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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bush to continue aid for Liberians

Today President Bush was in Liberia being welcomed by many happy people who were grateful for the aid and the USA has given in restoring their war-torn country. The UN Peacekeepers are there on the request of the USA in the year 2003 when we chased Charles Taylor out of Liberia. He is now standing trial for war crimes at the Hague for the crimes he committed against Sierra Leone and Liberia. Here is an article from CNN:
Bush vows to help war-crippled Liberia rebound.

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) -- President Bush, cheering Liberians to rebound from a 14-year civil war that left their nation in ruins, said Thursday that the U.S. will keep lending a hand to make Liberia a symbol of liberty for Africa and the world.

"You know one thing I've learned, and I suspect the people of Liberia have learned is, it's easier to tear a country down than it is to rebuild a country," Bush said on the final stop of his five-nation tour of Africa. "And the people of this good country must understand the United States will stand with you as you rebuild your country."

Liberia, founded by freed American slaves, is in depressingly poor shape following the years of civil strife that ended in 2003. Many rotted houses look like they're held together by sheer will. Billboards warn against mob violence, rape, corruption and AIDS.

Even in the darkest moments of the conflict, Bush said, Liberians never gave up on their dream that their nation would again become the "land of the free."

Bush praised Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman ever elected to lead on the continent of Africa, and said he's proud of the work that the United States and Liberia are doing to improve education, battle disease and heal the wounds of war.

"You are making progress and it's possible because of the iron will of the lady you lovingly refer to as 'Ma,"' Bush said. "That would be you, Madame President. I appreciate the fact you've ushered in an age of reform, and you've opened up a new chapter in the relationship between our countries."

Sirleaf noted that never before in the history of U.S.-Liberia relations have the presidents of both nations met four times in the space of four years. She called the civil war a time when "the forces of evil hijacked the Liberian state."

"We thank God that the guns of war are silent, our reconciliation process is under way, our people are beginning to sleep more soundly at night, our children are smiling again and Liberians at home and abroad are reclaiming pride and national identity," she said.

Sirleaf urged continued U.S. financial support of U.N. peacekeepers deployed in her nation.

"We understand the need, Mr. President, for reducing the need for a peacekeeping force, but please do not do so sharply as to affect our security until our forces are ready," she said.
Source: CNN Love in Liberia..

Hmm, sounds like the same thing the Iraqis are saying (about leaving too soon), but I digress.

President Bush has done much to help the people on the continent of Africa, and I, for one, am very proud and grateful that he has done so. Are you aware there are 32 MILLION people alive today because of President Bush? 25 million is a number heard (but I'm sorry, I don't remember what it was for), and 7 million people have been spared the long and painful death by AIDS. I would say that's a great accomplishment, but then again, why give Bush credit for anything...

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