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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Put on your (prayer) armor for Chris Muir & Family

It has come to my attention that our cartoonist, Chris Muir, is going through a family crisis (emergency) at this moment. I encourage everyone of you to post a prayer request or a request for encouragement through these difficult times. After all, he has been a great source of humor for us when we desperately it. We should be there for him in his time of need.

PS. I've decided to go back to my blogger trackback, because otherwise I have difficulty trackbacking to some sites. I will still be posting at both sites, and I will provide the URL for the tb at each site for your convenience. Thank you for your patience. ;)

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I'd like to share this with those who may not receive Chris' cartoons on a daily basis. Please, no porn. No kidding. My site, my rules. ;)

If you have not already joined up with the Linkfest, please reconsider. It truly is a great group of people to 'hang out' with, plus it will increase your readership. Well, that depends on whether or not you comment on other's sites. I find it fun and informative. You may, also. Have a great day!

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