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Friday, January 18, 2008


What a day. I'm telling you! I wake up, go to my computer, and Norton tells me I have a problem. They say I am vulnerable, so I am not about to open anything. Nope, I shut it all down. Then I hit Norton, and go to FIX NOW. Yeah, right. It tells me I do not need any updates, but Norton insists I do. Okay, so I go to Help and Support. Yeah, that really helped. They told me the same thing, that there was nothing wrong. Um, then why do I still have an exclamation point telling me I am vulnerable?

Anyway, you can figure out I got it fixed because I am writing this. I wouldn't open blogger until I was protected. Why am I telling you this? Because it is after 11 pm, and I have to get my Open Trackback Alliance Weekend submitted! (Actually, it is open trackback Friday, so I need to get it in today.) So everyone enjoy.

Share your best posts, your funniest posts, or some other adjective posts. Just be sure to link me to the post you trackback with first. Have a wonderful night. ;)

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