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Sunday, November 11, 2007


That is the only word I could think to use to describe my feelings about the news I read at Blackfive's site this morning. On Veterans' Day no less. We all must come together to help this man, Lt Col Chessani, fight the Left bastards who are trying to ruin him. He is the father of five children, with one on the way, and he may lose his pension for a crime that NEVER happened. Thanks a lot scumbag.

Just a little background:

  • Two separate investigations by U.S. Army officers, a colonel and a general, found no evidence either of a "massacre" or a "cover-up."
  • Chessani traveled to the site of the "massacre" to investigate and reported to every echelon of his chain of command what he did not find there.
  • An Article 32 Investigation also found no evidence of a "massacre" or a "cover-up.
Please read this article. Donate if you can. You can skip a cup of coffee, can't you? You say you support the troops, okay. Here's your opportunity to prove it. Help this patriot.

He is on trial because they found everyone else innocent. HUH?

Hat tip: Deebow at Blackfive's.

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