so I believe it's only fair for me to return that honor. That is why I am choosing this post, along with the fact that this is an important issue, for today's Linkfest. Do you have a post you'd like to share? Come on, it will be good here. Just remember...NO PORN. My Christian site is being bombarded, and I'm sick of it. Well, that's a post for a different day.

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