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Sunday, December 30, 2007

News from Radio Free Asia

I have a few articles for you today that should be brought to the attention of the world outside of China. The fight for civil rights is alive and well in China, but we hear little of this. It truly is a fight, because people are imprisoned when they get caught. While in prison, they are beaten badly.

This first article is about a man whose only crime was he saw the humanity in each person. For this, they threw him in prison where he was beaten.
Chinese Rights Lawyer Beaten, Staging Hunger Strike in Prison.
December 28, 2007.

HONG KONG--Prominent Chinese civil rights lawyer Guo Feixiong has been beaten in prison and is now on the fifteenth day of a hunger strike, his wife and sister have told Radio Free Asia (RFA).
"He told me he was beaten for a long time. The prisoner stopped beating him only when the onlookers began to boo and shush to express their displeasure. In the process of the beating, he fell from the stairs, about two meters," Zhang said.

Guo Feixiong, the professional name of Yang Maodong, is serving a five-year sentence for conducting illegal business activities, after publishing a book about a political scandal and helping villagers lead a campaign to oust local officials accused of corruption. [Continue reading.]
There is also, in this article, news about his hunger strike, "Official says beating 'impossible'" and international attention. Please read this article. Learn about China. You may think you know why you don't like China, but find out how the people who live there are living. It may open your eyes to these claims of 'free trade'.

I am a fair trader, not a free trader. Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as a free lunch. Just something to ponder.

Now onto some other links:
Up To 2,000 Police Guarding Key Pylon in Dongzhou.
Violent Land Disputes Flare in Cambodia.
Chinese Traffickers Push Drugs on North Korean Women.
Tensions Rise Over South China Sea Islands. War brewing?

Radio Free Asia wishes you peace.

There are many issues in this post that need broader attention. Slavery? Rape? Permanent most favored nation??? I think NOT! Remember what President George Washington warned against any permanent ties...

I may not write another open trackback tomorrow, but we'll see. I have to catch up with my military posts, so maybe I will make a post out them. I'll give you the title and a little about the article. That's if I do it. I'm still waiting for that phone call from across this land have a Happy New Year, I pray for many blessings to all of you, and post what you will. Just make sure you add a link back to me and include me in your post. Also, no porn. This is Rosemary signing off for now.

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