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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am afraid, grateful, angry and relieved

Yesterday night (Sunday), I was afraid my brother was having a stroke. Since I had previously had a few, I knew what to do. I started giving him the neurological tests, and he failed terribly. My brother has not seen doctor in over 20 years, that I am aware of, and I was not going to wait until morning. I had waited 18 hours before I called operator, and I received brain damage due to that. So I called the ambulance.

They made the mistake of asking him why he called them! They would not let me talk. This was very frustrating. Especially since he couldn't get out of the bed nor call anyone. He was trying to talk, but his words were illegible.

We got to the hospital, and I remembered to grab a shirt for him. (Forgot the shoes and socks, though. Oops.) We arrive a litte before 2 am. He saw a doctor that ordered so many tests. I was grateful for this. He even gave him a prostate exam (which I have been begging him to get done for several years now). I was relieved by this.

Well, he wasn't having a stroke, and I am super grateful for that! Instead, he is anemic, he has some pulminary spots (lungs), and some other things. After I heard spots on his lungs, I couldn't hear anything else.

We caught a cab home which the hospital paid for, I went to my doctor's appointment and embarrassingly fell asleep, nothing was accomplished there but I did pick up my medication that was ordered one week ago (John has been sick since a day before he took me to this hospital), I bought some Chinese food (hey, I may hate their government, but I love their food, lol), and he ate a little bit for the first time since last week.

I am afraid of those spots, so please pray for him that God will heal him totally.

I am grateful that he is home, he doing well, and he is not going leave me anytime soon.

I am angry that people are not more understanding or willing to hear the truth. I CALLED, dang it!

I am relieved that I was wrong. That's right. He was not having a stroke, and he finally had the exam he so badly needed. Who knows? Maybe my fear may have caught something worse from happenging? Let us pray so.

Lesson learned: Do not doubt that inner voice when it says, "It's time to call the ambulance."

PS. I have broken my promise to write at least once a day. In this instance, I forgive myself. I hope you can also. ;)

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This is rather personal, but I do believe it may save the life of some other loved one. That is why I am sharing it in this Linkfest. We would appreciate any and all prayers available. God bless you, and thank you.

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