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Thursday, March 13, 2008

News from ACT! For America 3.13.2008

I started out with an article that was e-mailed to me by ACT! For America, but I decided to share all the news they have to offer. I'm not sure about all of this, so I'd like some feedback. Here is the first article:

Andre Carson becomes second Muslim elected to U.S. Congress: temporarily.
Indiana voters on Tuesday elected a Muslim to the U.S. Congress, only the second of that faith chosen in U.S. history. Andre Carson, grandson of the late Democrat Rep. Julia Carson, was elected to serve the balance of her term in the U.S. House of Representatives in a special election. [Continue reading.

Let's wish him well. After all, we all need to come together for the good of our country. I just wish there weren't so many people who did not understand the true state affairs.

American jailed for attempted Iran weapons deal: prosecutors comment by Jerry Gordon Seyed Mostafa Maghloubi, a US citizen was convicted yesterday of trying to buy 100,000 Israeli made Uzi submachine guns for his Jihadi buddies back in Tehran in the Revolutionary Guards, no doubt. He was going to ship the weapons and ammo through Dubai, no less. Here's what the Federal district Judge said upon conviction in the Los Angeles Federal courtroom:
"These were very dangerous actions," said US District Judge George King, quoted by local media. He said Maghloubi's actions could have caused many deaths and destabilized "an area of the world that has suffered enough from continuing upheaval."
If Maghloubi was a naturalized citizen, I wonder if the sentencing might include a term in a federal pen followed by deportation.

LOS ANGELES (AFP) -- A Los Angeles court jailed an American of Iranian origin for three years and five months Monday for trying to buy up to 100,000 submachine guns and sell them to Iran, prosecutors said. Seyed Mostafa Maghloubi, 50, was arrested in early 2007 by police acting on a tip-off and pleaded guilty last August to violating the US trade embargo against Iran. Prosecutors said Maghloubi admitted trying to buy up to 100,000 Uzi submachine guns and night-vision goggles, which he wanted to export to Iran through Dubai. "These were very dangerous actions," said US District Judge George King, quoted by local media. He said Maghloubi's actions could have caused many deaths and destabilized "an area of the world that has suffered enough from continuing upheaval." [Continue reading.]

So, HE gets a 3 years and 5 months?!? What are we doing? Does no one realize that this is part of a larger jihad? Oh, I forgot. Useless idiot.

Jihad, Islamism, and the "Dhimmi"American Free Press.
So instead of much of the American free press being used to largely address and confront enemy anti-freedom ideologies and their adherents, such media has been manipulated by editorial managers, publishers, and Islamist groups to focus their investigative reporting on the American government's reaction to Islamist terrorism. [Continue reading.]

I've already addressed this issue.

U.K. Bishop's death threats over mosque plan.
The Bishop of Oxford has been sent death threats after backing plans for a Muslim call to prayer in the city. Having in principle backed plans for mosque leaders to make the loudspeaker call, the Rt Rev John Pritchard said the "dark underbelly of British society" made a number of threats against his life. [Continue reading.]

Come on, people. Act right, will ya?

Why Are Law Enforcement Agencies Including The Los Angeles Police Department Still Meeting With CAIR And Other Islamist Groups?
Law enforcement entities such as the LAPD had better take note of the deleterious long-term effect that these "feel good" sessions with groups such as CAIR, MAS and MPAC might have on efforts to defeat radical Islam. Instead of engaging in problematic dialogue with enemies of the West they should be concerning themselves with taking steps to insulate the "thin blue line" against the deceptive practices which the Islamists have so far successfully employed. [Continue reading.]

Because they want to GET US ALL KILLED.

US 9th District Court Judge sides with CAIR against Michael Savage.
A Clinton-appointed judge in California is siding with the Council on Islamic-American Relations in a lawsuit by radio talk-show host Michael Savage. Judge Susan Illston has issued a terse one-page ruling in the case in which she granted a defense motion for judgment on the pleadings with "leave to amend." Although it was released only today, it was dated Friday, apparently finalized shortly after she held a hearing on the issues at hand. [Witch] [Continue reading.]

Of course it's a Clinton appointed judge. HIS JUDGES WERE PASSED through the process. Where are ours?

Dr. Jill Dekker comment: "Residents wondering what came of search for deadly ricin"
Crisis or risk communication, particularly with regard to events which have the potential to cause fear must be considered a priority obviously after public safety. With something like ricin which the US public is probably less familiar with than say anthrax, they need reassurance and up-dates on progress. Even if the forensic or criminal investigation is confidential, there are very good protocols for risk communication and it looks like this could be an issue at the moment for the immediate community. Previous incidents such as the anthrax postal attacks in the US and the SARS-CoV outbreak have added considerably to our understanding of how to communicate during a potential crisis and finding ricin in what appears to be a weaponized form raises all kinds of issues. [Continue reading.]

***She sits here shaking her head back and forth slowly.***

To read this whenever you desire to do so, click here.

ACT for America
P.O. Box 6884
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Just in case anyone is unclear on my position about this war, I love my country, America, and we are not going to leave until we have achieved victory. We win, you lose. Period.

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